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New Zealand Geology Field Camp


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Visit New Zealand, however you can.

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New Zealand Geology Field Camp

  1. 1. NEW ZEALAND GEOLOGY My Field Camp Experience J. Sprinkle
  2. 2. $9,999.00Cost NZDuration 5-6 weeksCredits 6 credits
  3. 3. TYPES OF GEOLOGY YOU WILL SEE…. Igneous ♦ Sedimentary ♦ Metamorphic
  4. 4. A LITTLE OF ALMOST EVERYTHING Glaciers ♦ Arches ♦ Waterfalls
  5. 5. On the Picture Tools | Formattab, you can create your ownframes and make picturecorrections such as adjustingcontrast and brightness orcropping the picture for just theright look.
  6. 6. Picture Quick Styles give you great looking “frames” in a single click.