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Adding value to commodities workshop


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The end result of the "Adding value to commodities" workshop on the last day of the Service Design Conference in Amsterdam.

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Adding value to commodities workshop

  1. adding value to commodities from products to services
  2. Service Design Network Conference - Day 3
  3. We created a workshop... and ������is is what happened...
  4. 23 interested participants
  5. We had 4 goals
  6. 1. Find out what we mean wi������ goods, products, services, experiences, commodities and value
  7. 2. Experience ������e Service Design process, tools and me������ods
  8. 3. Design a Service
  9. 4. Get to know ea������ o������er
  10. Step 1 What are goods, products, services and experiences?
  11. Team 1
  12. good
  13. product
  14. service
  15. experience
  16. Team 2
  17. good
  18. product
  19. service
  20. experience
  21. Team 3
  22. good
  23. product
  24. service
  25. experience
  26. Lessons learned Step 1
  27. “A good is a raw unprocessed ‘material’ ������at gets it’s value from access” “Really basic stuff, commodity produced, wi������out customer interaction” Needs to be processed, to add value to goods
  28. “Products are goods ������at are processed by a system ������at is closed to ������e customer and may offer features and benefits to differentiate.” “Branded tangibles ������at are pre-produced, stored and distributed.” Ownership, meets needs, closed system products
  29. “A service is an intangible time-based process involving human interaction” “Adding value ������rough personal delivery...” processing customer inputs, situational services
  30. “An experience is a personal feeling ������at exists in a multi- sensory environment and is meaningful in a social se������ing” “A personal priceless moment...” memorable, personal, emotional response experiences
  31. Step 2 Commodities and Value
  32. Commodity (1) “A commodity is a inter������angeable offering ������at is non-differentiated and standardized, in its own category”
  33. Commodity (2) “Things wi������in a defined group ������at are homogenous and whi������ people have ������e same expectations for.”
  34. Step 3 Design a Service
  35. servicize ������ese products
  36. Bike Buddy
  37. Just Ride
  38. Urban Roofs
  39. Source View
  40. Bonzo Cares
  41. The Light Rider
  42. We ������ank all our designers!
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