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360 Bytes - Quick Corporate Overview


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Building beautiful & intuitive mobile and web software products that scale to support millions of users.

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360 Bytes - Quick Corporate Overview

  1. 1. Idea%on to Successful Product Development
  2. 2. At 360 Bytes, we work with companies to transform their ideas into successful products. Our customers include some of the largest technology plaCorms in fast growing geographies across the world Our team aligns to your product vision and goal and works backwards to ensure we deliver based on your business requirement. We are able to do that only because we spend so much more %me on ensuring we hire and retain some of the best people in India So when we work on your requirement you get a team of product developers who share your vision, who have the technology exper%se you need and who can do an go beyond what they are instructed to do.
  3. 3. Go to market We ensure you beat your compe%%on in going much faster to market while keeping the cri%cal elements of development intact Build to scale We create products which can not just handle millions of customers but also integrate with all the new channels across media over years Ideate to Create We start from conceptualizing to idea%on to crea%on, ensuring we add value beyond just development We stand tall in the Middle Eastern Market, thanks to the development & support team at 360 Bytes - Q Tickets
  4. 4. Dedicated Teams Create dedicated offshore team who are in sync with your product and business vision and go beyond just development by innova%ng to keep your business ahead Hire the best Our hiring process is long and elaborate to ensure anyone who walks inside 360 Bytes and thought leaders and not followers Build to transfer AS your business matures we understand the complexity could require more synchronized development. We deliver using our Build - Operate – Transfer model to keep your interest above anything else Customer Speaks.. While we had our own technology team, we were ably supported by360 Bytes Product Management team during our app development - Sitash, CEO Stockal
  5. 5. People Management Product specialists Domain Exper%se Specific Hiring Clear Communica%ons Process and Tools driven Detailed documenta%on Governance Models Transparency & ROI Agile project development Shared infrastructure Con%nuous Learning Faster go to market Ahead of compe??on Scalable product solu?on
  6. 6. Team competence 5% 10% Analyst & DBA 30% Senior Programmer 40% Intermediate/ Junior Programmer 15% Test engineers & leads Average 4 years IT industry experience Strong Development team PM level has 10+ years experience Team Size & Experience System Architect .net, c#,, notepad++ Microso` technologies - Open source- php, kohana, symphony, laravel , wordpress Database- oracle, mySQL, mssql Bigdata - tabalu Hos%ng technology - aws cloud , varnish , nginx , apache , windows Mobility - windows , android , ios, mobile applica%on Tes%ng - automa%on and manual Others- kiosk , signage, ui/ux , grphic designing , video edi%ng, Ticke%ng solu%on turns%le gate, scanning solu%on
  7. 7. Management resource reviews Focus on doing Daily 120 mins quick reviews with CEO Customer focussed Understand and deliver Deliver fast Deliver beder Con%nuous Learning Innovate for customer
  8. 8. Contact us INDIA, UAE, QATAR, BAHRAIN, OMAN, SINGAPORE Contact us