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Pdf to i books 1

  1. 1. Digital Magazine SoftwarePDF to iBooks: part 1 ofHow to publish your content to iBooks…
  2. 2. 20 JAN 2012 The publishing world is all a buzz today after Apple’s announcement yesterday.Apple released an update to iBooks – welcome iBooks2. There has been much hype around these updates as it recognises the move towards digital reading and consuming of content, with Apple particularly targeting the Textbook market.
  3. 3. The textbooks that are to be sold through iBooks 2 will give studentsa more interactive learning experience which ultimately aims toenable students to get better results. Apple has some key textbookpublishers on board too for this latest venture including Pearson andMcGraw Hill.So with this new announcement from Apple we thought we’d let youinto a few tips and tricks of our own that will enable you too to get your content; whether that is a book, magazine or even your company blog into iBooks using 3D Issue. And guess what, it really is pretty straightforward!
  4. 4. Tutorial 1 PDF to iBooks 1) Import your PDF to 3D Issue Launch the 3D Issue software (Lite, Pro or Enterprise) and click on ‘Create New’. Select the PDF that you want to convert.This now uploads the PDF into the software and you are ready to make any amends to the publication.
  5. 5. 2) Make any edits requiredIn 3D Issue, navigate to theDESIGN tab, and select the‘eBook reader mode’ from theselection box on the right ofthe screen (highlighted in redbelow). This takes you into theeReader mode (opposed todigital magazine mode whichcreates digital editions forviewing via a web browser)Here you can make edits such as; formatting,add/edit text or images, add table of contents and front cover.
  6. 6. 3. Publish your ‘eBook’Once you are happy with theway the book looks, headover to the OUTPUT tab. Onthe left hand side, check theEBOOK option. Tip: checkthe ‘epub’ to create a versionfor iPad and iPhone iBooks,but also check the ‘Kindle’to create a publication fordownload on Kindle eReaderstoo. Then, click BUILD.
  7. 7. 4) Download to your iPad, and upload to your site to allow your readers to downloadOnce the software has created the epub and kindle files,you can access these from the message that appears:Once the software has created the epub and kindle files, you can access these from themessage that appears:Locate the ‘ebook’ folder, you will then see thetwo files; epub (for iPad) and mobi (for Kindle).Open iTunes on your computer, connect youriPad and drag and drop the epub file from yourcomputer into the ‘Books’ section in iTunes. Youwill now see your publication in iTunes, andwhen synced with your iPad, you can see thepublication in iBooks:
  8. 8. and here is the publication on the iPad available for reading in iBooks:
  9. 9. Try it out for yourself! Download the 3D Issue trial where you can follow these steps to create your own book for iBooks from your own PDFs. OrHere is the epub we created in the above tutorial, it is the 3D Issue usermanual, you can download this epub, put into iTunes and then sync it to your iPad or iPhone and read in iBooks.
  10. 10. Download the epub to view on your iPad in iBooks You can of course do this to, upload the file to your site to allow your readers to download a epub of your content to view on their iPad through iBooks – and rememberEx tra because this is in iBooks, the reader does not need T ip: to be online to view once they have downloaded. Coming up next…. how to publish your blog or RSS feeds to a epub and view them in iBooks!
  11. 11. Download our top FREEresources for even more useful guides:
  12. 12. Download FREE trial of 3D Issue Click here to try 3D Issue free for 30 days