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This slide share presentation gives an overview of the publishing capabilities you recieve with 3D Issue Digital Publishing Software. Create e-magazines, digital newspapers and e-books in HTML5 or Flash for any device! Learn how to add interactive features, get design tips and how to publish for any device.

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Digital magazine software overview

  1. 1. An OverviewDigital Magazine Software
  2. 2. 3D Issue is available for both PC and Mac creating digital page flip publications for: - Desktops and laptops - Apple iPads and other tablets - Apple iPhone and Android devices like the Galaxy Nexus or HTC OneX - Amazon kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony e-reader and other e-reader devices.
  3. 3. 3D Issue - The World’s first HTML5 pdf conversion software for cell phones and tablets Digital magazines may be created in HTML5 as well as Flash so digital editions are available across all devices. Readers using, for example an iPhone can later view the same publication conveniently on their iPad or Android device for an interactive magazine experience no matter where they might be. For extra information on HTML5 why not check out this blog post from the 3D Issue Archives.
  4. 4. eReader output options TheeReaderoutputoptionallowsyoutocreate ‘e-Books’ which provides output for kindle, Nook and the iBooks and kindle Apps on iPad. 3D Issue Version 5 can create .epub and .mobi versions of PDF content which may then be sold via on-line retailers like the Amazon bookstoreoriBooks. 3DIssueisunlimitedand so using e-reader mode as many publications as required may be prepared – no limits. For a detailed guide to the possible creations from 3D Issue see this recent 3D Issue blog post. 3D Issue also contains an intuitive e-book mode alongside the page flip conversion function.
  5. 5. Buy once, use forever A 3D Issue license lasts a lifetime. Once purchased 3D Issue may be used to digitise in unlimited numbers - any number past, present or future publications. Why not reuse old materials and add them to your 3D Issue Archive.
  6. 6. Media-rich publications End readers can enjoy a unique reading experience, by flipping through a publication pages like a real book, watching embedded videos, listening to audio clips and the ability to click links for further information on the internet.
  7. 7. Add value to your content with hotspots and media Adding rich media content from the Design tab of 3D Issue. Digital editions with embedded web links, email options, video (including YouTube videos), audio and flash objects enrich the reader experience bringing publications to life. (*Professional/Enterprise only) For more details on how to add a YouTube video to your digital editions – and why check out this post.
  8. 8. Uploading built right in 3D Issue is incredibly intuitive and user friendly allowing for the creation of digital editions in minutes. Using the integrated ‘Build’ option 3D Issue will upload digitalissue to a website withoutever leaving the software.
  9. 9. Offline, DVD,CD and USB versions Whether readers are online at work, on their journey home from workor in an area where Internet access is inaccessible or costly publications created with 3D Issue may be viewed at anytime anywhere Information when and how they want to consume it. Why not create a DVD or USB with your digital editions to distribute at a conference to get extra value from your promotional materials too. For information on our off-line content see the off-line 3D Issue info here.
  10. 10. Fully customisable output Customise the look and feel of both the skin and interactive features by choosing from your preferred colours, background, sounds, visual page transitions and button controls. The digital publications can match your brand so it really looks the part. To ensure your digital editions are customized to in accordance with Brand guidelines refer to this useful 3D Issue blog post.
  11. 11. 3D Issue Archive Provide the option to cross reference, by activating the Archive readers to browse through a graphical library of previous or related digital editions, so archived versions or back issues can always be accessed by your audience. (Professional/Enterprise only*) Read more on this topic and how to reuse older content by checking this recent 3D Issue blog.
  12. 12. SEO Friendly 3D Issue makes it possible to create multiple SEO profiles where page titles, descriptions and keywords may be specified this is a key feature for effective digital publishing as SEO is vital for web content and any effective strategy. Add the HTML pages of content created to your sitemap to ensure search engine visibility. For more detailed insight into how 3D Issue can help your SEO campaign and to find out what a SERP is see this recent blog.
  13. 13. Make changes easily and efficiently 3D Issue lets publishers easily amend existing digital edition by adding/removing or replacing pages without starting the project from the beginning again. So you can quickly change that price change or amend an advertisement phone number in minutes!
  14. 14. Load controller Specify how many pages should load at once, a great feature for larger publications such as catalogues as it minimizes the time taken to loadandmemory required by the end reader’s browser.
  15. 15. Auto detection and placement of links 3D Issue automatically detects web and email links whether these are embedded links or simply typed links the software cleverly then places these live links in your digital edition, saving valuable time.
  16. 16. Beautiful reading experience Create a stunning experience for your readers by presenting a beautiful digital edition that looks and feels like a real book; from flipping through thepages,realistic page turn sounds (optional) and a ‘3D’ spine shade effect all adding to a highly engaging reader experience.
  17. 17. Searchable and ‘Zoomable’ content Readers can use the search facility to explore their digital edition allowing themtofindkeywordsorphrases,readers mayalsozoominonanypage–byclicking (or tapping on tablets) the reader will be presented with a larger view of the publication making reading easy.
  18. 18. Add notes and bookmarks When readers see something that they want to highlight or bookmark for future reference they can do so by usingthenotesorbookmarkoptions, they can even choose to send their typed notes to their email address so their thoughts are never lost.
  19. 19. Share with friends and colleagues When readers find something of interest they can use the share feature to share the digital publication amongstfriendsand colleagues via social networks including Facebook and Twitter, Google+ or via email. (Professional/Enterprise only)
  20. 20. For a detailed look at the HTML5 web app feature in 3D issue why not check out our YouTube video tutorials? Add App icon to iPad / iPhone home screen Apple iPad and iPhone users can add an app icon to their home screen for easy access and launch of your digital editions. Where a reader browses to a digital edition they are prompted to add a ‘shortcut to homescreen’ the app icon specified in 3D issue will then appear on the iPad and iPhone homescreen providing HTML5 web app access.
  21. 21. Download FREE trial of 3D Issue Click here to try 3D Issue free for 30 days