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R& B Music Video Analysis


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R& B Music Video Analysis

  1. 1. Music Video Analysis
  2. 2. After choosing our track for the music video, Love Song by...., i decided to do some analysis of current music videos. This will enable me to be aware of the general conventions of a music video, which i can later apply and challenge when making my own. Addicting by looking at R&B videos in particular as this is the genre of my song, I will be able to familiarise myself with what is expected and commonly shown. The following sides show a few of the music videos I analysised, in total 5, along with their common convections with I have highlighted through capturing the specific moments in the video and an ending summary of traits in the R&B genre.
  3. 3. Videos that I analysised in depth As mentioned before, after watching numerous music videos, here are the main videos that I decided to focus on in terms of finding out the general conventions of an R&B video. I have chosen these five as they sound most similar to our song (the tempo and narrative) I will be creating the video for: <<<Alicia Keys- No one I chose this song as my first analysis as the song talks about the artist having strong feelings for someone and not letting anyone get in the way. This relates to our song, which mentions ‘your the air I breathe and I can’t live without you’ Mariah Carey- We Belong Together>>> This second music video narrative is about a broken relationship, however the artist id declaring her love for her ex partner., similiar to our song ‘even though we fuss and fight, i swear i’ll never leave you’
  4. 4. <<<Beyonce- Halo The lyrics of this song deals with a woman who has had problems with her previous relationships, and she explains that she has trouble trusting men. However, we meets a someone who has changed her views on love and trust. ^^^Usher ft Alicia Key-My Boo Like our song, this track deals with a relationship that may be long distance, and despite being famous, the two people in the narrative do not let that get in the way of their love <<<Rhianna Ft Ne-yo- Hate That I Love You This final song talks about a relationship being so strong that despite their differences and flaws, the people in this relationship can never stay annoyed with each other for long
  5. 5. No one - Alica Keys 1 The music video commences with the close up of what we later find out to be a gear. This is the first motif in this video, as throughout extreme close ups of this image appear. Fades link these shots, and continue throughout the whole song, creating a delicate feel which fits the beat of the song and the lyric. The subtle fades also make it feel as though you are blinking as and thinking about the music as Alicia Keys sings directly to the camera 2 We are initially introduced to the artist, we is sitting in the middle of a bare with sophisicated decorated theme, with big windows (letting loads of light in on her). This could be done to focus our attention on who the singer is (as r&b is very much focused on the artist 3 There are many medium close ups in the song as we focus once again on the artist and what she is singing. There is minimal make-up, which is quite soft in order to continue the soothing theme of the song 4 This shot reveals to the audience that the video is based around the idea of Alicia Keys being on difference sets 5 Close- ups of the artist, which her lips almost in centre screen and her eyes looking straight out the camera makes the viewer feel like the artist is talking directly at them (building a relationship) 6 This sets mise en scene has instruments in the background that are included in the song creating a band feel, even though it is just her in the room- highlighting she is a solo artist. Her costume has changed to be quite tight, and short revealing her figure 7 A close up of her playing the keyboard emphasises what the are is known for 8 The second motif during the song appears here first- a watch
  6. 6. 9 The next transition reveals the setting of a nightclub 10 As the camera pans across the room, pass a silhoutte of people dancing, we are directed to Alicia Keys who is against a wall. The camera keeps switching between the two sets, which the pace of the edits and the duration of the shots (mostly quick at chorus to build up pace since audience already know what is said, to longer duration shots for the verses to they can concentration on what is going on)all at the same rate as the beat of the song 11 Again the light in shining directly on the artist to make her stand out even in a crowded dark room. This is just one example of a high angle shot, which is commonly used throughout as she almost sings to us. This gives the audience as little power over the female artist, as if looking over her, creating a supportive attitude towards her 12 The motif recurs 13 The final set in designed to be outside on a quite street. To match the lyrics we can see that it is raining. The idea of the piano follows 14 A eyes shot later brings us back to the scene with a group of people dancing Alicia Keys who is centre, and dancing. The camera zoom in on the crowd, making the audience feel they are viewing something that is perhaps private 15 There are medium shots of her body throughout the video as she dances 16 To end, the camera zooms out to reveal the sets are contained in this gear shape, the recurring image, which could be of a clock
