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  1. 1. TrampolineGymnasts preforms a series of 10 skill routines with a Varitysingle, double and tripe somersaults with and without twists.Precise techniques and perfect body control are vital for successwith judge delivering marks of difficulty , exaction and time offlight minus pentile.Devised in the 1930s at a university of lowan , the first modemtrampoline was initially used as a training tool for tumblers ,astronauts and athletes. However it grew in popularity to such aextent that is 1964 the first ever trampoline worldchampionships where held at the royal Elbert hall in London.The field to play contains two trampolines next to each other 2mapart and just10m away from the judging panel. Eachtrampoline 5.05m long, 2.91m wide and 1.155m high.Trampoline gymnastics is a relative newcomer on the Olympicpregame it made its debut at the Sydney 2000 games Men’s 1.Dong Dong 17.800 from china 2.Dmitry Ushakov 17.100 from Russia 3.Chunlong Lu 17.100 from china Women’s 1.Rosannagh MacLennan 15.400 from Canada 2.Shunshun Huang 15.000 from china 3.Wenna He 14.800 from china