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Attracting Manufacturing Talent: How the Dream It. Do It. Recruitment Strategy is Being Implemented in Minnesota


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In Minnesota, only 2 percent of high school students express an interest in manufacturing careers while Minnesota manufacturing businesses post 27,000 manufacturing job openings every four months. This presentation showed how the nationally organized Dream It. Do It. recruitment strategy is being utilized in Minnesota by 360, a manufacturing-based center of excellence. Strategies and resources will be described and shared to help others consider how they present manufacturing as a career of choice. Best practices from across the national Dream It. Do It. network were also shared.
Presented by Jaimee Meyer, Dream It. Do It. MN Executive Director and Jessica Gehrke, 360 Communications Specialist at the 2015 HI-TEC Conference in Portland, OR

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Attracting Manufacturing Talent: How the Dream It. Do It. Recruitment Strategy is Being Implemented in Minnesota

  1. 1. HI-TEC Conference July 29, 2015 Attracting Manufacturing Talent
  2. 2. 360 is an innovative education and industry collaboration to RECRUIT, EDUCATE, and TRAIN workers for dynamic careers in advanced manufacturing.
  3. 3. Section Title Here Section subtitle goes here COLLEGE PARTNERS
  4. 4. Section Title Here Section subtitle goes here THE CHALLENGE IS REAL
  6. 6. MEETING THE CHALLENGE Enhanced Pipeline Industry-driven Curriculum  Dream It. Do It. Tour of Manufacturing  Youth Outreach  STEM Events  Robotics Competitions  Career Success Skills  Robotics  Program Improvement Funding  New Education Models
  7. 7. Enhanced Pipeline
  8. 8. Dream It. Do It. Minnesota is a manufacturing career recruitment strategy that works to EDUCATE, INFORM, and PROVIDE RESOURCES for youth, their influencers, educators and engages industry to develop the next generation of skilled workers.
  9. 9. About Dream It. Do It. MN  The purpose of the Dream It. Do It. Campaign in MN is: • Inspire young people to prepare for and seek careers in advanced manufacturing • Improve the public’s image of manufacturing • Influence schools to embrace manufacturing careers • Involve Minnesota manufacturers in a leadership role
  10. 10. Statewide Tour of Manufacturing
  11. 11. Overview • Offers schools, families, and the general public a chance to see how modern manufacturing is high-tech and innovative • 3 days of tours occurring statewide, held in October in alignment with Minnesota manufacturing week
  12. 12. Objectives • Improve the perception of manufacturing • Demonstrate positive career opportunities in manufacturing • Engage industry and influencers
  13. 13. Tour Video
  14. 14. 2014 Participant Tour Survey Results I used to think factory jobs were just for people that could not get jobs anywhere else. They had great jobs and made good money.  2014 Student Tour Attendee
  15. 15. 2014 Host Tour Survey Results
  16. 16. 2014 Statewide Tour Highlights
  17. 17. Resources
  18. 18. Teacher’s Guide, Grades 6-12, provides lessons, activities, and videos to introduce middle school and high school students to manufacturing and careers in manufacturing Teacher’s Guide
  19. 19. Gives Minnesota manufacturers a structured framework for engaging with their local school system and best practices for building relationships with educators Adopt-A-School Guide
  20. 20. Features Minnesota companies, testimonials from employees showcasing modern manufacturing settings. Includes facts about Minnesota manufacturing, an event calendar, YouTube videos, resources connecting visitors to information, career opportunity profiles, ways to get started on a career path, or encourage careers in manufacturing A Dynamic Website
  21. 21. Highlights opportunities, salaries, and the wide variety of jobs found in modern manufacturing, including profiles of manufacturing businesses throughout Minnesota Marvin Windows: ch?v=lZ43vX0hygw&feature= player_detailpage Videos
  22. 22. A creative way to introduce manufacturing to middle school students CqLc_BxMBI4 Build It Better! Game App
  23. 23. Social Media, connect with students, manufacturers, and anyone interested in manufacturing A Monthly E-Newsletter, that includes upcoming events, testimonials about manufacturing careers, news stories related to manufacturing and much more Social Media & E-Newsletter
  24. 24. Youth Outreach Toolkit provides easy-to-use materials to integrate information about manufacturing careers at youth outreach events Direct Mail, connects with potential students who want to learn more about manufacturing and what it has to offer them in the future Billboards, promoting manufacturing careers Other Resources
  25. 25. Robotics Competition
  26. 26. Objectives • Interest students in manufacturing careers • Show career pathway from robotics to manufacturing • Show connection between manufacturing & STEM • Improve confidence in STEM skills and subjects • Increase enrollment in college programs
  27. 27. Ideal Tool Optimist Club College & Industry Partners Lab Midwest
  28. 28. Robotics Highlights
  29. 29. 2014-2015 Youth Survey Results [I learned] how much the jobs in Minnesota will revolve around manufacturing in the future.  2014-2015 VEX Robotics participant
  30. 30. 2014-2015 Parent Survey Results
  31. 31. 2014-2015 Educator Survey Results
  32. 32. Collaboration • North Central • Career Expo • Tours • West Central • Billboard Campaign • Career Expo • Tours • Northwest • Career Expo • Tours • Northeast • Tours
  33. 33. Partners/Sponsors
  34. 34. Dream It. Do It. National Best Practices “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing” Video program • Teams of middle school students, led by teacher coaches, are provided with instructional materials and matched with local manufacturers. • Each team has two months to create a short video profile of their partner company and the career opportunities they offer to answer the contest question, “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” • Entries are judged by an expert panel and public vote---hosted on and winners are recognized at an awards ceremony by industry, education leaders, dignitaries, and elected officials.
  35. 35. Making It Real | Girls & Manufacturing • Summit invites middle and high school girls to hear from women leaders and practitioners about manufacturing careers and the skills needed to be successful, and participate in experiential, hands-on activities and demonstrations that showcase today’s manufacturing workplace. • Goal is to expose girls to dynamic, successful, businesswomen and educators who are passionate about their careers and the contributions they make to our world. • Hopes to spark interest in world of manufacturing and the potential opportunities it offers Dream It. Do It. National Best Practices
  36. 36. Dream It. Do It. National Best Practices Summer Teacher STEM experience • Hosts a professional development week for area educators. • Satisfies professional development for administrators, professors and teachers of all disciplines, including math, science, art, languages, history, and technology. • Full week of activities and seminars, community college presentations, information regarding certifications, and degrees in advanced manufacturing. • Tours of manufacturers • Attend workshops where they learn how to use CAD software and CNC machines
  37. 37. Questions & Answers Jaimee Meyer Executive Director Dream It. Do It. MN 218-755-2206 Jessica Gehrke Communications Specialist 360 218-755-2209 An affirmative action, equal opportunity employer and educator These programs are supported by an NSF ATE Program Grant, award number 1204550. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation (