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Comparison with different page flipping book maker


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What the same and different feature between 3d flipping software? What is the selection standard for you? Read the following text to gain more. What the page flip book you are going to get all depend on your pdf to flip software.

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Comparison with different page flipping book maker

  1. 1. Compare with different f lipping book softwareCreate lots of 3D effects and 360 degree visions
  2. 2.  Flipping book is a kind of reading document. It’s change from many kinds of files like PDF, WORD, PPT, IMAGE and so on. Flipping book can be published online or offline, even can be read on mobile phone or iPad. It’s not only a helpful reading tool, but also a comprehensive tool which allows you share with others, add flash, 3D video, 360 degree product and more to rich your book content. It’s widely use in many field, such as commercal use.
  3. 3. This text will provide you some suggestions to help youchoose flipping book software, not a best one, but themost suitable one!
  4. 4. 3D Page Flip Standard
  5. 5.  helpful page flip book conversion to convert PDF to page turning book. 3D PageFlip Pro 3D PageFlip Standard
  6. 6.  publish with HTML, ZIP, EXE format and even convert to Mobile Version or burn to CD create wonderful flash flip book with customizing many details for the eBook layout. use in SEO work and get Google Analytics. What’s more, share with others and account record in sharing Analytics
  7. 7.  It is exactly to say that 3D Page Flip Pro is the improved version of 3D page flip Standard. It added a great and powerful editing function to the 3D Page Flip Standard to make it a professional one.
  8. 8.  Add flash(SWF.) Add video(like YouTube), 3D vision in space Add button Add photos slideshow 360 spinning productsClick to view realisticDemo eBook with thesefeatures!
  9. 9.  All in all, if you want to convert PDF to flash page flip book just for reading without any further needs, you can take 3D Page Flip Standard. Otherwise, you can take 3D Page Flip Pro to have more powerful page editing functions and create multimedia content. If you want know more about page flip books, please visit: