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366Pi is a business and management consulting company with specific focus on start-up and emerging businesses. We analyze problems beyond traditional tools and believe in utilizing contemporary tactics, platforms, adding an angle of innovation to take it beyond expectations.
Do you want to validate your idea or building your robust CXO team? Or, In your quest of building a great organization you need to make a choice between scale-ability and stability? We help Entrepreneurs, Startups and Emerging Businesses by packaging our various services into simplified solutions offering.

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    1. 1. 366pi ConsultingBusiness | Management | And Beyond… © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
    2. 2. Whether you’re a Start-Up, leading business, institution ortop executive, we hand-hold you in making an innovative,pragmatic and practical decision, converting those decision tosuccessful reality through tried and tested techniques andcontemporary methods. We count our success by putting-on our client’s shoes, walking with them and empathizing with them. We are committed towards building a passionate firm with equally passionate people, culture, approach and community. © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
    3. 3. © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
    4. 4. •Corporate Strategy•Innovation Planning•Business Unit•Emerging Market•GTM StrategyFrom ideation to execution, we bring both left-right brainanalysis and support our clients with a constructive innovationplanning for creating a memorable customer experience. © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
    5. 5. •Digital Marketing •Social Media Marketing •Brand Planning •Name, Logo, Tagline •Metric Mapping •Pricing Services •Sales Optimization We combine traditional marketing approach with contemporary techniques and mediums as a tool for growth.© 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
    6. 6. 366pi offers packaged solution in a niche segment, something which isbeyond the traditional practice and goes beyond the set parameters.•Hand-Hold Startups•Business Planning Services•Solutions for Emerging BusinessesWe handhold, set destination, plan milestones, build the path, watchyour back, take you there and be accountable for decisions. © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
    7. 7. •Free online advisory•Entrepreneur forum•Networking•One-to-one session /SkyPiCast @SkyPiCast(Premium)SkyPiCast is an online community for entrepreneurs, investors andlike-minded individuals worldwide. The community is powered and drivenby 366pi Consulting, www.366pi.com, and shares a vision of “Makinglife meaningfully better”. © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
    8. 8. iM-BOS™ MethodologyiM-BOS is a framework that provides the backbone to 366pi’s approach.Our assessment of client’s requirement starts with iM-BOS and the finaloutput along with the intermediate process relies on the same. 366pi’s Way Suggestion Final •Need-Gap •Interim delivery •Validate discussion •Modificatio ns •Updates •Milestones •Support Assessment Progress © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
    9. 9. Amitesh Anand amitesh@366pi.com @acuvator http://in.linkedin.com/in/acuvator www.facebook.com/amitesha Expertise in Business Technology, Organization Engineering and Marketing+91 9158 639 751 Sushant Bharti sushant@366pi.com @bhartisushant http://in.linkedin.com/in/sushantbharti https://www.facebook.com/bharti.sus Expertise in Strategy, Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Sales Engineering +91 9004 695 960 © 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi
    10. 10. www.366pi.com www.facebook.com/SkyPiCast We tweet from . @SkyPiCast and @366pi© 2012 366pi Consulting, LLP. Confidential & Proprietary @366pi