The Joy Formidable- Austere.


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The Joy Formidable- Austere.

  1. 1. The Joy Formidable- Austere.
  2. 2. This video is another song by the artists of the song we are using to create our video. The video starts with a white face with painted black eyes. This also fits in with the video we are hoping to create, in the sense that this video is also abstract. The whole video is shot in black and white. This creates irony as the black and white usually suggests clarity, whereas the video installs confusion and is rather abstract in parts. The first shot is an extreme close-up, which increases our confusion of what it is.
  3. 3. The video shows the band members sitting at a table with candles and table accessories. The shades of white, grey and black make the scene seem calm as it removes the confusion of colour. However, the band members look as if they are playing pass-the-parcel. This confuses the audience and is rather abstract. However, it gives the video a lighter feel than we expected from the opening shot of a face, as they are playing a child’s game. Whilst passing the parcel, the band members movements are robotic and awkward, and they have blank expressions on their faces. This almost dehumanises them- adding to the abstract feel.
  4. 4. There are multiple medium shots of the band- allowing us to see the blank expressions on their faces. Their confusion shown here is mirrored by the confusion of the audience. We also see a shot of the table from above so that we may fully see their actions- them passing the parcel. This means that we are able to establish what they are doing and also see the table accessories make a flower shape.
  5. 5. One of the band members opens the parcel. Inside we see what appears to be stone. This adds to the ambiguity already created by this video. The audience is still confused by the nature of the video and the actions of the band do not seem to be uncovering or establishing a specific narrative. Whilst this is happening there seems to be a lot of focus on the hands of those within the frame. Perhaps this is to show what they are doing or to exaggerate their expressions.
  6. 6. We see four separate scenes and people flashed up on the screen. The four scenes are only seen for a fraction of a second- creating even more confusion as we do not see any of them long enough to establish what is happening within the frame. We then return to shots of the band playing pass the parcel- this time uncovering what looks like a paper mashe walrus.
  7. 7. We then see the return of the idea of masks. This fits in with our storyboard as we are hoping to use masks in our music video. The masks are ambiguous and abstract. They almost add a sense of fear to the video as we do not know what is beneath them. The mask shots start off as medium shots but then become close-ups when it becomes more intense.
  8. 8. The lead singer of the band opens a box and a ray of light beams out. Then all the extras in the video begin to dance. The shots of them dancing are done using a handi-cam as the audience appear to spin around with them. This helps portray the happiness of these people and makes the audience feel as if they are dancing along with them. The shots here are very fast cut and so add to the positive feel of the dancing actors.