Community Environmental Partnerships


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Community Environmental Partnerships

  1. 1. Environmental Community Partnerships ©Harnessing Community Energies for Generational Sustainability DEBLAR & ASSOCIATES, INC. The information contained herein is provided as a public service with the understanding that DEBLAR & Associates, Inc. and its principles makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information. Nor does DEBLAR & Associates, Inc warrant that the use of this information is free of any claims of copyright infringement.
  2. 2. Cornerstone of Community EngagementThe premise that environmental community partnerships can harnesscommunity’s energies to sustain our environment for future generations isthe cornerstone of DEBLAR’s community outreach efforts.Our company contributes to communities’ environmental sustainability byconcentrating our efforts on five areas of focus through which we havemade the greatest difference in improving quality of life: environmentaleducation, community engagement, partnership building, training, anddecision making.DEBLAR incorporates a systematic approach to engaging marginalizedcommunities into environmental efforts by linking them to proposedenvironmental strategies impacting their communities
  3. 3. Environmental Partnerships at WorkRegional Environmental Priorities Project (REPP) –DEBLAR served on theREPP technical advisory committee for Case Western Reserve University’s Centerfor the Environment. As a member of the committee, DEBLAR provided analysisand evaluation support. The work resulted in engaging communities to participatein public debate on environmental issues and solutions and reaching commonground on the most urgent regional environmental problems impacting theircommunities.Comparative Risk Project - Working in partnership with stakeholders acrossOhio, DEBLAR provided leadership as chair of the Quality of Life Committee forthe Ohio EPA Comparative Risk Project. The effort entailed collecting data fromconservation organizations, health agencies, public service groups, andenvironmental interest groups around the state. The compilation of data wasinterpreted and translated into a report to decision makers summarizing quality oflife stressors focused on “sense of place, green space, the built environment, andpeace of mind.”Quality Growth Resource Teams - Carroll County and Tybee Island, GeorgiaProvided technical assistance to Department of Community Affairs in reconcilingcommunity and environmental planning issues with those agencies responsible forregional planning and protecting the environment; and community stakeholders toaddress planning and growth challenges and develop a shared community vision.
  4. 4. The ChallengeThe challenge of managing environmental issues impacting quality of life is adaunting task for far too many communities.The involvement of community stakeholders in a collaborative partnership is acritical first step to managing the challenge of environmental issues.Community stakeholders must be made aware of the impact of environmentalmatters on education, housing, public health, transportation, economicdevelopment, and other facets of life to address these matters in theircommunities.
  5. 5. Environmental & Economic Linkages Linkages between economic development and the environment are important to community leadership when addressing sustainability.Community sustainability requires newcommunity-based approaches toenvironmental protection and economicdevelopment and DEBLAR has the capacity todevelop initiatives to address factorsassociated with growth stressors andperceived environmental risks.
  6. 6. Issues DEBLAR has Addressed with Community Health PartnershipsOutdoor Air Pollution - Problems with breathing, eye irritation, cancer, and allergies from airpollution. Many community residents reported life style changes stemming from poor air qualityhaving to spend a great deal of time indoors and inactivity.Drinking Water - Health risks such as cancer, liver problems, mental dysfunction,gastrointestinal disorders resulting from contaminated water sources.Pesticides on Food - Fear from not knowing if what they are eating would either make themsick or shorten life represented a major concern for citizens. This limited the amount of freshfruit and vegetables consumed.Contaminated Soils - Soil contamination from a number of causes, including the dumping ofhazardous substances, pesticide and fertilizer use, and industrial or chemical processes.Lack of Information on Environmental Health Effects - Residents and healthcareprofessionals perceived that if a problem is not known to exist then there is no action to betaken. This lack of information delayed diagnosis and increased health risks.
  7. 7. Why DEBLAR & Associates?Since 1994, DEBLAR’s professional team has equipped communities,agencies, hospitals, and organizations to achieve their environmentalobjectives by  coordinating meetings with local officials and citizen groups.  conducting community needs assessments and surveys.  facilitating focus groups, organizing seminars, and curriculum development  teaching how to organize sustainable partnerships.  empowering community groups with tools to analyze environmental and economic growth issues .  providing guidance for organizations’ fund development needs.  building organizational capacity.
  8. 8. DEBLAR’S CONVICTIONFor communities to address their environmental issues, theymust first become informed and empowered with the requisiteskills and tools to know what they don’t know.DEBLAR embraces and respects the cultures andcharacteristics unique to the communities it serves whenstructuring community partnerships to promote sustainablecommunities.
  9. 9. How to Contact DEBLAR & Associates, Inc. • Post Office Box 723214 Atlanta, Georgia 31139 • (770) 319-8189 phone • E mail, • Web Site 9/4/2012 DEBLAR & ASSOCIATES, INC.