Foundation for publication


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Foundation for publication

  1. 1.  For Writers
  2. 2.  Create your Facebook Business page o Do not use your personal profile to promote your book directly as it is against Facebook Terms and conditions. o While logged into Facebook as your Personal Profile, open a new browser bar and enter :
  3. 3. o Select “Create a Page”
  4. 4. o Decide what “type” of page you want to create. For a writer you could be promoting yourself as a public figure or your company.
  5. 5. o Each choice give offers you a sub-description. Look for what works best for you and remember that this choice helps people find you on Facebook.
  6. 6. Next either opt to put in your name or your book’sname. The choice is based on your approach tomarketing the book. Are you marketing your name?Are you marketing your book?
  7. 7. o Agree to the Facebook Terms and Conditions and click “get started” which will lead you through several set up screens.o
  8. 8. o Add Photo (headshot, book cover?)o Keyword rich “about” section
  9. 9. o Create a vanity url for your page. This could be a great place for your book title (keep it short and memorable). Think first, once set it can not be changed.o You have now set up your page! Be sure and like it, invite friends, and create your first welcome post to new visitors! (prompts will walk you through these first steps.
  10. 10.  Building an interesting Facebook Business Page is as important as the content you plan to post on it. Be sure and use all the options to their full extent. o Cover Photo • 851x350 size • May NOT include price or purchase information such as 40% off. • May NOT include contact information such as email or website address • May NOT say “LIKE” or “Share” or have a call to action • Use a unique image that represents your Page. This might be a photo of album artwork or a picture of people using your product. Be creative and experiment with images your audience responds well to.
  11. 11. o Based on what type of page you chose the preselected options will be different, since this page is set up as a personality it ask for my date of birth. A company may say “founded”. Be sure to fill in the prompted areas. Add photos for interest.o Notice it gives you some options to change to preference.
  12. 12. o Be sure to include “Milestones” at set up. These are the major happening that have taken place in your journey to getting your book published. Of course you will add more as your “story” develops. Use pictures!
  13. 13. o Change out images that do not highlight the Milestone or post in its best light.
  14. 14. This image is better and more interesting than previous version andmore likely to be engaging.
  15. 15. o You can also use event, which are a fun way to let people know where you are going to be, giving them a chance to meet you in person. ie. Book signings, speaking engagements
  16. 16. Sample Event
  17. 17. o Don’t forget to add an interesting or identifying thumbnail image to your event to draw people in.
  18. 18. o Questions are a fun way to draw people into engaging with your page. For best results, be sure to build your following up before creating questions.
  19. 19. o You can add options for followers to choose from and/or allow them to add their own.o Facebook will keep a poll for you to track the results.
  20. 20. o Don’t forget to “Pin” your most important post to the top of the page so they will be seen first by new visitors. Pins only last 7 days then you will need to repin or create a new pin.
  21. 21. o You also have the option to “Highlight” a post which stretches it cross the timeline format which increases its chances of being seen.
  22. 22. o Adding photos will be one of your main objectives as photos get the most engagement. You can add a single photo, or create an album right from your status update bar.o Videos are also great for engagement. They can be upload in this same area. Keep videos under 2 min. for best results.
  23. 23. o Which post is more likely to get your attention?o Use Microsoft Clip Art often to get pics to draw attention to your post when you don’t have photos to use.
  24. 24.  Albums make great post. Be sure to take pictures of all outings and events to use on your page. 3 picture minimum is best for optimal engagement.
  25. 25. o Once pictures are upload you will be taken to a page to add descriptions to your photos. Be keyword heavy but don’t tag any person without their permission.Don’t forget totitle album so itshow up nicelyas a page post
  26. 26. o Albums look great on the page. Be sure to invite those pictured to tag themselves to increase engagement.
  27. 27. o Your general status update is going to be your most important feature. This is where you post content daily.
  28. 28.  Well thought out and timed post will get the best results. o Yes, content is the key, but… aesthetics count! o Two sentences at the most o Always include visual (video,photo, photo album) o Hide long links in the “link add” so not in post text (use post shortner) o Be on topic! o Ask questions? Yes. o Have fresh take on trending topics that apply to your topic. o Be positive o Post daily o Have fun!
  29. 29.  1% Rule – Statistics show that only 1% of your fan base will be active on your page. Fan count matters! o Explore related pages on Facebook, “like” those that will give you • Opportunities to engage as your business page • Share their current topics on your page • Give you a content rich feed
  30. 30. o Comment on pages content (as your page). Make sure these pages have followers that are your target.o Answer question and give thoughtful commentary.o Watch for heavily trafficked posts – jump in.o Invite friends to your page to get it startedo Be sure to put a link to your page on all marketing material and link to it from all online profiles. Make it easy to find.o Use @mentions to build brand connections and good will.
  31. 31.  Julia Lilly Owner 360 Admin – Virtual Assistant Company specializing in social media and ecommerce. Since 2008. Contact Info: o o o o o o o