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Jesse comments2

  1. 1. Osteocarcinoma By Jesse There are approximately 180 out of every 200 people who get cancer in China, cancer isnow a very common type of illness in the world. So What is cancer? Cancer is called malignant neoplasm. Cancer usually forms as atumor. Some cancers, such as leukemia, do not form tumors. Tumors are made of cancercells, and because the cancer cell is out of control, the cells divide uncontrollably andforms a tumor. Cancer cells will cause the body to become weaker, because mitosisneeds nourishment. Cancer will release a lot of toxins, and the toxins will cause your bodyhave a series of symptoms. The worst is, cancer cells will move to other parts of body byinvading other normal organs and the lymphatic system, producing cancer cells. Bonecancer is a type of cancer that invades other organs and the lymphatic system.Bone cancer is called Osteocarcinoma, it grows on the skeleton system and it isvery hard to see. The sSkeleton system is same as other organisationsorgan systems,suffering from tumors that come from any organisations transference pathology. Tumorsthat violate the skeleton can occur in osteocytes, marrow, cartilage and synoviumcomposition. Osteoma has three levels. The most serious one is Highly malignantosteoma, then low malignant osteoma, and the least serious is benign osteoma. We arenot sure of why Osteocarcinoma happenedhappens, but some scientists think that it is
  2. 2. Osteocarcinoma By Jesserelated with to overgrowing of bones. Osteocarcinoma normally happens in the vertebraeand pelvis. Osteocarcinoma patients are like other cancer patients in their symptoms;, it subduespatients‘ appetite, losing weight. The most common symptoms for bone cancer are tumorson the bones, and pain, especially morning. When walking or moving around, joint andbody movement is limited. Since the technology using used in medical medicine is better than before, there aresome treatment for cancer, also Osteocarcinoma. There’s an adage in China, “There is nomedicine against death”, since every medicine is not perfect. If you are a cancerpatient,don’t be afraid, because there is now being done at many medical centers,university hospitals, and other institutions across the nation, There are several ongoingclinical trials focusing on bone cancer and there are lots of treatments for Osteocarcinoma.The most common treatment is chemotherapy, patients do this is to relieve pain, but this isonly the first step. IThen if the patients feel better, doctors will control the expanding oftumor, and resume function. the last step is doctor and cancer experts will try tocompletely control the tumor and cured. The benefit of chemotherapy is effective treatment. Chemotherapy can let tumors narrowquickly. And There’re a lot of way to dose to body, such as: pilling medicine, vein injection,and etc. Chemotherapy can let people recovery the probability of recrudescencerecurrence is smaller, even than surgery, radiotherapy and Traditional Chinese medicalcan’t do thismedicine. Chemotherapy can also according to patient’s condition and otherchemotherapy medicine affect to adopt combined chemotherapy, make best use of theadvantages and bypass the disadvantages, reduce side effect. But chemotherapy retrain hematopoietic system, mainly retrain marrow and myeloplast,then it will cause patients hemopoiesis. It let patients vomiting and subdue patients’appetite. Chemotherapy could let other illnesses happen too, such as: toxipathic hepatitis,liver fibrillation, etc. Because the chemotherapy can effect nuclein’s production, destroy
  3. 3. Osteocarcinoma By JesseDNA, disturb transcription, and chemotherapy can’t differentiate normal cells and cancercells, it produces a lot of toxicity. Another type of treatment is radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is the use of high- energy rays to destroy cancer cells, while doingas little harm as possible to normal cells. It is the most common type of treatment forsecondary bone cancer as it is very effective for relieving symptoms such as pain orswelling. Radiotherapy can be given in different ways. Sometimes a single dose is given.This has the advantage that you will only need to make one visit to the radiotherapydepartment. Sometimes your treatment may be divided into a number of sessions. Eachsession is known as a fraction. Radiotherapy is normally given to the area of the boneaffected by the cancer. However, if the cancer is in several areas of bone it may benecessary to give radiotherapy to a larger area. This may be referred to as hemibodyirradiation, which means treating half the body. It usually takes from 7–10 days for theradiotherapy to start reducing the pain and it may take up to six weeks before you feel thefull effect. You may notice that the pain becomes slightly worse before getting better.During this time it is important to continue taking the painkillers prescribed by your doctors.As the pain improves, it may be possible to reduce the amount of painkillers you aretaking. It’s a good idea to discuss this with your doctor or nurse before adjusting the dose.
  4. 4. Osteocarcinoma By Jesse Although this type of treatment causes very few side effect, it still has side effects.Treating bones in certain areas of the body, such as the ribs or the spine, may causesome sickness for a day or so after the treatment. For cancer patients’ social life,somebody may laugh at them, or away from them.Sometimes they will get hurt, because they might get discrimination, and sometimes theywill get lonely, because nobody will talk to them. Then, they might get depression. Butthere’re still a lot of optimistic patients, and they will become friends and take care eachother. Because now the techniques for cancer treatments is not very advanced, so it costs a lotof money to treat. For bone cancer, surgery is at least 10 thousand in China.Radiotherapy costs 50~300 thousand RMB in China. So choosing radiotherapy is a veryheavy pressure for families. Most people choose traditional Chinese medical fortreatment. Nowadays, cancer is violating humans and animals, if you are a cancer patient, beingoptimistic and accept any treatment that helped you to recovery. Bibliography Last Name, First Name. "Page Title." Site Title. Publishing Date. Organization. 9 Apr 2007<URL>.
  5. 5. Osteocarcinoma By Jesse1.“Learn about cancer”. “What is bone cancer”. 16/9/2010. American Cancer Society.URL:”What Is Bone Cancer? on”“Bone cancer” .John Wiley.May, 2008.URL:”什么是骨癌?有哪些治疗方法?--神州健康网”“神州健康网-癌症|性病|骨科|健康保健”2007. URL: 外科小刀片.“图片页_百度百科” “百度百科――全球最大中文百科全书” URL:外科小刀片. “图片页_百度百科” “百度百科――全球最大中文百科全书” URL:“百度空间” “百度百科――全球最大中文百科全书” 10/12/2010. URL:刘家昌. “水母网” “水母网-烟台城市门户网站” 1/20/2007 URL:
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