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Chavez proposal 2013 2019

  1. 1. Page 2 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019PresentationOnce again circumstances bring me before the people to express to them my determined andrenewed commitment to the defense of the National Independence. This is the time, as it hasnever been before, to give a face and meaning to the Socialist Mother Land for which we arefighting. This Government Plan for the 2013-2019 terms is a response to the achievement ofsuch supreme objectives:Independence and Socialist Mother Land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!As our Liberator said in 1820: Our resolution to independence or nothing is imperturbable.Definite independence or nothing must be the banner of Bolivarian of today. Definiteindependence is our cause and our permanent task. Independence, seen from the here andnow, forces us to look to the past in order to find the true road to the future. That is why to thereactionary thesis of Empire and the stateless upper-class, we counterattack with thecombative, creative, and liberating thesis of Independence and Socialism as an open projectand dialectic construction: Independence is not over, and we forge it by our daily andpermanent fight.We have to fully realize the libertarian dream that has never ceased to beat in the country andtoday is beating incessantly. I think so from the combative faith and the loving reason thatencourages me: the heroic legacy forces us and such demand is an emblematic commitment forall of us. From the time we are living in we must honor the challenges, all the sacrifices cannotbe in vain, to make them flesh and blood of the new life that has to remain the horizon that calland challenge us.IIThis is a socialism transition plan and the radicalization of participative and protagonicdemocracy. We start from the principle that accelerate the transition necessarily involves,despite the redundancy, to accelerate the process of restitution of power to the people. Theeffective exercise of the protagonic peoples ‘power it cannot be substituted, possibilitycondition for the Bolivarian socialism of XXI century. Therefore, it is the fundamental base inthe main vortex of The Simon Bolivar National Project. First National Economical and SocialDevelopment Plan 2007-2013: our guidance in this cycle that is finishing strongly emphasizes itsstrategic role. Strategic role that in the following cycle must be even more accentuated.Don´t fool us: the socio-economical formation that still prevails in Venezuela is of capitalist andrentier character. Certainly, socialism has barely begun to implement its own internaldynamism among us. This is a program precisely to establish it and deepen it; directed towardsa radical elimination of the logic of capital that must go step by step in compliance, but withoutslowing the pace of progress towards socialism.
  2. 2. Page 3 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019To advance toward socialism, we need a peoples power capable of dismantling the frames ofoppression, exploitation and domination that exist in Venezuelan society, able to create a newsociality from everyday life where fraternity and solidarity are at hand with the permanentneeds of having plan and produce the material life of our people. This involves sprayingthoroughly bourgeois state is inherited, which is still played through their old and harmfulpractices, and provide continuity to the invention of new forms of political management.Now, what is the context in our American and worldwide where we are giving life to a socialistalternative model? Clearly, our America lives a new era that started, and it is fair to admit it,with the arrival to power of the Bolivarian Revolution: a new era characterized by a real andtrue power relations in favor of majority. It is also clear that the capitalist world system isundergoing a structural crisis that can be terminal: a crisis that, by its catastrophic magnitude,forces us politically, as Martí would say; to clarify and provide every day, as indeed we havebeen doing to minimize its impact on Venezuela. But there is an encouraging sign that I want toemphasize: it has begun to lay its basis a multipolar international system that is geared towardsthat great principle that Bolivar called the balance of the universe.IIIAt the moment of presenting this program, I do it with the conviction that only with theparticipation of the people, with its wider discussion at the grassroots; we might be able toimprove it, unleashing all its creative and liberating power.This is a program to pass "the barrier of no return". To explain it with Antonio Gramsci, the oldmust die definitely, for the birth of the new manifest in all its fullness.The consistency of this Government Program responds to a power line at all decisive: we areobliged to cross the barrier of no return, to make irreversible the transition to socialism.Certainly it is difficult to say when such a great horizon stands out, but we must make sensitiveand well directed efforts, to say it with Bolivar in terms of its arrival.Refounding, as stated in our Constitution, is a necessity that does not admit any delay, aswithout this vital foundation we would lose the opportunity to conclude the popular andhistoric feat that came before and to which we are ethically responsible. The consolidation ofthe V Socialist Bolivarian Republic is the most beautiful and bright justification for more thantwo centuries of struggle and sacrifice.Our past, our whole past is alive and teaches us that we have been, and remain, a result ofadversity, but also points out that thanks to them we have a glimpse of what we collectively bepostponed, and that this reflects a fully Government Program: to finally have our own nation,and having a sovereign independent homeland for our children and our childrens children, thehappy and perpetual country in which we have always wanted to live, the Bolivarian SocialistHomeland, for the inexorable mandate destination, will succeed the next 7 October 2012, at
  3. 3. Page 4 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019the Battle of Carabobo of the XXI century. Ecclesiastes says: "Everything under the sun has itsown time."Building this homeland so that you, fellow man, women, mother, and father, girl, boy and allVenezuelan can live well, with justice and dignity is what encourages my fight and is one of themain reasons that I have to live, along with my loved ones, my son, my daughters, my parents.I propose to keep fighting, as our singer Ali Primera said, "By the dawn of a new world" in aSocialist Independent Nation where we can live by living, inspired by the highest values ofhumanism. In it, I, your soldier, my own beloved people, I put my heart in Venezuela.In Caracas, birthplace of the Liberator Simon Bolivar, June 12th2012.Hugo Chávez FríasIndependence and Socialist Homeland!WE SHALL LIVE AND WIN!
  4. 4. Page 5 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019IntroductionThe document presented today to the Electoral Power, but especially considering the laboriousand heroic Venezuelan people and their militant youth, is an continues electoral programproposed and deepens some of the strategies already contained in the Simon Bolivar the FirstSocialist Plan of the Nation , and is in full development and implementation.We should note that the Second Socialist Plan for the term 2013-2019, is now underdevelopment. And updating the strategic card to be guided by the path of transition to theBolivarian socialism of the XXI century includes five major historical objectives, namely:I. I. Defend, expand, and consolidate the most precious asset we have recovered after200 years: National Independence.II. II. Continue to build the Bolivarian Socialism of the XXI century in Venezuela as analternative to the savage model of capitalism and thereby ensure the “highest sum ofsocial security, highest sum of political stability, and highest sum of happiness” for ourpeople.III. III Turn Venezuela Into A Power Country In The Social, Economic And Political WithinThe Larger Emerging Power Of Latin America And The Caribbean, To Ensure TheFormation Of A Peace Zone In Our America.IV. IV. Contribute to the development of a new international geopolitics in whichmulticenter multipolar world that would achieve the balance of the universe and toensure global peace takes shape.V. V. Contribute to the preservation of life on the planet and salvation of humankind.The first, concerning the consolidation of our independence, refers to all national and strategicobjectives in the political, economic, social and cultural development, primarily, the scope willallow us to lay the foundations of the irreversibility of national sovereignty.It states the need of assure the continuity of the revolutionary process, which involves makingthe most popular landslide victory in the presidential elections on October 7, 2012. To do this,the unity of workers, countryside and urban small and median producers, and other socialsectors of the people is indispensable. It also considers the sovereignty over our naturalresources and oil resources in particular. This, at the same time, will result in strengthenedcapacity to manage sovereign national income. Achieve food sovereignty, unleashing our agroproductive potential, is another strategic objectives.It is very important to achieve our first big goal is the full development of our scientific andtechnical capabilities, creating the conditions for the development of an innovative,transformer and dynamic model, forward-exploitation of the potentials and capacities, and theneed to strengthen national identity and our American, on the principle Bolivarian that "thecountry is America."
  5. 5. Page 6 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019Finally, it is included in this first major objective the strengthening of the national defensepower, strengthening civil-military union and increasing the operational readiness of theBolivarian National Armed Forces for the entire defense of the Homeland.On the second great historic goal, is prefigured in the forms of our socialist construction toachieve the supreme social happiness of the people, this happens, first, to accelerate thechange of the economical system, transcending the oil rentier capitalist model to the socialisteconomical production model, leading to a more equal and fair society, based on the role ofsocial and democratic state of law and justice, in order to build upon the satisfaction of basicneeds for life of our people: food, water, electricity, housing and habitat, public transportation,health, education, public security, access to culture, open communication, science andtechnology, sports, healthy recreation and a decent liberated and liberating work.The above is related to the need of promoting a new ethical, moral and spiritual hegemony thatwe can overcome the vices that still do not quite die; from the old model of capitalist society. Inthis regard, a special mention is deserved to purpose of expressing further the progress indeveloping a model of public safety to protect human life and ultimately direct a revolution inthe justice system in order to eliminate impunity, achieving equality in access and to eliminatethe classist and racist character in its application.Finally, to achieve this second strategic goal is to unleash great power contained in theBolivarian Constitution, making the breakthrough for the new Social and Democratic State ofLaw and Justice, through the consolidation and expansion of popular power through theMissions and Great Socialist Missions and the self-government in towns and specific territoriesspecific territories, among other policies.The third major historical objective of turning Venezuela into a social, economical and politicalpower within the Great Rising of Latin America and the Caribbean, to ensure the formation of apeace zone in our America, that be oriented towards the consolidation of the political,economic and social power which is required among other goals, the final emergence ofdemocratic and social state of law and justice, and strengthening of stability and peace of thenation.Further, this historic proposal includes the strategic objective of developing national economicstrength, optimally exploiting the potential offered by our resources. It is also proposedexpanding military power to defend the homeland, strengthening the military industry inVenezuela, and deepen the Bolivarian new military doctrine and national geopoliticaldevelopment.This includes a pledge to continue playing a leading role in the process of building the unity ofLatin American and the Caribbean, boosting the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA)and Petrocaribe and energizing the new regional spaces: the Union of South American Nations(UNASUR) and the Commonwealth of Latin American and Caribbean (CELAC).
  6. 6. Page 7 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019The fourth major historical objective implies to continue traveling the path in the search for amultipolar, multicenter world without an imperial domination and with full respect for self-determination of the people. Finally, establishes the need to continue joining efforts todismantle the neo-colonial system from the imperial control, eliminating or reducing the levelsof non-vital economic and technological relations between our country and the imperial centersof domination, among other purposes.The fifth of the great historical objectives results is the need to build an economical eco-socialist productive model, based on a harmonious relationship between man and nature,which guarantees the optimal and rational use of natural resources, respecting the processesand cycles in nature.In this regard, it is necessary to ratify the defense of the sovereignty of the Venezuelan State onvital natural resources.This fifth great historic objective, calls to join efforts for the boost of a global movement tocontain the causes and revert the effects of climate change occurring as a consequence of thepredatory capitalist model.This Government Program for the Nation Independence and the Socialism that we arepresenting, is nothing but a call to an extensive discussion of ideas and proposal in the heart ofthe Venezuelan people, necessary for developing the Simon Bolivar Second Socialist Plan of theNation (2013-2019) and continue forming the great people’s, democratic and historical blockintegrated by the workers, peasants, students, afro-descendants, indigenous, academics, smalland median producers of the countryside and city, merchant, hauliers, motorized, teachers,health professionals in general, public servants, women, soldiers, people, fishermen,cultivators, athletes, union and commune leaders, and especially the Venezuelan youth.To accomplish it, we can say it paraphrasing our Father Simon Bolivar; unity is indispensable tothe work of our regeneration.Carabobo Campaign Command
  7. 7. Page 8 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019GREAT HISTORIC OBJECTIVESI. Defend, expand, and consolidate the most precious asset we have recovered after 200years: National Independence.“Fellow citizens! I blush when I say it: independence is the only asset we have acquired at theexpense of others. But it opens the door to us to recover them under your auspices with all thesplendor of glory and freedom”.Bolívar, Bogota, January of 1830.The Bicentennial Cycle of our independence is elapsing. Our time is laden with the heroicheritage that belongs to us as a people and which we carry in our blood and in our soul. We areat battle once again, with realized dreams and dreams to be realized under the revolutionaryBolivarian process, in an open fight to finally regain and consolidate the Independence we hadlost. We are inspired by the Indian resistance, the afro-descendent rebellion, the independentquest, the Federal Revolution, The Restoring Revolution; we are moved by Guaicaipuro,Tamanaco, Terepaima, Andresote, José Leonardo Chirino, Francisco de Miranda, SimónRodríguez, Antonio José de Sucre, Ezequiel Zamora, Cipriano Castro, and our greatestinspiration, our highest reference, Simon Bolívar the Liberator.Historically, the profound mutations from the agro-exporter Venezuela, clearly a landownerand “semi-feudal”, to the petroleum bearing Venezuela, did not generate significanttransformations in the way of conducting the fate of the Nation. Far from it: the detrimentaldependence of peasants, workers, and low class citizens deepened. Foreign domination, withan unprecedented penetration of the capital with the arrival of the “black gold” fortune foundthe table set by surrendering governments of all breeds.In that context the oil-exporter Venezuela was born: an oil factory subordinate to theconsuming and warmonger model of the Yankee imperialism. A capitalist, repressive, andneocolonial regime was born, which plunged the noble and glorious people of Bolívar into thebiggest material and moral misery.Only the honorable and brave resistance of the patriotic majority of the Venezuelan people andtheir honest leadership, expressed in the fight against the dictatorships of the XX century, in thecivil and military rebellions of the sixties, in the fighting movements of successive generationsof young students and in the great civil and military rebellions of February 27th1989, February4thand November 27th1992 saved us from total destruction as a sovereign Nation.On December 6th1998, the Bolivarian Revolution, having the people’s conscience and dignity asits foundation, started the breakdown of the neocolonial hegemony. Thirteen years ofBolivarian Revolution have given us back political independence.
  8. 8. Page 9 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019Today, Venezuela has a Bolivarian, sovereign government that does not answer to the Empire’scommands or to any bourgeoisie’s. Today we have a nation that feels deeply proud of itscultural and historical roots, and we are in full process of regaining control of our naturalresources and our incomes.That is why the first great historical objective for the next Bolivarian and socialist governmentterm will be to defend and consolidate the most precious asset we have achieved: Politicalindependence; reaffirm our national and American identity and continue moving forward undera bold international geopolitics towards our full financial independence.II. Continue to build the Bolivarian Socialism of the XXI century in Venezuela as an alternativeto the savage model of capitalism and thereby ensure the “highest sum of social security,highest sum of political stability, and highest sum of happiness” for our people.“We, certainly, do not wish for socialism in America to be a carbon copy. It must be a heroiccreation”.1928, José Carlos MariáteguiThe crisis suffered by developed countries in the present time is a consequence of imbalancesand contradictions inherent to the capitalist system. The voracity to accumulate more and morewealth is giving way not only to the irreversible destruction of the environment, but to themultiplication of countless suffering and hardship over millions of human beings. Never beforehad humanity endured such an atrocious inequality. Meanwhile, a few people and companiesmonopolize gigantic fortunes created through financial manipulation and excessive speculationat the expense of the misery of the majority of humanity.Albert Einstein wrote in 1949:“I am convinced that there is only one way to eliminate these serious evils, the establishment ofa socialist economy accompanied by an educational system oriented towards social goals”.We, the men and women who are building the Bolivarian Revolution from the beginning, haveshared this conviction, announcing that we must set a different course, using the experiencefrom other countries but learning from their mistakes, starting off from our own values andabsorbing the teachings of the Liberator Father and the great Our-americans thinkers.In the year 2004, the Bolivarian Revolution proclaimed its anti-imperialist nature and in 2006 itdefined itself as socialist. The preaching of Revolution has been continuous: we do not wish toremain in the atmosphere of capitalism. It is indispensable for Venezuela to embrace socialismas the wide and open road to supreme social happiness. We are fighting for a society where thegreat values of Christianity can be fully fulfilled.
  9. 9. Page 10 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019In the next term of the Bolivarian and socialist Government, we will continue to shape a socialrelations system of production sustained by the values of knowledge and work; at the service offull satisfaction of our people’s human needs: food, water, electricity, clothing, home andhabitat, transportation, health, education, culture, science, and technology.To achieve this, it is imperative to develop the social property over the basic and strategicfactors and means of production that will allow for the Venezuelan families and individuals tofully enjoy their financial, social, political, and cultural rights, thus achieving a good life.We are going then, to achieve in the next term, the second great historic objective: to continuebuilding and cementing the foundations of the Bolivarian socialism of the XXI century todismount the inhumane, predating, and warmonger system of capitalist accumulation andtranscend the logic of the capital sustaining it.III Turn Venezuela Into A Power Country In The Social, Economic And Political Within TheLarger Emerging Power Of Latin America And The Caribbean, To Ensure The Formation Of APeace Zone In Our America.The next decade, Venezuela as a country should be a consolidated power in the regional anduniversal plane. Venezuelans must feel, effectively, that is real and tangible participatorydemocracy, and that, substantively, will keep the power as a way to achieve the sovereignty ofthe homeland of irreversibly.The progress made by the Bolivarian process should serve as a basis for further consolidation ofpolitical power, seen as the consecration of the devolution of power to the people and the fullexercise of participatory democracy, protagonist and socialist political support of NationalUnity. Only in this way we will have the strength to participate successfully in the complexworld.To advance and strengthen participatory democracy, it is necessary to strengthen the value ofhuman life and its defense from a fundamentally ethical level which deprives solidarity andworth of the capitalist over the value of having to be consumed for exist. Shielding ethics in theexercise of power is very important to constitute the moral power of the Nation.The construction of the economic power of Venezuela as an energy power, food and industrialfuture, forces consolidate progress in developing the regulatory framework and investmentpolicy for sovereign national wealth at the service of life of our people and construction of aworld of justice and peace.Also it is required that the nation, the soldiers of the homeland with the support of all thepeople, continue to enhance the strengthening of the Military Power of the Nation, which ispart of the vital task of the overall defense of our country.
