What We're All Missing About the ROI of Social Media


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After some research, Digital Roots produced this infographic that illustrates the ROI of social media, broken down into three basic business results: retention, reputation and revenue: http://bit.ly/IfDoXI

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What We're All Missing About the ROI of Social Media

  1. 1. What we’re all missing about the Roi of social media @ Digital Roots, we understand that there are 3 essential results a company wants from their investment in social media 1 2 3 77% retention reputation revenue We’re breaking down the ROI of social media with concrete stats. This is why you should invest: retention We can all agree that brand loyalty is a key factor in customer retention. The best way to build it is to build a relationship with your customer, right? Of customers do not want a relationship with a brand Wrong. Shared values Is the factor makes them loyal Of customers say Sixty-seven percent So what wins a customer? to a brand’s product or service oreo zappos value = pop culture brand leader Companies with clear core values are often renowned as the “best social media brands” value = customer service What is your core value? reputation watch your brand conversation 70 Percent of customers go to social media for info on a brand 60 Percent of customers spread information on social media about a brand 49 Percent of customers make purchase decisions based on information they’ve seen on social media Percent of customers who engage in a word of mouth conversation after researching on social media 56 45 Percent of people aged 18-34 say that they would be upset if they posted on social media and didn’t receive a response when they were expecting one $ Contributing 5factors 4.3 Million Is the estimated global average loss from social media crises Reduced stock prices Costs of litigation Direct financial loss Loss of customer trust Lost revenue Do you monitor & respond to social media complaints? revenue yes, investments in social can profit In 2011, the Frito-Lay company launched the “Do Us a Flavor” campaign on social media: letting fans create and eventually vote for a new Lay’s potato chip flavor. pepsico Parent company of frito-lay Reported a 15% increase in revenue in 2011 That’s $66.5B The campaign itself helped lays reverse a 6 year decline in sales Works Cited: Stampler; Business Insider, Facebook Says These are the 20 Best Brands on the Social Network, 4/29/13 Freeman, Spinner, Bird; Harvard Business Review, Three Myths about What Customers Want, 5/23/12 Symantec, Symantec Finds Enterprises That Are Not Preserving Social Networking Business Content Risk Increased Litigation Costs and Company Reputation, 7/21/11 Fisher; ROI in social media – A look at the arguments, 6/16/09 PepsiCo, PepsiCo Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2011 Results © 2007-2013 Digital Roots. All rights reserved.