Region 2 For 2nd Cabinet Report On 8th November, 2009


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Region 2 For 2nd Cabinet Report On 8th November, 2009

  1. 1. DISTRICT 308-A2 2ND CABINET MEETING REPORT To:- District Governor, Lion Karen Koh Eng Yan From:- Region 2 Chairperson, Lion Patricia Ting Date:- 2nd November, 2009 Subject::- Region 2 Chairperson Report Our Region 2 comprises of 12 Clubs under the 3 Zone Chairpersons were as follows:- Zone 4 Lion Ung Sing Tai - Lions Club of Bintangor - Lions Club of Sibu Central - Lions Club of Sibu City - Lions Club of Sibu Jaya Zone 5 Lion Evelyn Biju - Lions Club of Kapit - Lions Club of Sarikei - Lions Club Sibu Berjaya - Lions Club of Sibu Pahlawan Zone 6 Lion Steven Chieng Ching Ung - Lions Club of Mukah - Lions Club of Sibu Host - Lions Club of Sibu Mandarin - Lions Club of Sibu Seduan A) CLUBS ADMINISTRATION Under my Zones Chairpersons’ efficiency, all the submission of MMR, MAR, AAR, 1st half Lions Clubs International Dues and District Dues had been submitted and paid. As for the membership status, only 2 Clubs need to boost the moral of Lions for membership drive on the recruitment and retention.
  2. 2. B) REGION 2 COMPLETED PROJECTS - Malaysian Cultural Parade on 04/07/09 - Donation to Children With Special Needs on 31/07/09 - Inter Region Projects cum International Understanding (District 308-B1 and D300-B2) and cooperation on 02/08/09 in Kapit - Peace Poster Launching on 02/08/09 - Blood Donation on 23/08/09 - District 381 Lions Club of Guangdong Le Shan Youth Exchange Program from 14-30/07/09 - Japan YE Program from 04-08/08/09 - Lions & Leos Orientation on 06/09/09 - Leos Joint Installation on 13/09/09 - MERL Conference on 04/10/09 - Lions In Action Rally from 22-25/10/09 - Peace Poster Contest on 11/10/09 - World Diabetes Day on 01/11/09 C) DISTRICT PROJECTS 1) International Understanding and cooperation cum Inter-Districts, Inter-Regions and Inter-Clubs Projects i) Rural Service ii) Educational Service iii) Service for needy students iv) Cultural Experience v) Environmental Service - Jointly District projects (District 308-A2 and Taiwan District D300-B2) by OC Lion Nicholas form Lions Club of Kapit on 02/08/09 - Project fund of RM5839.80 spent with the involvement of 20 Lions clubs comprise of 101 Lions, 13 Lions from Taiwan District D300-B2, 63 Lions from Sabah and Sarawak, 25 Lions from Kapit and 4 FOL. - Foster closer relationships, mutual understanding and cooperation among all the Districts Lions. - Provide rural services and educational services for the needy students that benefited 4 schools for the total of 1438 students. - Experience the folk’s tradition and culture of the long houses, enjoy the barbeque and swimming at the Sebanian Waterfall. - Environmental cleanliness campaign by clearing all the rubbish along the path from the main road to the Sebanian Waterfall that benefited the Kapit residents.
  3. 3. 2) Campaign Sight First: - Cataract Joint Project - Jointly District projects organized by OC Lion Betty Wong from Lions Club of Sibu Pahlawan with Lions Club of Kota Budaya – District 308-B1 and Lions Club of Le Shan, Excellence, Superstars – District 381 from 06-12/10/09 at Huaiji Peoples Hospital, Guangdong. - Raised fund of RM200,000.00 benefited for the 400 extreme poverty blind people operation cost done at Huaiji Peoples Hospital, Guangdong. 3) Lions In Action Rally - Co-ordinated by R2C Lion Patricia with 1st VDG Lion Augustine Ngu as advisor and assistance from the Region 2 12 Clubs Presidents from 22-25/10/09. The projects given as follows:- Day 1 - 22/10/09 - 7:30 am at Kapit Health Awareness Campaign - Anti-Chikungunya, Dengue and Influenza/A- H1N1 - 2:00 pm in Sarikei at No 28A Jalan Abdul Rahman next to Everwin - Eye Screening & Donation of spectacles to the needy students. - 3:00 pm at Bintangor placement of Drug Awareness Signboard. - 6:00 pm handling over spectacles at International Optical - Screening & Donation of spectacles to the needy students of SK Bawang Assam. Day 2 – 23/10/09 - 8:00 am at Sibu Central Market - Road Safety & Anti-Chikungunya Campaign. - 9;00 am at SJK Tiong Hin - Environmental Tree Planting. - 11:00 am at Selangau - a) Road Safety & Anti-Chikungunya Campaign. b) School Donation - Assistance to needy students organized by LC of Mukah. Day 3 – 24/10/09 - Attended Lions Club Of Bintulu:- a) Launching of Leo Garden at SMK Bandar Bintulu b) Students project on how to make enzyme at SMK Bandar Bintulu 4) INTERNATIONAL UNDERSTANDING Lions Club of Sibu Pahlawan twin with District 381 Lions Club of Guangdong Le Shan on 31/07/09. 5) CLUBS EXTENSION Lions Club of Sibu Pahlawan sponsored Lions Club of Sungei Merah on Club Indent No. 106740 and Charter Date on 12/10/09.
  4. 4. 6) DISTRICT GOVERNOR ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING - Zone 5 1st District Governor’s Advisory Committee meeting on 15/08/09 - Zone 4 1st District Governor’s Advisory Committee meeting on 20/08/09 - Zone 6 1st District Governor’s Advisory Committee meeting on 27/08/09 - Zone 6 2nd District Governor’s Advisory Committee meeting on 01/11/09 I am glad and happy to have this opportunity to work closely with my 3 capable Zone Chairpersons and my 12 Clubs’ Presidents. My heart felt gratitude to all of you for your kind support, tireless effort, and unselfish contribution in planning and working out all our Region 2 projects and activities being successfully carried out. Together Let’s Do It to make a difference for our Region 2. Lion Patricia Ting Region 2 Chairperson