In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?


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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

  1. 1. How my media product uses, develops or challenges conventions.{ Manoraj Sivantharajah
  2. 2. Conventions of music videos.I learnt a lot about conventions of music videos anddid a lot of research into this. I have presented myfindings in my blog post named “conventions ofmusic videos”.This a basic summary of what I found aboutconventions of music videos; There are very basiccommon features that can be seen within all themusic videos. These include close ups of artists andthe shots when they do change, change to the beatto make the music video flow and look effective.Also there is the artist actually singing through themusic video whilst other things are happening inthe music video.
  3. 3. Music Genre conventions. I learnt a lot about conventions of music genres and have done research into this. I have presented my findings in my blog post named “conventions of music videos”. The genre of music that our music video belongs to is Pop/Rock. The genre that our music video falls into has the following conventions as well as the conventions of a generic music video as mentioned in the previous slide. These music videos tend to have lot of shots of the artists and also there always seems to be a video that goes alongside the lyrics that are being sung. Also the artist is singing the song whilst performing in the actual music video.
  4. 4. Conventions that we have used.After looking at the conventions of music videosand genre conventions we as a group decided touse a lot of these conventions as we believe that byusing these conventions it will help create aneffective music video. We did not use all of theconventions however as we did not feel as if thoughit was appropriate for our music video. For instancewe did not have the lead singer performing in the Shots of artist performing song.flashbacks. Also we did not just have the mainsinger singing in one place.In this slide and the next I am going to use screenshots with captions underneath the pictures toshow what conventions we have used. Clear difference between performance and narration.
  5. 5. Conventions that we have used. Superimposition Close-ups Reinforcement of narrative side Also we made sure that we changed the shots at the change of beat to make it effective and this is aVery clear storyline. Prolonged shots of artist. convention of music videos.
  6. 6. Conventions that we have used. Another convention of music videos in particular a convention of the genre that we worked is thePerformance aspect categories that pop/rock falls into. The genre work in falls conventionally into performance based and narrative based. So we decided to incorporate this into our music video to make it as effective as possible.Narrative aspect.
  7. 7. Digipak ConventionsIn order to know what the conventions of a Digipakare I decided to research into them and presentedmy findings on my blog under a post named“Digipaks-Overview”I found that the conventions of a Digipak is asfollows: Images Artist’s name Details of tracks “Loud” Digipak cover Track listing Song producers Song writers lyrics “#3” Digipak cover
  8. 8. Digipak Conventions- That we have used. In the next slide I shall show you what we conventions we have used. We did use a majority of the conventions but we were heavily influenced by the Digipak called “Coexist” by “The XX”. You can see a full analysis of this Digipak on my blog under the name “Digipak Analysis: Coexist”.Front cover of “Coexist” We were influenced because of its simplicity and we thought that it will go well with the type of band that we have created for our music video. Also we used the conventions we have used to create a successful Digipak that will sell if it were put out there in the real world. However we did not provide information on the details of the tracks of the lyrics as we felt that this was not useful. And also we felt that this information will take too much room on the Digipak, thus taking away from the simplicity we had planned for it. Back cover of “Coexist”
  9. 9. Digipak Conventions-Track listing Barcode That we have used. Album name Artist name Image of artist Song writers Publisher
  10. 10. Digipak Advert ConventionsIn order to know what the conventions of a Digipakadvert were I decided to research into them andpresented my findings on my blog under a postnamed “Digipak Adverts: Overview”I found that the conventions of a Digipak advert isas follows: Artists image Image of the Digipak front cover “Fallen Empires” Digipak advert Album name Legal information (smallprint) Information about release date “#3” Digipak advert
  11. 11. Digipak Advert Conventions- That we have used. In the next slide I shall show you the conventions that we have used within our Digipak advert. As we were influenced by simplicity to create our Digipak we decided to carry on this theme and use the Digipak as a house style and do a similar thing for our Digipak advert. We were also influenced to a certain extent by Ed Sheeran’s Digipak advert for his album “+” I have analyzed this on my blog. We were influenced by this advert as it is simple and it is spaced out a lot really drawing the attention into the picture in the middle. The only convention we did not include was the legalDigipak Advert for “+” information as we though this would take room and take away from the effectiveness of the advert.
  12. 12. Digipak Advert Conventions- That we have used. Album name Production companyImage associated with Digipak Release date Album cover Artist name Brief info about album Twitter and Facebook Website
  13. 13. How our use of conventions will appeal to an audience.The conventions we have used will appeal to the audience andengage them as in terms of the music videos our target audiencelook for a stereotypical music video as this is the case for the genreour music video falls into. So we followed the conventions of thegenre so that it would appeal to the target audience. However wedid make it a bit unconventional at times by leaving stuff out andadding bits in such as unique shots such as the “Photo to Reality”which will catch the eye of the audience and engage them.In terms of our Digipak and Digipak advert we followed almost allthe conventions which will appeal just normally to audiences but asincorporated the simplicity it will appeal more to the audience as itwould catch the eye of the audience as the simplicity alongside thebright blue colour.
  14. 14. Adaptation of conventions? We didn’t really adapt an existing convention but we did play a huge emphasis on simplicity and incorporated on the Digipak and Digipak advert.Music Video Also we did do this thing where buy we repeatedly used a similar image across all three products which promotes each other side by side. As they get repeated the audience are most likely to remember all three products. The image I am talking about is the one below which can be seen in all three media products.DigipakDigipak advert