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Wsiu Workflow


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Wsiu Workflow

  1. 1. WSIU.ORG Content Management
  2. 2. Web Site Updates Content Development Timely updates Multiple responsibilities Consistent design
  3. 3. Responsibilities Manager Editor Publisher
  4. 4. Manager Updates Content Verifies Content Editor is alerted
  5. 5. Editor Checks Content Consistent look Adjusts for Consistency
  6. 6. Publisher Publishes! Roles and organization Quality Control
  7. 7. Content Workflow Manager updates content Page gets updated - “Version” gets updated
  8. 8. Editor Workflow Updates alerted automatically Checks updated “version” Merges updated “version”
  9. 9. Publisher Workflow Publishes Publishing content to the should be done live website by one person, for consistency Updates happen on a scheduled basis