Can i set password for 3 d flipping book


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This PPT aims to teach you how to set password for 3 d flipping book. More

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Can i set password for 3 d flipping book

  1. 1. Can I set password for3D flipping book?3DPageFlip3DPageFlip
  2. 2. 3D PageFlip ProfessionalBuilding on the Standard version,3D PageFlip Professional addsfeatures that allow you to convertyour Adobe Acrobat PDFs,OpenOffice, Microsoft Office toflipping book with realistic 3D Flasheffects and stunning page turns!Also, this flip book PDF tool offerscomprehensive design options forusers. Anyone can easily createmultimedia contents in pages likeslideshows, 3D Image Spheregallery, 3D Product Present, 3DVideo, etc.
  3. 3. Can I set password for 3D flippingbook?Security is an ordinary but quite important issue in ourdaily life. In modern society, with the development ofnew technology, security issue becomes more andmore important and necessary because it is closelybound up with to our life. Everything in our life may berelated to the security issue, just like the credit card,bank card and patent. As a result, we have to make allour effort to protect everything we own. We may suffera great loss in case we do not pay more attention to thesecurity issue.
  4. 4. Can I set password for 3D flippingbook?Apart from money and inherent assets, CulturalProperty also involve with the security issue. Somepeople may copy others’ literary works and infringe ourrights. So we need to improve self-awareness toprotect our rights. 3D PageFlip Professional is aprofessional software which allows you to set securityto your flipping book. So you needn’t to be worriedabout that your personal property is infringed upon byothers. 3D PageFlip Professhional offers you the singlepassword option, so you need to enter the passwordbefore viewing the flash book. It is an effective way foryou to protect your confidential documents.
  5. 5. Can I set password for 3D flippingbook?Three steps to add security to your flipping book:Step1: Just launch 3D PageFlip Professional, then importPDF files and select your favorite template in thedesign setting.
  6. 6. Can I set password for 3D flippingbook?Step 2: Click the option and find the option of “FlashOption”, then click it and enter the setting interface.You can choose the security type and select theprotecting page range.
  7. 7. Can I set password for 3D flippingbook?Step 3: Just save it and convert PDF files to 3D flippingbook; After that, just exit the application.
  8. 8. Thank you!3DPageFlip3DPageFlip