  10. 10. Page 11 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019In the next term of socialist Bolivarian government and achieve the great goal of unleashing thefull power of Simon Bolivars homeland, shaping a democratic and popular historical bloccomposed of the working class and professional layers, as well as small and medium producersthe countryside and the city.IV. Contribute to the development of a new international geopolitics in which multicentermultipolar world that would achieve the balance of the universe and to ensure global peacetakes shape.As instructed by the Liberator Simon Bolivar, the foreign policy of the Bolivarian Revolution willmake every effort to "get the system guarantees that, in peace and war, is the shield of our newdestination", ie an international environment that ensures Independence of the country for thefull deployment of a national sovereign.Inspired by the vision of harmony that characterized the cosmogony of our original indigenous,and the concept that the action Bolivarian foreign policy should aim to shape the "balance ofthe universe," the foreign policy of Venezuela Bolivarian promote the formation of a multipolarworld whose ultimate goal is the preservation of peace based on respect and sovereignty ofpeoples.As we have expressed on different scenarios, that multipolar world will be comprised of amultiplicity of strength, groups of countries so there is more universal equilibrium, so there ismore universal democracy, so there is more equality in the world.In the next Bolivarian government term we will continue to move forward in that unpredictabletask to guarantee peace in the world, peace in Venezuela.V. Contribute to the preservation of life on the planet and salvation of humankind.In this historic moment the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, according to the ethical principlesof socialism, up the banner of a necessary struggle to adopt, at the national and global level, aneffort to change the predatory model of development that capitalism has imposed on the worldin the last three centuries, by extension threatening the voracious market economy.In this struggle, we all sensitive and well-directed efforts that must be done according toreverse the causes and effects of the devastating environmental crises that threaten thepossibility of human life on planet Earth.This will require immediate action for the rescue and mediate the balance of the land and shoreproductive economic processes of human beings on the basis of respect for the cycles of theearth and its regenerative processes, by establishing a different relationship of humans withnature.
  11. 11. Page 12 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019This new alternative model of socialist development requires a leadership role of men andwomen with the new values of good living to support a green economy and socially sustainable.This is only possible from socialism as the only alternative to predatory capitalist model that hasalready failed.This new model truly fulfill the mandate that emerged from the Earth Summit in 1992: meetour present needs without compromising, or threaten the ability to meet the needs of futuregenerations.Our country will fight in those sensitive environmental issues at all levels (national, regional andmultilateral) with special emphasis on combating climate change, changing patterns ofproduction and consumption patterns and the defense of a new model of social, ecological andsocialist, as the only alternative to ensure planetary life.In this context, complementary drive, within the United Nations Organization, the constructionof the "New International Architecture Social Ethics" which to define the new InternationalAgenda for Human Development and Sustainable Development.GREAT HISTORIC GOALS AND NATIONAL GOALSI. Defend, expand and consolidate the most precious thing we have reconquered after 200years of National Independence.National Goals1.1 Ensure continuity and consolidation of the Bolivarian Revolution in power.1.2. To preserve and strengthen the sovereignty over oil resources and other strategic naturalresources.1.3 Ensure the sovereign management of national income.1.4. Achieve food sovereignty to ensure the sacred right to food of our people.1.5. Develop our scientific and technological capabilities related to peoples needs.1.6. Strengthen the defensive power to protect national independence and nationalsovereignty, securing resources and wealth of our country for future generations.II. - Continue building the XXI Century Bolivarian Socialism in Venezuela, as an alternative todestructive and savage system of capitalism, and thereby ensure "greater amount of socialsecurity, the greater amount of political stability and the greatest sum of happiness" for ourpeople.
  12. 12. Page 13 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019NATIONAL GOALS2.1. Boost the transformation of economic system, based on the transition to the Bolivariansocialism, transcending the oil rentier capitalist model towards the socialist productiveeconomic model, based on the development of productive forces.2.2. Building a just and egalitarian society.2.3. Consolidate and expand peoples power and socialist democracy.2.4. Convene and promote a new ethical orientation, moral and spiritual development ofsociety, based on the values of socialism liberators.2.5. Achieve breakthrough for the New Social and Democratic State of Law and Justice.III.- Turn Venezuela Into A Power Country In The Social, Economic And Political Within TheLarger Emerging Power Of Latin America And The Caribbean, To Ensure The Formation Of APeace Zone In Our America.NATIONAL GOALS3.1. Strengthening the role of Venezuela as World Energy Power.3.2. Develop the economic power of the nation based on the optimal use of the potentialoffered our resources to generate the greatest happiness of our people, as well as the materialbasis for the construction of our Bolivarian Socialism.3.3. To create and expand the military power to defend the Homeland.3.4 Enhance the development of new national and regional geopolitics, Latin American andCaribbean.IV.- Contribute to the development of a new international geopolitics in which body takesmulticenter multipolar world that would achieve the balance of the universe and to ensureglobal peace.NATIONAL GOALS4.1. Continue to play a leading role in the construction of the union American and Caribbean.4.2. Strengthen National Identity and Our America.
  13. 13. Page 14 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20194.3. Continue to promote the development of a multipolar world without imperial dominationand with respect to self-determination of peoples.4.4. Contribute to the removal of harmful anti-historical and imperial and neocolonial.V.- Contribute to the preservation of life on the planet and salvation of humankind.NATIONAL GOALS5.1. Build and promote the economic production model eco-socialist, based on a harmoniousrelationship between man and nature, to ensure the rational use and development, optimaland sustainable utilization of natural resources, respecting the processes and cycles of nature.5.2. Protect and defend the permanent sovereignty of the state on natural resources for theultimate benefit of our people, which shall be the primary guarantor.5.3. Defend and protect the historical and cultural heritage of Venezuela and Our-american.5.4. Contribute to the creation of a global movement to curb the causes and remedy the effectsof climate change occurring as a result of predatory capitalist model.GREAT HISTORIC AND NATIONAL GOALS:I.- Defend, expand and consolidate the most precious thing we have reconquered after 200years of National Independence.NATIONAL GOAL:1.1 Ensure continuity and consolidation of the Bolivarian Revolution in power.STRATEGIC GOALS AND GENERAL GOALS:1.1.1. Achieving a strong, combative and festive victory in the presidential election October 7,2012, to raise the morale of the Venezuelan people and the worlds peoples in their struggle foremancipation. Strengthen the unity of the working class and its layers professionals, small andmedium producers, rural and city as well as social organizations and movements thataccompany the Bolivarian Revolution.1.1.2. Expand all political actions necessary to ensure an electoral process in a climate ofstability and gain recognition in a peaceful manner the sovereign will of our people.
  14. 14. Page 15 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20191.1.2.1. Summon all the democratic and honest country to contribute to the peacefuldevelopment of electoral processes.1.1.3. Prepare to defend the will of the people by organizing popular and democratic exercise ofState authority. Strengthen and defend the State Public Authorities. Strengthen consciousness, sectorial and territorial organization of our people. Expand the organization of the people for the overall defense of the Homeland. Strengthen the capacities of state security agencies to ensure political stability andpeace of the Nation.1.1.4 Strengthening and expansion of Peoples Power for the people is the power.1.1.5. Preserve, restore and advance spaces regional and local government to deepen thedevolution of power to the people.1.1.6. Continue to build communicational hegemony, so that in Venezuela all voices are heard.NATIONAL GOAL:1.2. To preserve and strengthen the sovereignty over oil resources and other strategic naturalresources.Sovereignty over natural resources is a concept that is a guarantee of its use for humanists andnaturalists goals of socialism. Thus, we will have sovereignty to the extent that we havefreedom of operations, administration and use for this purpose. It is inseparable from thepolitical.STRATEGIC GOALS AND GENERAL GOALS:1.2.1. Maintain and ensure control by the State of Petroleos de Venezuela, SA1.2.2. Ensure the dominance of national oil production.1.2.3. Ensuring a majority stake in joint ventures.1.2.4. Maintain and ensure control by the state of state enterprises to exploit mineral resourcesin the country. Consolidate and strengthen a state enterprise for the exploitation of mineral resources.
  15. 15. Page 16 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20191.2.5. To secure effective control and strategic related activities associated with the industrialchain of exploitation of hydrocarbon resources. Strengthening actions for effective control related activities of the oil industry strategic. Consolidate effective control of the key activities of the value chain of oil and gas. To promote and encourage scientific research and technological development in orderto ensure the core operations of the oil industry.1.2.6. To secure effective control and strategic related activities associated with the industrialchain of exploitation of mineral resources.1.2.7. Strengthen coordination of petroleum policies within OPEC. Advocate policies for the fair valuation of oil.1.2.8. Achieve a coordination of gas pricing. Promote mechanisms for the fair valuation of the gas.1.2.9. Building capacity to influence the recovery of mineral prices.1.2.10. Raise the political consciousness and ideological people and the oil workers and miners,as well as active participation in the defense of the natural resources of the Nation. Deepening the political and social content of the oil industry. Encourage employee participation in planning the activities of the oil industry. Consolidate and further instances of political participation of the people and the oilworkers and miners.1.2.11. Foster and promote an initiative of coordination between the giant oil countries.1.2.12. Defend the Nation’s property on non-oil minerals strategic resources, as well as capacitybuilding for the use thereof, in their processes of transformation and aggregation of nationalvalue to raw materials. It assumes particular attention to the design of production chains abovethe single holding of deposits. The utilization of iron and bauxite, where Venezuela is importantpositions worldwide, adds other minerals with a high potential for the highest national interestssuch as gold, coltan.
