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About me 3


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Published in: Education
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About me 3

  1. 1. Childhood  Hi my name is Manuel G.  And I am 11 years old.  My birthday is on June/13/1999.  And I was born in TX.
  2. 2. Favorite movies  I like paranormal activite .  And I like Halloween.  And I like Despicable me.  And I like Kunfu Panda.
  3. 3. My best friends  I have some best friends first is Pedro I knew him since secon grade and he is still my friend.  And I have a other best friend is name is Juan.  And I have another best friend Aylin.  And another is Alexis.
  4. 4. My pets  I have a bull dog is name is Spike.  And I have three chihuahua the girls name is princces and I have two boys one is spike and the other is fluffy.  And my favorite is my germansherpert.  And I have two parrots.
  5. 5. Favorite singers  M&M  Lil Wayne  Drake  Pit bull
  6. 6. Favorite Colors  Green  Black  White  Gray
  7. 7. Favorite food  Pizza  What a burger  Subway  Macaroni and chesse.
  8. 8. ILL BE BACK