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Marketing summit - Facebook by 360 Admin

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Marketing Summit

  1. 1. Top 5 Reasons You Need A Facebook Business Page Most common question Facebook Marketers hear?Why do I need a Facebook business page?
  2. 2. #1 Search engines have the ability to index the information you publish on your Facebook Page. This makes it so your company is more likely to appear in search results, so your business can be located by more individuals. And…. Although not formally stated as such, Facebook is a search engine in its own right.Search engine (SEO) friendly and IS a searchengine
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  4. 4. #2 Facebook has an enormous user base. As shared on, there are now more than 700 million active users world- wide. And with 50 percent of the active users logging into their site on any given day and spending over 700 billion collective minutes per month, these users devote a great amount of time to this new communication medium.Low cost marketing with big results Typical users – 1 hr. per day /(if done RIGHT) 100 friends.
  5. 5. #3 Profile Picture Facebook Ads About Box Likes / Talking about this Page Favorites Photo strip Custom TabsUnlimited branding and design opportunities
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  8. 8. #4 Facebook has built-in useful analytics to its site to help business owners determine the results they are garnering from their efforts, as well as information about their followers. This information includes total numbers of like and comments you receive on specific dates, broken down by day, month and a total aggregation. You can also gain demographic information on users including gender, age, language and location.Analytics and demographical information(Target Marketing) The data makes it possible for you to see who you are attracting and determine if there is a market for an expanded product and service offering.
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  11. 11. According to Facebooks terms #5 of service, "Profiles represent individuals and must be held under an individual name, while Pages allow an organization, business, celebrity, or band to maintain a professional presence on Facebook." If your business profile gets shut down by Facebook for violating this rule, your friends list will vanish with it. #5: A Profile is limited to 5000 Friends. A Page allows unlimited Likes. #4: A Profile can message a few Friends one at a time. A Page can message all your Connections at once.Promoting your business through your #3: Pages are visible to search engines. Profiles are invisible.Facebook Profile is “illegal” and limited. #2: Pages can add Tabs for promotions. Profiles cannot add Tabs. #1: Legal Risk: Facebook does not want Profiles to represent businesses
  12. 12. Top 5 Cool Ways To Use Your Facebook Business PageOkay, I have a Facebook business page. Nowwhat?
  13. 13. #1 Facebook Applications open your page up for unlimited branding opportunities and integration with your other social networks. Building an app (or multiple apps) on Facebook gives you the opportunity to deeply integrate your customers with your business by creating real user experiences that keep them coming back for more. Landing (Welcome) Page ContestFacebook Page Applications YouTube/Twitter/LinkedIn etc.. Integration Email sign up
  14. 14. #2 Facebook Places, an application that lets users "check in" on their mobile phones so friends know where theyre hanging out and what theyre doing. Check ins are shared on the users profile for friends to see, investigate and join in the fun. Places going away? Kinda. It is changing. Hope is that people will move away from thinking of location in terms of ―checking in‖ and instead think about it in terms of tagging your location to what ever it is you’re doing — sharing a thought, posting a picture, etc.Facebook Places NOTE: Tagging can be done while writing your post. You should still claim your place and merge it with your page for recommendations.
  15. 15. Connecting with others is the#3 main reason you have a business page on Facebook so why not do it properly and use the @mention function in your posts. @mentions are a fantastic way of recommending other businesses, highlighting achievements by others, promoting events and enhancing joint collaborations. One of the benefits in @mentioning another business page or fan is that your post will also appear on their wall – hence spreading the word about your page.Facebook @Mentions NOTE: You must first like the business or the fan must like your page before the @mention will work. HOW: Type the @symbol before typing the name and a drop down will come up for you to chose from.
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  17. 17. #4 These web addresses are easy-to- remember / use compared to the link Facebook gives you. • Gowns/183358471700119 • • You can shorten even further using: Look much better on your print marketing materials. Easy to set up once you have 25 ―likes‖ on your page. Go to Edit Page, Resources, then ―Select a Username‖.Facebook Vanity URLs STOP! Before you chose a name think carefully about your choice. You can’t change it. Keep it short. Make it match other vanity urls you are using.