  16. 16. Page 17 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20191.2.12.1. Ensure the use of natural resources of the country, a sovereign, to satisfy domesticdemands and their use according to the highest national interests. Optimize fiscal mechanisms to ensure state sovereignty in the management of thebenefits derived from the heritage of the Republic. Develop prospective comprehensive inventory on a national technology platform andthe appropriation of techniques for efficient use of natural resources in the country accordingto its sovereign interests. Reserve at the highest national interests through the state, planning andadministration of the forms of ownership in strategic sectors, to ensure the incorporation ofthese resources into the production process to the satisfaction and democratic access to goodsand population services.NATIONAL GOAL:1.3. Ensure the sovereign management of national income.The sovereign management of national income is the ability to grasp and use it in the socialist,humanist, and naturalist objectives. The State must be designed so that the administration ofthe national income serves the aims of the new company leverage.Given our countrys status as rentier oil (which must be reversed through a policy oftransformation to a socialist production model), our national income is based on thedevelopment of the oil industry. In this regard, to ensure the goal of a sovereign managementof revenue, it is necessary to control the oil industry through a national, popular andrevolutionary.Politics has to be national, because it is the administration of the resources that belong to allVenezuelans, which requires us to manage for the benefit of the entire nation. Through anoperation with national vision is to achieve absolute control of the oil industry in the country, asstipulated in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which, very clearly statesthat the state, as representing the collective interest of all Venezuelans, the owner of theresources found in our basement, and in the present case, the hydrocarbon resources of oil andgas. This policy should integrate the country in defense of our main asset, is a policy that surelyit is for all Venezuelans, and there should be differences around it.Moreover, the management of the oil industry must be popular because it has to be guided bythe interests of the people and should encourage the participation of the working class formaximum connection with the people. To develop we have to rest on the shoulders of thepeople. The people must be a key player in all their estates, not only through therepresentation of the Venezuelan state, but through their workers and communities.
  17. 17. Page 18 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019Finally, our oil policy should be revolutionary, which is related to who captures the oil revenue,how it collects and how it is distributed. No doubt to be the state that monitor and capture theoil revenue, based on mechanisms to maximize its value, for distribution to benefit the people,ensuring comprehensive social development of the country, fairer and more equitable. This isthe element that sets us apart from any other oil policy.To ensure a national, popular and revolutionary, then, we put oil revenues to serve the people.This means that whoever captures and controls the oil revenue should be the State. Also, tomaximize the income the state should pursue a policy that includes sovereign control over theresource base and maximum recovery as a fundamental requirement to ensure a fair collection.Then you should ensure that oil revenues be earmarked for projects, plans and programs toguarantee the countrys overall social development under the guidance of the NationalGovernment and the Revolutionary Bolivarian aligned with development plans of the Nation.STRATEGIC GOALS AND GENERAL GOALS:1.3.1. Maintain and strengthen the current tax regime Oil. That looked many positive changesto the existing in 1998, is seen in the table below:TAX TAX REGIME1998 PRESENTIncome Tax 34% 50%Royalty 1% – 16,67% 30%Extraction Tax 0% 3,33%Export Tax Registration 0% 0,1%Surface Tax 0% 100 UT x Km2 %
  18. 18. Page 19 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20191.3.2. Maintain and strengthen effective mechanisms for uptake of excess income byextraordinary and exorbitant increases in international prices of oil.1.3.3. Establish and develop a mining tax regime and efficient uptake mechanisms for thecollection of income from mining. Regulate and control the production of strategic minerals. Strengthen tax collection and control. Reorder and set the royalty rates applicable to the liquidation of various minerals. Review and regulate specific royalty agreements for each of the strategic minerals.1.3.4. Establish mechanisms to control the marketing of strategic minerals. Create state entities for the marketing of strategic minerals. Establish transparent mechanisms for the enhancement of strategic minerals.1.3.5. Strengthening and deepening of financial agreements with strategic partners. Maintain and expand the Chinese - Venezuela Joint Fund. The Chinese - Venezuela JointFund has resulted in extraordinary funding mechanism for the Venezuelan state, since it is astructure of bilateral cooperation, signed between the governments of the Bolivarian Republicof Venezuela and the Republic of China, through which are received significant financialresources, which are then repaid through the supply of crude and products.This tool has served the country to secure a new geopolitics, based on market diversification. Inturn, this mechanism allows the allocation of resources targeted directly to the development ofthe country, for the implementation of infrastructure projects of national interest, thepromotion of small and medium industry, and to strengthen supply chains and infrastructuresupport for economic growth.The Joint Fund is structured financially highly beneficial conditions for the country, comparedwith the reality of international financial markets, maximizing the use of energy resources andachieving the balance of financial costs.At the end of 2011, the Republic has received a total of 32,000 MM $, through this mechanism,which have been developed and developing:Infrastructure projects, such as trains, highways, seaports and telecommunicationsnetworks;Social development projects such as homes, hospitals and medical centers;
  19. 19. Page 20 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019Energy development projects such as refineries, natural gas processing, pipelines for oiland natural gas processing plants, liquefied gas extraction projects, transportation andmarketing of coal;Crude oil transportation projects and by-products and construction of tanks;Industrial integration projects such as building commercial ships, companies related tonatural gas, fertilizer manufacturing, chemical manufacturing;Projects for the automotive industry;Agro-industrial projects, companies for assembly of high technology, service providersfor the oil industry, steel and aluminum manufacturing and mining companies.This policy of the Bolivarian government has allowed independent from multilateral financialinstitutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).This initiative has recovered economic autonomy, flexibility in negotiations and nationalsovereignty in order to realize partnerships with other non-traditional sources of funding. Promote the creation of financing mechanisms, similar to the Chinese-Venezuelan JointFund. Promote the establishment of trusts to finance infrastructure projects.1.3.6. Maintain and strengthen cooperation and complementary agreements with alliedcountries. Strengthen and expand Energy Cooperation Agreements (PPAs).SCCs arise as a proposal by the Bolivarian government to realize the energy union of peoples, asa geopolitical tool that allows to use energy resources for powering the establishment of morejust, supportive and effective in combating poverty, reducing the asymmetries economic andsocial.The CCE welcome the principles of energy integration, solidarity, complementarily, fair trade,and investment promotion in Latin America, special and differential treatment to the nationsaccording to their abilities.These initiatives share the historical and fundamental purpose of uniting the capabilities andstrengths of the countries involved, to the joint definition of broad lines of common policyamong states that share a common vision of the exercise of sovereignty, each developing itsown identity.Among the major energy deals are: Argentina, Uruguay, Nicaragua and Cuba, which haveserved as a mechanism to receive payment of the oil bill, goods and services needed for
  20. 20. Page 21 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019comprehensive social development of the country, such as agricultural products, machinery,power plants, health services, medical equipment and other. Strengthening arrangements under PetroCaribe.The PetroCaribe energy cooperation agreement was signed with 14 nations in the Caribbeanregion in order to solve asymmetries in access to energy resources by way of a new frameworkfor trade deal, fair and just between countries the Caribbean region.PetroCaribe is conceived as an alliance capable of ensuring coordination and joint energy policy,technological cooperation, training, infrastructure development, energy, and harnessingalternative sources. Its main objective is to contribute to energy security, socio-economicdevelopment and integration of the Caribbean and Central America, through the sovereign useof energy resources.At the end of 2011 this important mechanism of integration and cooperation has 18 signatorynations. Strengthening of ALBA.1.3.7. Design and implement innovative and effective mechanisms, designed to promotepopular participation in oil income, by investing and saving. Strengthen and expand the innovative mechanisms of savings for the Venezuelanpopulation, such as the National Savings Fund of the Working Class and Peoples Savings Fund.NATIONAL GOAL:1.4. Achieve food sovereignty to ensure the sacred right to food of our people.Unlocking our potential agricultural production: 3. 665,780 hectares (ha) with high fertility forcrop production, 12,830,230 ha. low fertility for plant production and planting of grasses and27,493,350 ha. for pasture and forest.Inventories of agricultural land that has been done in the country have shown that we haveabout 2% of the country without limitations of climate, soil, drainage or adverse topographicconditions.Also concluded that if we applied massively technologies that were developed by our farmersand research centers, potential numbers could reach 4%, which could be used in a wide rangeof agricultural uses (many food crops, grassland or forest) 14% for a limited number of crops(food, pasture or forest stand low fertility, drought or excess moisture), 30% for crops, pastureor forestry highly resistant to strong limitations as very low fertility, strong droughts or floods,and the remaining land would be for natural hedges such as forests or savannahs for
  21. 21. Page 22 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019conservationists, protectors or providers of environmental services such as water productionand biodiversity.Irrigation Systems Irrigated Area Year 2012(hectares)Irrigated Area Year 2019(hectares)%IncreaseGuarico River IrrigationSystem32.000 38.000 19%Tiznados River IrrigationSystem3.000 32.000 967%Irrigation System JoseInacio Abreu and Lima1.400 35.000 2.400%Irrigation SystemThe Majaguas21.450 26.000 21%Irrigation SystemMaracaibo Plain2.600 20.000 669%Irrigation System QuíborValley1.200 26.000 2.000%Small and MediumIrrigation Systems116.685 361.723 210%NATIONAL TOTAL 178.335 538.723 202%These figures potential and feasible compared to targeted populations in the coming decades isthat we have enough land to meet our needs for food production and environmental services,as long as we use them rationally.As part of the Great Mission Agro Venezuela, which registered 684,883 farmers and producersthroughout the country, we can achieve the availability of domestically produced foods, withemphasis on the production of cereals, legumes, roots and tubers, fruits, vegetables , beef,poultry, pork, eggs and milk, as well as marine and inland fisheries and aquaculture, increasingthe daily per capita availability of energy, protein, fats and carbohydrates of domestic origin to90% of the nutritional requirements of Venezuelans generating surplus production of cereals,fruits and tropical crops for export.STRATEGIC GOALS AND GENERAL GOALS:1.4.1. Definitely eliminate large estates. Conduct a process of organization and agro-ecologicalzoning based on the capabilities of land use and create a rural cadaster system to ensure fairand rational use of soil resources. To increase the area cultivated for short-cycle plant in at least 42%, from 2.88 hectaresto 4.12 MM MM hectares annually at end of term. Expand irrigated agricultural area of 178 thousand hectares to the 538 thousandhectares under irrigation by 2019, representing an increase of 202%.