  7. 7. We Belong Together- Mariah Carey 1 We are introduced by a pan and long shot to a big house in what looks to be a well kept area. This is typical of the r&b genre, as people are normally portrayed as having big houses/cars 2 At first the audience is not sure of who the artist is, as we only see her feet, and the silk around her drop as she walks. The room is light, with no mise en scene except for curtains 3 The director then introduces us the who the artist os as she lie on a bed, with just covers covering her body. White is perhaps used to represent purity or innocence despite the fact that she is naked 4 Close ups are used throughout as the singer sings straight at camera 5 The nect room appears grand, continuing on with the theme, and there is minimal decoration- a fireplace, plants and neutral colours 6 Mariah Carey sits by her mirror as she sings, and does her make- up. This is typical of how women are represented in r&b videos, spending time on their appearance 7 Close ups of her lips are used often throughout, which is centre screened 8 When the artist in finally ready, he again sings, in a bare room, shown by a close up of her face, putting all attention on her. Make- up is quite subtle and typically, wind blows her hair making her appear delicate
  8. 8. 9 We see a full shot of the artist sitting, in centre screen. This is done to show her body, in particular her legs (which is almost centre) and her pink silk long cut dress. This highlights her femininity 10 Like in many videos i have analysised, the artist in showering as they are singing. This could be done to show they are trying to wash something, such as memories, or makes them appear pure 11 The make that the artist is singning about is introduced to us subtly through short clips of him walking (done with both long/close ups) 12 The audience later get to see that the singer is actually getting married, however she is still singing the song 13 Many close ups of the artists body is shown, however the top of the head is typically cut of instead of it being including in the frame 14 A flashback, shown in black and white, then justifies to the audience who the artist is singing about, as a rose is captured in the shot, symbolising love 15 A long shot of the artists body is occasionally used to show theire figure. Again the room is bare and light, and she is dressed in white so we focus on her 16 The song ends with tracking shots, following the artist and her lover as they run away from the scene of her wedding to another man Throughout fades, are used to link the quite long duration shots and are edited to the beat of the music, apart from the chorus with is quite. A dissolve is also used to create a faint transition
  9. 9. Halo- Beyonce 1 The first shot fades in from black with a close up of the artists face. A bright light shines in from the window, a motif throughout, making her appear angelic and relates to the title of the song 2 A high angle shot of the artists partner in soon straight away in this song, as he sleeps 3 A recurring shot that is used often in this video is off Beyonce standing in front of her partner, as the light shines on her face, while their is a shadow on his. 4 Extreme close ups of them holding hands, and many similar shots throughout show them being intimate 5 A bare room is used with plenty of light coming in is where the artist later dances 6 High angle shots of Beyonce dancing below shows her partner watching from above. 7 Another moment in shown of her being close to him as she plays with his hands 8 Like in the other videos I analysed, the artist’s lips are in centre frame as she sings. Most shots are linked by the motif, a flash of bright light to fade us the next shot
  10. 10. 9 , 13 &14 Throughout, more scenerios of them doing stuff together are shown, to represent their love as being quite strong, as they appear dependent an eachother 10 Again, the shot is of them standing close together with her face lit up by the light, and his in silhoutte 11 A point of view shot shows them lying down next to each other 15 As the video is ending the artist is seen under water in a tight white dress. Typically in r&b, scenes are sometimes done under water as people swim as it is maybe seen as a graceful activity 16 Finally close ups are used as the two get closer together with light flooding in form the background Through the duration the camera appears to be shaky when it is filming the two standing together. This hand held camera makes it feel like you are actually there amongst them
  11. 11. My Boo- Usher Ft Alicia Keys