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8 Steps to the Ultimate Surprise & Delight Campaign

  1. STEPS TO THE ULTIMATE SURPRISE & DELIGHT CAMPAIGN | BY DIGITAL ROOTS! 8! We’re not stalking you(But we are) #DigitalDelight!
  3. SO YOU WANNA SURPRISE & DELIGHT Well, congrats! Youʼre already thinking ahead when it comes to customer care in the age of New School Marketing.! ! The next step is asking yourself, “Why?”! ! Want to build awareness?! Want to recover from a crisis?! Want to retain customers?! ! The reason why you build your campaign will be the secret sauce that determines the flavor of your Surprise & Delight campaign.! SERVICE IS THE
  6. 1 FIND THE CONVERSATION Where do you think brands have the biggest impact in social media? #DigitalDelight! of the world’s data has been created in the past 2 years 90%
  7. LISTEN AND MONITOR Only 1-2 percent of social media conversations are ROI opportunities for brands, but the payoff can realize a big return
  8. SONIC CHARGER MALIBU harrison ford rob ford president ford FORD the hedgehog burger phone boom san diego battery rum california barbie
  9. 2HONE IN What criteria would you use to choose a target for Surprise & Delight? #DigitalDelight! ! Service has gone from 1:1 to 1:100000 visibility ratio because of social media
  10. YOU ARE WHO GOOGLE SAYS YOU ARE The conversation on Google and other social platforms is controlled by your customers not your marketing department
  11. “ ” Deysha, I received your PM; thanks for the update! Out of the 24.2 bazillion total people in the world, you just ranked number 2 on my Most Awesomest People List. You only trail my wife who has to get the number 1 slot since she agreed to me fulfilling a lifelong dream to get a brand new Mustang exactly how I want it.” R33F – Mustang Forums FORD SERVICE
  12. STALK, A LITTLE BIT In a word, how would you describe the perfect Surprise & Delight target? #DigitalDelight! ! 3What happens in Vegas stays on Google – but people aren’t thinking that way…yet. Capitalize on it!
  13. CHOOSE THE SCOPE Which campaign do you prefer: random act of kindness or grand gesture? #DigitalDelight! ! How large is the act of extreme customer care going to be? Typically, the grander the act, the higher chance for it to go viral and reach a lot of people. But smaller acts to individuals can build very strong brand loyalty. 4
  15. 5CHOOSE THE REWARD Whatʼs the best reward youʼve seen in a Surprise & Delight campaign? #DigitalDelight! ! Take your time, do your research and find something that will not only appeal to the Surprise & Delight target, but also the general public.! !
  17. PLAN YOUR SOCIAL ATTACK Whatʼs your favorite social site for promoting Surprise & Delight campaigns? #DigitalDelight! ! 6 The goal at hand is to reap cred for your brand, so blasting the Surprise & Delight campaign result to the Interwebs is essential. Come up with the game plan and create some waves, before and after the ball drops.
  18. DELIVER IN A MEANINGFUL WAY How would you like to be Surprised & Delighted? #DigitalDelight! ! 7 Customers say that immediacy and personalization are two main factors in driving brand loyalty.
  19. 8BUILD YOUR BRAND LOYALTY Has a brand ever checked up on you as a customer, just because? #DigitalDelight! ! More than 1/3 of companies believe that personalization is the factor that drives brand loyalty the most
  20. ABOUT DIGITAL ROOTS Follow us at @DigitalRootsCRM! #DigitalDelight #SocialSquared #RootsRunDeep! Digital Roots is changing the game of customer relationship management in social media with proprietary software and a simple objective — to help brands establish roots in a digital world. Since 2009, we’ve used our passion to position brands everywhere customers communicate online, so they can build relationships and improve business results. Our dedication to innovation and excellence is reflected in everything we do, from our customized products to our end-to-end program management. Check us out at!  
  21. THANK YOU! Follow us at @DigitalRootsCRM! #DigitalDelight #SocialSquared #RootsRunDeep! Photo sources: Flickr Creative Commons, Benson Kua, Flickr Creative Commons, PhotoGramma 1, Flickr Creative Commons, Very Quiet, Flickr Creative Commons, JasperMorse, Flickr Creative Commons, suvivl198, Flickr Creative Commons, cote, Flickr Creative Commons, comedy_nose, Flickr Creative Commons, Dell Official Flickr, Flickr Creative Commons, consumerist dot com, Flickr Creative Commons, asenat29,