3D printing - Revolution ( 3BIGGG)


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3D printing - Revolution ( 3BIGGG)

  1. 1. SERIAL PRINTERS3D printing, a new (R)évolution ?www.3biggg.com www.facebook.com/3biggg @3biggg
  2. 2. Since the beginning of the decade,3D printing is finally available to smalls andmedium businesses, and even individuals.Once limited to specialized media, theevolution of 3D printing is now widelycovered by mass media, many websites andblogs. www.3biggg.com www.facebook.com/3biggg @3biggg
  3. 3. Events around 3D printing, like trade showsand conferences, are growing at a rapidpace and are now open to the public ...Is 3D printing a new revolution then? www.3biggg.com www.facebook.com/3biggg @3biggg
  4. 4. Revolution: sudden changestaking place at the economic,moral and cultural level in asociety * So, is it the case of 3D printing ? *Larousse dictionnary www.3biggg.com www.facebook.com/3biggg @3biggg
  5. 5. 3 examples of services and products that has revolutionized our society:Facebook : Kinect :- 901million Iphone : -8 million units sold in Users in 8 years - 200 million 60 days- Valued between users in 4 years - best selling electronic 85 and 104 billion $ - Apple, the largest device in this period of before IPO market capitalization time in the world www.3biggg.com www.facebook.com/3biggg @3biggg
  6. 6. Since its inception in 1986, only a few tensof thousands of 3D printers have been sold,mainly to industries and large corporations.3D printing didn’t make it to the generalpublic and therefore couldn’t be considered,until now, as a revolution... www.3biggg.com www.facebook.com/3biggg @3biggg
  7. 7. The technological environment of the past25 years was not mature enough to lead tothe democratization of 3D printing.Therefore it has not been able to make itsrevolution.But then, what has changed today? www.3biggg.com www.facebook.com/3biggg @3biggg
  8. 8. Computer speed Compatible with CAD software Fast transfer of large files thanks to high speed internet connectionsPlatforms allowing legalDownload of CAD apps Legal file sharing sites Dedicated to 3D models Democratization of tablets and free CAD apps www.3biggg.com www.facebook.com/3biggg @3biggg
  9. 9. Recently the rapid evolution of information technology and communication has leaded to 3D printing democratization, now available to anyone.2010 2020267 million dollars 2,5 billion dollars Estimated revenue growth of 3D printing (consumers products) according to Wohlers Associates www.3biggg.com www.facebook.com/3biggg @3biggg
  10. 10. If this trend continues, 3D printing will allowanyone in the long run to produceits own low cost objects, with an increasingchoice of materials and finishes. www.3biggg.com www.facebook.com/3biggg @3biggg
  11. 11. Some objects made with 3D printing technology More examples on www.3biggg.comwww.3biggg.com www.facebook.com/3biggg @3biggg
  12. 12. 3BIGGG.COM transforms your ideasinto real objects, thanks to 3D printing’sstate of the art technology.We analyze your project, advise you, andmanufacture in just a few hours your scalemodels, prototypes, complex structures,avatars and other kind of objects. You havean idea, we make it real !You have an idea, we make it real! www.3biggg.com www.facebook.com/3biggg @3biggg
  13. 13. Please feel free to react and ask any questions on our pages: See you soon 3biggg.comAlexis CHORONSerial PrinterCo-founder and head development3biggg.com Photo credit © Thinkstock for 50A for the entire document, except slide 12 © 3biggg.com