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Latest Gadgets


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latest gadgets

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Latest Gadgets

  1. 1. October 21st, 2009 by Mark R in Bluetooth Every once in a while, a “tech-first” is reached, and i.Tech has recently announced that their SolarVoice 908 is the first solar-powered Bluetooth headset. I had a chance to try it out, and it paired effortlessly with my cellular phone. Oddly enough, it charged quite quickly. I can’t help but wonder if it was already charged by facing the sun. As it is, it has five hours worth of talk time, and standby time of 140 hours. That is without sunlight, it can supposedly have infinite standby time provided it has some sun. A flashing green light indicates that it is solar charging. October 21st, 2009 by Mark R in Eco Gadgets, Toys I never had one of those slot car racers when I was a kid, and I don’t think I would buy one for my kids now. These things always had track that would take up way too much real estate on the floor, and you’d have to take it apart to store it. Then pieces of track would get lost, and you’d have a shorter track, assuming you could get a complete track out of it. However, the Race in a Case is a terrific alternative to traditional slot car racing, as it packs all the racetrack including the background into one case that folds up very neatly with a handle for carrying. It also doesn’t require any electric power. Those controllers are hand-powered. This means the faster you crank, the faster the cars go.
  2. 2. DC X725 by Benq Digital Cameras Benq amazes us once again with the launch of the new compact classy digital camera. The DC X725 is as small as 12.5 millimeters, and the material from which it is made of is steel, so it is stainless and more resistant. It comes in four different colors, black, red silver, or pearl. It has a 1/2.5 CCD and can go up to 3x optical zoom. The ISO sensitivity can go up to 1600 on photos and 4000 on videos. You can also increase the memory, as it has an SD/SDHC memory card support. The range of mega pixels is, for the time being, unknown, but we can assume it has more then the previous release of Benq that had 7.2. We also have no information regarding the price. Pillete Pillete, the new concept of Bluetooth headset is so tiny, it’s almost invisible to the untrained eye when you are wearing it. So you don’t have to worry anymore about looking like Robocop when walking down the street with it, but you have to consider the possibility of people starting to think you’ve lost your marbles and you’re talking to yourself. The downside is the fact that people have different sized ears and the device might be too small and slip out or to big and not fit. People who often use earphones will tell you I’m right. But once they’ll figure out a way to make the Pillete adjustable, this design will be the future of all headsets. B20, IRiver’s mini DMB television Gadgets
  3. 3. IRiver has just announced the release of the all-new mini DMB television, the B20. It is equipped with 4 GB of flash memory which you can expand through the miniSD memory card slot. It has a 2.4-inch LCD display with 320 x 240 pixels and a range of colors of 260k. It also has a FM tuner that can be used also as a voice recorder. It supports MPEG-4, OGG, MP3, WMA, WMV9 formats and you can also view JPEG images on it. The battery holds for 26 hours of MP3 playback, 5 hours of videos and 4 hours of DMB TV. The price is set at 267$ for the 4 GB version and 213$ for the 2GB one. Sonic Screwdriver Gadgets This Sonic Screwdriver is a gadget for all those Doctor Who fans that weren’t satisfied with just th Tardis USB hub. Remember that saying, “if it’s made like a screwdriver and it looks like a screwdriver, it must be a screwdriver”? Oh, and you are so very wrong! It actually has a pen on one head and a beam of UV light at the other. So now you you can write anything you want with UV ink and not worry about other people reading it. Just imagine handing your boss an amazingly favorable report and between the lines your real thoughts. Ha, ha, ha what a subtle revenge. And the revenge costs only 12.99$ and 3 AG 13 batteries. Small price to pay! Nintendo Famicom Voice Recorder Game Controllers
  4. 4. The Nintendo Famicom Voice Recorder is an item that shouldn’t miss from any collection of a genuine nostalgic gadget collector. It s release is targeted mostly at Asia because in th ‘80 these little things’ grandparents were very popular. As for those that lived in the USA,it is normal that this gadget doesn’t particularly ring a bell because they got a different version of the NES controller, a smother one, But if you’re thinking of going retro, Japanese style, here’s a place to begin, the Nintendo Famicom Voice Recorder.