  18. 18. #5 Offering helpful, consistent and interesting content is one of the best ways to maintain a solid Facebook presence. Like installing fence posts – You are creating something stable, valuable and long lasting. Photos Videos Events QuestionsFacebook Posts Links Notes
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  20. 20. Top 5 Facebook Changes (to-date) What is Facebook doing now?
  21. 21. Facebook’s summary: #1 ―When you visit Facebook, you should see the things you’re most interested in…‖ (determined by Facebook based on your usage/information) Ditched the old Two-Option News Feed, which made you choose either Top Stories (popular stuff in order of popularity) or Most Recent (chronological order). Replaced it with a single News Feed which shows you both Top News and Recent stories. If you haven’t been on in a while, you see Top Stories because you may miss something important by virtue of not scrolling through all of your friends’ posts since you last logged on.Top Stories and Most Recent now in one NewsFeed If you have been on recently you see Recent Stories since you haven’t missed anything important and they’re are not that many posts for you to wade through.
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  23. 23. #2 The ticker is a live-feed area that sticks to the upper right corner of the screen and gives you a running play-by- play of what is happening literally right now. Similar to Twitter stream. Click on anything in ticker to see the full story and comment on– without losing your place.Ticker becomes official
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  25. 25. #3 The Subscribe button allows you to set just how much you want to hear from a person. • All updates: Everything your friend posts • Most updates: The amount you’d normally see • Important updates only: Just highlights, like a new job or move You can also decide what ―types‖ of updates you see. • photos from one friend • no stories about < topic > from another • nothing at all from someone else HOW – Visit their profile, hover over the ―subscribe‖ button and adjust. DEFAULT: ―Most Updates‖ which covers the majority of what you’re interested in.The Subscribe Button You can also now subscribe to someone even if you’re not friends or let others subscribe to you. NOTE: Post must be set to public for subscribers who are not friends to see them.
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  27. 27. #4 Now whenever you friend someone you have a few options you didn’t before. At the top of the list, you can easily set someone to • Close Friend - will automatically set their Subscription button to ―All Posts‖ • Acquaintance. - automatically sets it to ―Only Important.‖ • Smart Lists - Lists that create themselves and stay up-to-date based on profile info your friends have in common with you–like your work, school, family and city. Facebook analyzes your work history, school, family and location to determine who will be added to your Smart List.The New Friend Button with Smart Lists • Create your own lists – List you create to help you sort post in your newsfeed by what you want to focus on during your visit.
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  29. 29. #5 The trio ―Home,‖ ―Profile‖ and ―Account‖ are gone. Instead, you now have a small thumbnail and name of the user you’re logged in as – that should make things clearer when you are using Facebook as a Page. Use as a Page - Drop lets you act independently from your profile by selecting ―use as a page‖. Every thing you do and like in that mode will be as the page only. NOTE: Don’t forget to watch your page’s newsfeed (like our profile newsfeed but only shows brands you have liked as the page – great for keeping up with your industry and competitors)“Profile” disappears Also, the ―Account‖ has been replaced by a simple down arrow so you can access all your account, privacy and logout settings.
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  31. 31. #5 • There is now a ―Friend Activity‖ feed on business pages so that people can see how their friends interact with your page. • Posts or comments in another language prompt the appearance of a ―translate‖ button. • Posts that have been shared will now include a link you can follow to see who has shared them. • You can now post birthday wishes toA few others… peoples’ walls without ever leaving your home page. Just click the birthday’s link in the upper right – like the new ticker.
  32. 32. Thank you! To learn more about Facebook stay tuned in to Knowledge For Success for upcoming class schedules. Next class – Nov 17th – 5 PM – Strategies only. Beginners Class after the first of the year. Julia Lilly 360 Admin QUESTIONS ? • Follow me for updates, news and everything else social media