  22. 22. Page 23 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20191.4.2. Accelerate the democratization of access, by farmers, growers and producers and thevarious forms of collective and socialist enterprises to resources (land, water, irrigation, seedcapital) for the production, promoting their rational and sustainable use. Incorporate the park of agricultural machinery, favoring collective organization for useof 110 000 farm tractors, harvesters and 30 000 400 000 implements for planting, based on thenational development of assembly and manufacturing industry. Strengthen programs for roads (maintenance and construction of new roads) and ruralelectrification with the creation of brigades and mechanized units vial by the BolivarianNational Militia, Community Councils and Farmers, Producers Network Free and Associates, themunicipal, local government and the National Institute of Rural Development.1.4.3. Secure a set of public policies to support the production, organization and participationof rural peasant peoples power in planning. Such as increasing state investment and privatebanking, under the leadership of the Bolivarian government, integrated rural developmentthrough infrastructure projects, financing small and medium producers, development of food-generating projects and development science and technology. Just as investment in science andtechnology and the consolidation of the socialist agro-industrial production systems, access toplant and animal genetic resources adapted to tropical conditions. The promotion of fisheriesdevelopment through the modernization of the fleet of fishing boats and maritimeinfrastructure and fluvial and local production of inputs for agricultural production andfertilizer, for crop protection, food additives, veterinary drugs, food and vitamins for animals,promoting the use of technology to the protection of the natural physical. Increase domestic food production (crops, livestock and aquaculture, fishing) by 45%from 29.4 tons to 42.7 MM MM tons / year. Increase cereal production by at least 70%, growing from 5.13 tons to 8.73 MM MMtons / year. Production growth of legumes (65%), oilseeds (73%), tropical crops: coffee and cocoa(46%), vegetables (40%). 38% increase in livestock production, from 5.32 tons to 7.35 MM MM tons / year. Raise at least 45% the production of cattle, pigs 43%, 45% of birds, 44% of consumptioneggs.1.4.4. Strengthen infrastructure, development and operation of the main centers of socialistagricultural primary production and Major Irrigation Systems, managed by socialist enterprises,favoring the integration of production processes on an industrial scale.
  23. 23. Page 24 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20191.4.4.1. Advancing the Integrated Rural Development Project in Orinoco Delta Cocuina Islands,Manamito and Guara in the states of Monagas and Delta Amacuro. Advancing Integrated Agricultural Development Project Píritu Socialist-Becerra, stateGuarico. Start the Socialist Agrarian Development Project Axis-Mantecal Elorza, in the State ofApure. Start the Socialist Agrarian Development Project Axis-Mantecal Elorza, in the state ofApure. Launch Plan for Comprehensive Agricultural Development Guanarito municipality,Portuguesa, Barinas and Cojedes. Start the Integrated Development Project Axis Pagüey Socialist-Santo Domingo,municipality Barinas, Barinas state. Start the Integrated Agricultural Development Project Socialist Influence Area BiruacaAchaguas Axis, in Apure and Guarico.1.4.5. Strengthen networks of production and distribution of household consumer products andagro-processing system. Begin construction of Bovine Milk Processing Plant "Dabajuro" Falcon State. Start the installation and commissioning of Abattoir Fridge "Mantecal" in Apure State1.4.5.3. Begin construction, installation, commissioning and rehabilitation of a slaughterhousein the town Libertad of Anzoategui state. Project completion Storage Grains and Oilseeds Vuelvan Caras Agro-industrial Complex,Portuguesa. Start building Cavas Seed Storage in the states of Portuguesa, Carabobo and Lara. Start construction of 14 houses nationwide Fisheries Work in Carabobo, Aragua, Apure,Falcon, Nueva Esparta, Sucre, Miranda and Portuguesa.1.4.6. Create, strengthen and support of local distribution centers and large cities, direct salesand distribution of household consumer products, ensuring access by the population, and a fairreturn to farm labor, encouraging the development of trade export.
  24. 24. Page 25 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20191.4.6.1. Expansion of socialist distribution networks Mercal, PDVAL, BICENTENARIO, communitymarkets and free distribution programs. Strengthen and modernize the system of social regulation and state anti-usury andspeculation in the purchase and distribution of food, given its essential good nature of humanlife.1.4.7. Consolidate the agribusiness unit under the control of socialist enterprises, ensuring atleast 60% of storage capacity and processing items (cereals, oilseeds, pulses, sugar, meat andmilk) and 30% in the rest of the food items. Completing the Industrial Complex Plant Factory and Machinery & EquipmentProcessing Agro Irrigation "Fábrica de Fábricas" in the states of Anaco, Anzoategui. Complete the Plant Egg Incubator "Loma Larga", state of Anzoategui. Build a Shed for Fertilizer Storage in Moron Plant, Carabobo state. Strengthen the Core Breeding and herds from Hens and Chickens in the state ofAnzoategui, Portuguesa and (Alba Poultry Joint Venture). Install Freezing Tunnel Beneficiadora Poultry Plant, located in the municipality CarlosArvelo of Carabobo (Alba Poultry Joint Venture). Build in Genetic Center Josefa Camejo, for the production of F1pigs of high geneticquality, located in Falcon state (Swine Joint Venture of Alba). Complete the Commercial Farm José Leonardo Chirino for F1 swine, located in Larastate (Swine joint venture of Alba). Building a Shed Shipyard (PESCALBA). Building the Grand National Tractor Factory Pauny of Venezuela. Phase II. (MachiningCompany Peter Camejo), El Sombrero, Guárico. Creation of four (04) Genetic Socialist Technical Centers "Florentino" for Cattle,located in the states of Bolivar, Guarico, Anzoategui and Cojedes (INIA). Complete the construction of the Industrial Plant of Assembly and ManufacturingGrain Harvesters, Phase II (Pedro Camejo Machining Company) in Tinaco Cojedes. Install a Shrimp Breeding Center, located in Sucre state.
  25. 25. Page 26 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20191.4.8. Developing a support system and incentives to promote international trade in agricultureproducts export. Forming joint export ventures with allied countries like China, Russia and Iran. Design and implement a policy of export to the Caribbean and North of Brazil. Define, within the framework of international agreements and integration, tradepolicies to protect domestic agriculture.1.4.9. Establish mechanisms to exercise the new revolutionary institutions to ensure theparticipation of small and medium producers in decisions on agriculture, through the peasantcouncils and networks of producers and users free and associated.1.4.10. Promote diverse production models, based on family farming, rural, urban, peri-urbanand indigenous recovering, validating and disseminating traditional and sustainable models ofproduction to ensure at least 50% of total production volume. Promoting innovation and technological inputs for production of small-scaleagriculture, increasing efficiency and productivity rates. Promote the organization and training of popular power and collective forms for thedevelopment of production processes at the local level, through the expansion of schools andtraining courses. Promote the development and use of low input technologies, reducing harmfulemissions to the environment.1.4.11. Promote diverse production models, based on family farming, rural, urban, peri-urbanand indigenous recovering, validating and disseminating traditional and sustainable models ofproduction to ensure at least 50% of total production volume. Promoting innovation and technological inputs for production of small-scaleagriculture, increasing efficiency and productivity rates. Promote the organization and training of popular power and collective forms for thedevelopment of production processes at the local level, through the expansion of schools andtraining courses. Promote the development and use of low input technologies, reducing harmfulemissions to the environment.
  26. 26. Page 27 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019NATIONAL GOAL:1.5. Develop our scientific and technological capabilities related to peoples needs.STRATEGIC GOALS:1.5.1. Consolidate a scientific style, technology and innovative transformative nature, diverse,creative and deeply dynamic, guarantees the independence and economic sovereignty. Thisinitiative will aim at harnessing the potentials and capacities in such a way that recognizes thedifferent actors, forms of organization and dynamics in the process of knowledge generation,thus contributing to the construction of socialist production model, strengthening the Socialistethics and the effective satisfaction of the needs of the Venezuelan people. Develop a scientific, technological and innovation directly associated with theproduction structure, which allows the construction of the necessary conditions for achievingeconomic sovereignty and technological independence as a prerequisite for effectivesatisfaction of social needs. This guideline should be developed through the formulation andimplementation of structural trans-disciplinary projects, the generation of scientific knowledge,technology and innovation to respond directly to specific problems in the productive sector,encouraging the development of industrial upgrading processes try to take advantage of thepotentials with effective technology transfer. This will create a National Network of TechnologyParks for the development and application of Science, Technology and Innovation in thesethematic areas and industrial parks in general. Strengthen and guide the scientific, technological and innovation to the effectiveutilization of the potentials and capacities for sustainable development and meeting socialneeds, directing research toward strategic areas as priorities for the solution of social problems.It will promote the creation of innovation units associated with socio units in organizedcommunities, building on the establishment of national and regional scientific and technologicalcooperation, to strengthen the capacities of the National System of Science, Technology andInnovation. Ensure timely access and appropriate use of telecommunications and informationtechnologies, by developing the necessary infrastructure, as well as computer applications andaddressing critical social needs and dissemination. They generate content based on nationalvalues, multiethnic and multicultural of our people, while the principles inherent promoteBolivarian Socialism. Boost for science education, work and production, as support for the advancement ofscientific and technological revolution, through training that links science and technology toproduction and work forms of organization and construction of scientific knowledge and itsdissemination from the collective and from the various institutions and organizations of thenational education system. To that end, encourage the consolidation of citizens participation ingovernance of the thematic and territorial areas related to science, technology and innovation.
  27. 27. Page 28 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20191.5.2. Consolidating the deployment of educational infrastructure in the country, in universities,technical, media and occupational training for work release and the direct association oftraining infrastructure and innovation industrial park, directly in the production units asindustrial parks, created in the transition strategy of the production. Upgrading and training programs to address the needs and demands of the nationalproductive system, to ensure technical, vocational and occupational work, in every effort topromote patriotic values and critical thinking in the organization for work release. Foster School program in the factory, or production unit for the purpose not only toimprove levels of preparedness for work, but still the same culture, the organization of WorkersCouncils and Circle Point and substantial elements of change the production model.1.5.3. Ensuring the conditions for organizations and all people in the country access to timelycommunication and ethics in order to contribute to meeting the needs and training for the use,creation and distribution of content for good living of our people. Develop applications with critical and addressing social needs. Generate and disseminate content based on national values, multiethnic andmulticultural of our people, and with them the principles inherent in the Bolivarian Socialism. Ensure the establishment and appropriation of knowledge for development, productionand good use of telecommunications and information technologies.NATIONAL GOAL:1.6. Strengthen the defensive power to protect national independence and nationalsovereignty, securing resources and wealth of our country for future generations.Strategic and general goals:1.6.1. Increasing the countrys defense capability with the consolidation and strengthening ofthe territorial redistribution of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces. Maintain updated plans for the Territorial Defense and Integral Defense adapted to thegeostrategic and sociopolitical characteristics of our country. Increase military operational activity at the borders of our country in order to controland neutralize transnational crime, as well as the action of generators of violence and thedefense of our territory.
  28. 28. Page 29 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20191.6.1.3. Make the process of creation, restructuring, refurbishment and relocation of militaryunits, meeting the needs of the comprehensive defense of the homeland and sovereignty. Prepare the country for comprehensive defense to cover all instances of public powerby the People of the State and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces. Increase the active participation of the people to strengthen the civic-military union.1.6.2. Strengthen and improve the system of Military Intelligence and Counterintelligence forthe comprehensive defense of the Homeland. Consolidate the Territorial Military Intelligence and Counterintelligence. Massify orderly search of useful information for security and defense of the Homeland. Update and adapt the curriculum in the area of intelligence and counterintelligenceaccording to the Bolivarian Military Thought. Promote the adoption of the legal framework necessary to develop the areas ofintelligence and counterintelligence of our Bolivarian National Armed Forces.1.6.3. Strengthen the Bolivarian National Militia. Increase the development of the Territorial Militia in order to ensure the necessarystrength to the comprehensive defense of the Homeland. Increase and enhance the use of the Militia in support functions to nationaldevelopment. Promote and enhance the creation of the Corps fighters in all structures of theVenezuelan State. Strengthen and increase the incorporation of more compatriots to the BolivarianNational Militia. Design strategies to ensure peoples participation to ensure the fight under anycircumstances, however adverse these are.1.6.4. Increase and maintain the operational readiness of the Bolivarian National Armed Forcesfor the Integrated Defense of the Homeland. Modernize, preserve, store and maintain equipment and weapons systems of theBolivarian National Armed Forces.
  29. 29. Page 30 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20191.6.4.2. Strengthen the system of logistical support and military health of our BolivarianNational Armed Forces. Increase reserves of materials, systems and equipment for the maintenance of thecomprehensive defense of the Homeland. Increasing the acquisition of weapons systems and materials for the provision of units.II.- Continue to build the Bolivarian Socialism of the XXI century in Venezuela as analternative to the savage model of capitalism and thereby ensure the “highest sum of socialsecurity, highest sum of political stability, and highest sum of happiness” for our people.NATIONAL GOAL:2.1. Boost the transformation of economic system, based on the transition to the Bolivariansocialism, transcending the oil rentier capitalist model towards the socialist productiveeconomic model, based on the development of productive forces.“The Spanish America asked for two revolutions at once, Public and Economic…” SimónRodríguez.STRATEGIC GOALS AND GENERAL GOALS:2.1.1. Encourage new forms of organization that put at the service of the society the productionmeans and encourage the generation of the productive web under a new metabolism for thetransition of the socialism. Insert new productive schemes aiming to socialism that irradiate in their environmentcomplementary and cooperative relationships of production and exchange at the time ofconstructing productive webs to support the new metabolism. These production insertions willhave association policies between them under conglomerate forms to multiply their scale. Promote the democratization of the production means and encourage new forms ofarticulation of property forms, putting them at the service of the society. Strengthen the centralized planning and the budgeting system for developing andaddressing the nation strategic chains.2.1.2. Expand and integrate the production chains directing them towards the satisfaction ofsocial needs on the path to building the socialism. Create an integration system of productive webs that allow articulating the value chainof the raw material, diversifying the production for satisfaction of the social needs of thepeople.
  30. 30. Page 31 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20192.1.2.2. Favor the national production system, technologically updating it to provide the basematerial articulating it to the new model for the construction of the socialism. Strengthen production sectors where the country present comparative advantages,directing the surplus economic as alternative economic base to the single exporter. Conform industrial parks for the thematic strengthening of the production chains andarticulation of the national industrial web incorporating logistic facilities2.1.3. Develop management models of the inclusive and participatory production units with theworkers aligned with the national policies as well as work culture that contrast the oil rentierdismantling the existing oligopolistic and monopolistic structure. Construct a work culture that contrast the rentier model by boosting the educationfrom the work praxis, worker’s consciousness as active participants of the transformationprocess and work’s democratic participation under the highest national interests. Promote a new management model in the production units –in the direct and indirectsocial property units -; efficient, sustainable that generates social or economic returnability ofthe production process at the highest national interest2.1.3.3. Develop an incentive system to the promotion of private small and medium business,joint business under the maximum social co-responsibility of the production system,acknowledging the work of the enterprising men and women. Contribute to the economic welfare of the environment where production units areseated in a semi-circle policy, allowing for popular participation in social and economicprocesses as well as social controllership. Larger scale units shall encourage ramifications ofsupplies community-wide to cooperate in satisfying the needs of our communities.2.1.4. Strengthen the direct distribution system, alternative of the supplies and productsattacking the speculation of the capitalism. Generate and strengthen State, community and mixed distribution chains thatrepresent alternatives in the distribution and direct saving of the intermediate and finalconsumer goods to the people. Promote distribution and transportation systems tending towards the flow of directmerchandise from the production units to the consumer, storing centers or intermediateproduction units.NATIONAL GOAL:
  31. 31. Page 32 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20192.2 Building a just and egalitarian society.For the term 2013-2019, we assumed the challenge of deepen the Bolivarian Revolution whatconstitutes its essence: social justice. The continuity of the Revolution must guarantee theirreversibility of the process regarding the advances in human rights; under the conditions thatmake impossible return to poverty, under the conditions that have determined the deepen inthe fight against social inequalities; which has allowed to move forward in the liberation of thepeople; the participation of the people in the social missions. Pursue the goal of building a justand egalitarian society is to advance the path to socialism, means the future full of rewardingliving conditions, built with the same people as the subject.In this new phase, continue building a just and egalitarian society, requires developing a socialprevention, protection and safety system that must acquire a new politic quality to become themost powerful tool to live by living as a condition of liberation, independence and sovereigntyof the Venezuelan people in transition to socialism. This requires moving around extraordinarilyfundamental processes involving the radical social transformation, which are strategicobjectives for the revolution.STRATEGIC GOALS AND GENERAL GOALS:2.2.1. Deepen the impetus to the transformation of peoples essential relationship with thenature, the state, the society, the process of work and thought. Deployment of socialist relations between workers with the labor process. Ensure the physical, cognitive, moral development, safe and healthy work environment,in working and social security rewarding conditions. Overcoming disguised employment relationships of hired labor. Ensure collective learning in the workplace, ensuring their incorporation to theproductive work, supportive and liberating. Ensure universal basic benefits relating to the contingencies of old age, survivors,handicapped people, disability, unemployment, resulting from the connection with the labormarket. Promote harmonization of work and family life. Reinforce values that protect the identity, build sovereignty and defense of theHomeland, starting from the physical, spiritual and intellectual enjoyment, and recognition ofour cultural and natural heritage.
  32. 32. Page 33 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20192.2.1.8. Steadily increasing production and distribution of national cultural property, throughthe production of 15,000,000 copies of the journal Mass System 2,500,000 per year andincreasing book production by 200%. Increase cultural infrastructure available to the people, with the construction of 336,books reading rooms, one for each municipality that has books, tables, chairs and furniture forreading. Promote Cultural Expressions of the country. Boost networks of community-based cultural organizations. Expand the Network of Intellectuals and Artists and multiply cultural cooperationagreements for the production of goods and services. Consolidate the popular protagonism in cultural and sporting events, focused on thecreation of an awareness-generating transformation for the construction of socialism. Universalize social security for artists, farmers and creators. Promote the Liberating Cultural Expressions. Make visible the historic-communal identity (Misión Cultura Corazón Adentro). Promote intercultural integration agreements. Expansion of conditions that guarantee the rights of all people, respecting socialdiversity legal, physical, racial and cultural diversity present in individuals or groups. Improve Habitat and Infrastructure for indigenous people. Accelerate the territorial demarcation of spaces, through the delivery of land titles toindigenous communities and the provision of decent housing for every vulnerable indigenousfamily, respecting their cultural choices. Promote education, training and funding for socio-productive units, with thestrengthening of indigenous socialist communal councils and communes by project funding,respecting their practices and traditional forms of organization. Expand the presence of the Missions and Great Socialist Missions in indigenouscommunities, recognizing and respecting their culture and traditions. Strengthen gender equity with socialist values.
  33. 33. Page 34 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20192.2.1.24. Deepen political participation and leading role of women in the Peoples Power. Encourage productive economic culture, supportive, with socialist base, with theinclusion of all who are of working age, to promote integration into the national productionsystem. Encourage socialist ethics in the young people recreational spaces, aimed at peace,coexistence and community sports activities, training 900,000 Youth in recreational and sportsprograms and incorporating participation of 5,200,000 youth in programs for the use of theirfree time . Promote comprehensive training spaces, with volunteers that serves youth invulnerable situations, considering the attention of 4.000.000 youth in vulnerable situation by400,000 young trained to prevent vulnerability factors. Strengthen the organization and active participation of young people, to build 3,000Youth Councils of Popular Power. Advance in social transformation of the in custody by the incorporation of relatives,community councils, social organizations and any other form of organization, to work pertinentto prison matters. Combat impunity, delay of procedural sentence and other benefits, in coordinationwith the Public Ministry, Public Defense and Judicial power. Improve and build infrastructure for the Penitentiary Communities. Promote Penitentiary Communities of socialist production. Generate alternatives for serving the sentence. Create conditions for post prison support: non-disclosure of criminal records andinsertion in Socio Education and Labor programs. Deepen the educational and communicational action in terms of the consolidation ofthe values and principles of the democratic and social state of law and justice, established inthe Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as well as enriching the awareness ofenvironmental protection as a requirement to preserve the planet life. Develop a comprehensive policy of protection and scientific dissemination regardingbiological diversity of our country, and specifically which it is located in our parks as well as thewater reservoirs of our country and what they represent for the planet.
  34. 34. Page 35 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20192.2.1.37. Deepen conditions to generate a culture of recreation and sports practice, liberatory,environmentalist and inclusive around the country values, as a pathway for liberation ofconsciousness, peace and social harmony. Deepen the sport mass. Establish the Sport National Fund, Physical Activity and Physical Education to promotesports mass. Expand the infrastructure of Sports Mission Barrio Adentro at the parish level and allthe sport spaces. Strengthen the High performance Sport with comprehensive support for highperformance athlete and sports heroes, the development of medicine and science applied tosport high-performance, development of High Performance Centers and the Sport TalentsNational School. Contribute to the systematic, massive and diverse physical activity in communities andpublic spaces, by the formation of physical activity in the system. Bolivarian education.2.2.2. Deepen the conditions that ensure to the Venezuelan family, the greatest sum of socialsecurity and supreme happiness, from values and principles of respect, equality, solidarity,responsibility, social justice framed as the essence of building socialism. Strengthen the fight against determinants of the conditions of inequality that need tobe disheartened to eradicate extreme poverty. Eradicate extreme poverty as per income (extreme poverty 0). Continue decreasing poverty in general. Decrease the number of people in vulnerable situation. Maintain Venezuela as the worlds largest classroom by the deepening and widening ofthe conditions of entry, continuation and completion that ensures the right to basic educationfor all in term of forming the citizens that the republic needs. Extend the school registration to all the population, with emphasis on excludedpopulations, as follows: a. - Maternal Stage: increase enrollment from 13% to 40%, b. - Stagepreschool: universalize enrollment to 100% c. - primary stage: consolidate universalization byincreasing to 100% of the target population; d. - general secondary education: increaseenrollment to 100% to make all people reach a level of instruction average not less than generalmiddle education or technical middle e. - Increase enrollment in technical education by 40%.
  35. 35. Page 36 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20192.2.2.7. Develop intercultural bilingual education. Expand the infrastructure and school and sports equipment, and give continuity to theincorporation of information and communication technology to the educational process. Adapt the education system to the production model. Strengthen and encourage research in the education process. Consolidation of the university transformation around the comprehensive training, theintellectual production and social bonding to ensure the development of creative potential andresolving ability against the priority problems of the country and the strategic objectives of theSimon Bolivar national project. Consolidate the constitutional right to university education for everyone, enhancingentry, continuation and completion by increasing 90% the inclusion of young graduates to theuniversity education system. Deepen the territorial and relevance management policy for the development ofuniversity education by increasing the municipalized enrollment in 60% with Sucre and AlmaMater Missions. Develop training-research projects and programs that respond to the productiveneeds and potentialities needed to develop the country. Expand the scientific-technical and humanistic capacity to ensure the security andsovereignty in the production of material inputs as well as the production theoretical , artisticand methodological necessary for the good living by increasing 70% the funding to researchand innovation oriented projects aiming peoples happiness. Ensure the health of the population, through the consolidation of national publichealth system, based on the deepening of Barrio Adentro, the Popular Power and thearticulation of all levels and areas of system protection, promotion, prevention andcomprehensive care for the individual and collective health. This is expected: a. - Increase by100% population coverage of comprehensive health care in primary care with Barrio Adentro Iand II, and Specialized Care Barrio Adentro III and IV, b. - Reduce maternal mortality by 37, 3per 100,000 live births. Reduce mortality in children less than 5 years to 11.7 per 1,000 livebirths. Consolidate the new institutions of the National Public Health System based in BarrioAdentro as integrating axis of the unique service network, with unique stewardship, securedfunding, science and technology sovereign development, quality human talent andinternationally supportive.
  36. 36. Page 37 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20192.2.2.18. Ensure a healthy diet and proper nutrition throughout the life cycle, in accordancewith constitutional mandates on Health, Food and Security Sovereignty, with the increase in theprevalence of exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) in 70%. Promoting social territories to strengthen the social coexistence and public safety inthe daily family and community life as well as the liberation from controllable risks. Assure the public environments that promote physical activity, recreation, culture andsport in schools, employment and residential, to promote a 12% decrease in the percentage ofthe overweight population of 7-14 years (weight - height) and to reduce physical inactivity by50%. Promote the active participation of the People in the spaces of intersectoralcoordination and institutional bodies to promote quality of life and health, through: a. -Increase of graduates in different professions integrated into the National Public Health goal80,000 graduates. b.100% increase in participation of the organs of Popular Power in theplanning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health actions in the ComprehensiveCommunal Health Areas., C. - Increase to 25,000 the number of popular organizations in health,health committees - Community Councils. Strengthen the science and technology independence and sovereign capacity toproduce and ensure the availability of human talent and scientific and technical resources andnecessary inputs for the health of the population, by increasing the proportion of essentialmedicines produced in the country in 40%, and increasing by 60% the country production of ofrequired supplies by the National Public Health System. Deepen and expand the conditions to ensure food security and sovereignty. Strengthen national production in new areas, or areas where domestic production isrelatively weak, to cover 30% of domestic demand in oils and fats, and 50% of dairy products. Improve production and distribution capacities, through the expansion andmaintenance of transport fleet to cover 40% of the daily distribution of Mercal Network. Expand the storage and sales centers of products, with the expansion by 50% ofareperas networks, bakeries and butchers Venezuela. Consolidate feeding houses, as training and nutritional care centers through theadaptation and transformation of 4,500 feeding houses, into training and nutritional carecenters. Consolidate and expand the Network of Popular Pharmacies nationwide.
  37. 37. Page 38 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20192.2.2.29. Make Infrastructure works oriented to the construction, improvement and adaptationof industrial facilities to increase the productive capacity of processing plants, packing plants(operational and processing capacity), storage centers(dry and cold capacity) and productionlines, among others. Train and educate the population, in order to adapt their eating habits andconsumption patterns. It aims to establish as training camps of the Saber y Trabajo Mission, theNational Institute of Nutrition dining rooms and the Food Foundations Strategic Program(FUNDAPROAL). Prevent and control micronutrient deficiencies and promotion of household foodsecurity. Expand actions for socio-productive insertion and activation of families starting fromsocial property, the creation of communal socio -productive networks, family units, groups ofsupportive exchange and other forms of association for work and relevant training. Develop Communal Economic System with different socio-organizational forms:property enterprises, family units, groups of supportive exchange and other forms ofassociation for the job. Strengthen the social basis of communal economy system. Transference processes ofthe indirect social property enterprises at the behest of the People’s Power, as well as the self-sustaining funding. Develop People’s Power in the indirect social property enterprises. Establishment ofWorkers Councils in the indirect social property enterprises. Develop bodies of coordination between Community Councils and Workers Councilsof the direct social property enterprises.2.2.3. Consolidate the Great Socialist Missions as top-level revolutionary instrument infurtherance of the construction of social justice, as has been done with the Great Mission Hijosde Venezuela and Great Mission Amor Mayor. Complete the process of resizing the missions, in light of the fulfillment of theobjectives for which they were created or to meet new challenges. Create new great missions in areas, issues or problems prioritized according to thestrategic objectives. Develop from the great missions, the support systems of land base to transform thelives of families and communities in poverty.
  38. 38. Page 39 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-20192.2.3.4. Ensure special financing systems for the sustainability of the missions and GreatSocialist Missions.NATIONAL GOAL:2.3. Consolidate and expand peoples power and socialist democracy. Achieve full sovereignty,as a guarantee of irreversibility of the Bolivarian project, is the central purpose of the exerciseof power by the people aware and organized. The formation and development of new bodies ofpopular participation realize how the Bolivarian Revolution advances consolidating hegemonyand control of the political, social, economic and cultural, orientation. The power that had beenkidnapped by the oligarchy will be restored to the people, who, from battle to battle andvictory by victory, have increased its level of organizational complexity.STRATEGIC GOALS AND GENERAL GOALS:2.3.1. Ensure the protagonist participation of the organized people in the areas of training, thetransformation of economic production, prevention and social protection from the new bodiesof popular participation, such as community councils, womens organizations, youth andteenagers, indigenous, African descent, students, workers, peasants, motorized, professionals,small and medium producers and traders, gender diverse people, transporters, farmers,ecologists, movements of people among many others in the areas of training. Accelerate the promotion of peoples participation in communal systems ofaggregation: Community Councils, Halls of Social Battle, Socialist Commune, Communal Cities,Communal federations and confederations, to strengthen local capacities for action onterritorial, political, economic social, cultural, ecological and security and defense of nationalsovereignty aspects. From 2013 to 2016: We will promote the organization of 21,004 Community Councilswhich would link 8,821,296 (Total coverage of the Venezuelan population). From 2017 to 2019:we shall promote the organization of 2,699 community councils per year (considering theannual population growth rate at 1.7%, meaning that in 2019 we will reach a total population of30,550,479 inhabitants). We will promote the annual aggregation and conformation of 250 Halls of Social Battletaking as reference the average of Halls constituted in the 4 years of existence of such a policy.In this regard, we will maintain the principle of promoting the body as complementary politicalfigure to achieve aggregation of Community Councils and developing comprehensive communalmanagement plans to achieve the transformation of material and spiritual conditions. The consolidation and support of Peoples Power in the term 2013-2019 will strengthenthe conformation of 3,000 Socialist Communes, considering an annual growth of approximately450 Communes, according to demographic characteristics of the territorial development axes.These communes will group 39,000 communal councils where 4,680,000 families will make life,
  39. 39. Page 40 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019representing 21,060,000 citizens. This means that about 68% of Venezuelans of the year 2019(30,550,479) will live in sub-systems of Communes aggregation.2.3.2. Ensure transfer of powers regarding the management and administration of the publicfrom the institutional, regional and local authorities towards the organized communities, baseorganizations and other bodies of people’s power, as a strategic line of full restoration of powerto the sovereign people. Achieve consolidation of an articulation system between the different bodies ofpeople’s power to transcend local action to the regional and national atmosphere, toward theconstruction of a subsystem of Communes, Development Motor Districts and TerritorialDevelopment Axis, in accordance with the territorial potentialities and cultural heritage of theinhabitants of each locality, based on the harmony and consistency with strategic the NationStrategic Development plans. Establish the notion of co-responsibility around the communal planning process,regional and territorial to promote the co-responsible participation of people organizations inthe study and establishment of guidelines and strategic actions for development of plans, worksand services in communities and regions. Consolidate 24 Units of Comprehensive Communal Technical Counseling (one perstate), with multidisciplinary groups that guarantee an effective and efficient communal action,in order to secure the comprehensive communal technical counseling policy in the practice ofthe Communal Action. Constitute a Body of Inspectors composed by 4,500 professionals and technicians,under a permanent socio-political and technical-productive training program, developed by theSchool for the Strengthening of People’s Power. Promote the organization and ensure the proper functioning of the SocialControllership Units of the 29,101 community councils to be promoted within the term 2013-2019, to promote the exercise of the Controllership and social control in all areas of communitywork as guarantee for the achievement of strategic objectives and meeting the needs of peoplein organized communities.2.3.3. Strengthen territorial integration and national sovereignty, through balanced regionaldevelopment, promoting economic activities that generate effects of attraction and incentivesto strengthen the population settlement in commune subsystems, thereby ensuring adistribution of the population in harmony with the utilization of productive capacities of theterritory.2.3.4. Ensure full social inclusion: The People power as responsible of acknowledging of humandignity, as a subject in full exercise of their rights, recognizing the family as a determinant of
  40. 40. Page 41 of 81Proposal of the Candidate of the Homeland, Commander Hugo Chavez for the Bolivarian Socialist Term 2013-2019protection and fundamental basis of the new social staging, which premises have to beharmony, solidarity, complimentarily and co-responsibility as a way to living well. Promote Peoples power co-responsibility in the fight to eradicate poverty in all itsmanifestations. Establish 43.029 Committees for Social Prevention and Protection in the CommunityCouncils, at a rate of 6,174 committees per year on a sustained basis. These committees willparticipate in the execution and implementation of plans and public policies to care andmonitor the inclusion of vulnerable people in their communities and territories. Consolidate special policies from the community, for people at higher levels ofvulnerability: Children and adolescents, adults and elderly, people with handicaps, homelesspeople, people with addictions and diverse-sex-gender population among others. Ensure the organization of families benefited by the Great Missions “Hijos de Mi Patria”(Sons of my Homeland) and “Amor Mayor Venezuela”(Older Love), through bodies such asOlder Adult Committees, “Patria Preñada” Pregnant Homeland Committees and Committees ofthe Country Girl “Patria Niña”. Promote from the community a system of activities focused on generating newpatterns of recreation, which are contrary to the culture of excess, destruction and disrespectof human relations generated by capitalism. Creation of 55,000 Sport and Recreation Committees, maintaining sustained growth ata rate of 6,500 annual committees. They will be jointly responsible for the planning andimplementation of the Recreation and Prevention Plan of their community. Strengthen the system of activities aimed at social prevention through the promotionof the National Recreation for the well living, which includes, among other processesincorporating the community in lifelong sport through communal sports subsystem, ensuringparticipation of 10 million people and the recovery of community public spaces for thedevelopment of cultural, recreational and preventive activities. Develop the annual Communal Vacation Plan, with a focus on co-responsibility betweenthe peoples power and revolutionary institutions. 500,000 children will be progressivelyincorporated and adolescents in vulnerable situations. Implement training programs and ongoing debate on social prevention with theparticipation of 420,000 spokespersons of people’s power, at a rate of 60,000 participants peryear.2.3.5. Consolidate the different processes of socialization of knowledge, aimed at enhancing thecapacities, skills and tools appropriate for the people for the exercise of public and sociocultural communities, expanding the number of participation, since 2008, 25,000 communal