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SkyPiPreneur-Ship @ Institutions


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Educational Institution : Our vision is to foster entrepreneurship right into the growing stage of an individual and target people early to give them an hindsight of what it is to be – An Entrepreneur. We help build a Action-Social-Virtual platform and help provide a launching pad for an individual to carefully evaluate his career choice. Entrepreneurship is not just about starting your own business or company or just joining a startup; but it is also about the thought process, leadership, and above all been focused to build value for community where one is associated with.

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SkyPiPreneur-Ship @ Institutions

  1. 1. 366pi ConsultingBusiness | Management | And Beyond… © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
  2. 2. We Believe Gap between Industry Expectation and InstitutionDelivery can be solved. How? Entrepreneurship. May be? I am Industry I am Market We bring Practical I am Institution Awareness of Market to you via Experts of Industry © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
  3. 3. We want to enrich value in the entrepreneurial eco-system earlyby leveraging on the available skills and connect to real timemarket needs and hence closing the gap between industryexpectations and institution delivery model.What we do not want to end up with?1- Some initiative in college and become a marketing gimmick2- Not as Change Agent or Management Professionals forinstitutions3- Set of Events with no actual on the ground result4- Agency funding E-Cell of colleges5- Driven by individuals with no support from Faculty and collegemanagement © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
  4. 4. #1: Our efforts #2: Work with will be towards Biosphere individuals and creating a teams to build sustainable an Active model . Eco-System Communityi m e Maturity CommunityT Population Individual © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
  5. 5. WARNING : Focus Hard – Too Much of Texts but IMPORTANT• An offline, in-campus, event surrounding entrepreneurship, startup and contemporary platforms like Social Media Marketing , Digital Marketing etc• Networking, Meeting, Seminars and conferences towards learning the tactics of trade i.e. starting and raising a successful business organization• Support in Business planning and pitch validation activities• Could act as a virtual incubation centre for group of institutions• A bridge between your business dream/idea and actual realization of the same• High quality training and mentoring to innovative and promising ideas• An out of book market driven approach, akin to the practical aspect of your theoretical classroom learning• Value creation through empowerment of next generation entrepreneurs• Competitions, contests and many more thing on a national level © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
  6. 6. • Bootstrap : Overall strategy, planning and program definition. This is primarily done with the sponsor, faculty or required stakeholders Vision • Start, Define, Learning Objectives, Experimentation • This is a phase where we actually steer the entrepreneurship engagement. Based on the engagement designed, we get to action quickly using one or many channels defined Steer • kick-start the next phase by creating “Playlists” of tasks. • Batch : Create a batch of people and batch of activities where we get plugged in to “Advise session” at activity level.Accelerate • Grow , Adapt and Innovate © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
  7. 7. •We work towards building a E-Cellsetup which is driven in trueEntrepreneurial way. Revenuestreams, however, comes as fundingfrom institutions.•E-Cell provides a platform andreason for industry to integratewith students at a more meaningfullevel of creating value. We wantpeople to think beyond placementsand jobs. © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
  8. 8. DISCLAIMER : Ask us. We are *really* good in customizing approach • A series of concatenated events spread across the year, an event every month. That too at your campus • Free of cost for students and billable to the institution • An event spread across a day or two as per the agenda • Personal one-to-one session towards resolving the queries • Agenda for each and every event to be decided by the students themselves, through polls • Events to be scheduled, preferably, on weekends so as not to clash with the weekdays of hectic schedule of students © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
  9. 9. •Career beyond Degree : Positively de-mystified •Learn to create Opportunity for your self : Get an access to Knowledge, Networking Skills •Learn to create and build on Ideas •One Agenda free Event to speak your heart out : Improve Communication •Innovation. Marketing & Sales Insights. •Much More. Guaranteed.© 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
  10. 10. © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
  11. 11. • We are passionate about what we do – Create Value for our Activities• We are committed to the cause of enabling Businesses with Innovation• New Age Consultants backed with relevant expertise and Lifecycle exposure• Adrenaline dedicated to SME and Startup with clear focus• We take “One Firm step at a Time”• Sorry, we only work in team and we believe in success of teams © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
  12. 12. Amitesh Anand @acuvator Expertise in Business Technology, Organization Engineering and Marketing+91 9158 639 751 Sushant Bharti @bhartisushant Expertise in Strategy, Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Sales Engineering +91 9004 695 960 © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
  13. 13. We tweet from . @SkyPiCast and @366pi© 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi