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#NAIAS | Social Media + Auto


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An infographic by Digital Roots detailing the correlation between social media and automotive sales in time for the North American International Auto Show! If you wanted to know the ROI of social media in the automotive industry, this infographic will show you!

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#NAIAS | Social Media + Auto

  1. 1. #NAIAS SOC IA L MEDIA SA LE S + AUTO When it comes to social media, many industries remain skeptical about its ROI. But when handled appropriately, auto brands find success in moving metal. Here’s a look under the hood at the details: S AY T H E AV E R A G E D O M E S T I C A U T O B R A N D G E N E R AT E S 7600 TOTA L EXPRE SSI ONS OF INTERE ST… 75% were classified as “well qualified buyers.” 20% of brand replies were met with a receptive comment from the customer. IN THE SOC IAL SPAC E 92% of qualified auto sales leads come from Twitter 8.5% of qualified auto sales leads come from web forums 1.9% of qualified auto sales leads come from Facebook 15% of social media conversations are turned into test drives. THE SALES STORY: THE AVERAGE COST PER AUTO LEAD IS $2. TO SELL ONE VEHICLE, YOU WOULD HAVE TO REPLY TO 67 LEADS (OR SPEND $134), IN ADDITION TO 13 CUSTOMERS TOTAL REACH? 2600 VIEWS FOR MORE SOCIAL STATS, CHECK US OUT AT @DIGITALROOTSCRM © 2007-2014 Digital Roots. All rights reserved.