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Mona lisa mystery


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Mona lisa mystery

  1. 1. Mona Lisa Mystery!!!About a year ago I got called to goto France. I had no idea why. WhenI got there some special people toldme to go to the Louvre. I lookedaround expecting to find a prize. Butthere was nothing there. Then I sawit, the Mona Lisa was gone. Thepeople told me that I had to find theMona Lisa and to not get distracted!I started at the Arc de Triomphe.They said that some of them madea map of France so I wouldn’t getlost.
  2. 2. They blew their whistle and I ran off.I ran straight to the Eiffel Tower. Iknew the robber would go there.First, I went to the first floor just tocheck. Then I went to the fifth floor.There was nothing there. I went tothe last floor. I saw a bag. I lookedinside it and found the Mona Lisa.I called the people and told them.They were so happy. When I gotback they told me I won a prize. Afree trip to FRANCE!!!!!!!