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Minutes Of The 1st Cabinet Meeting


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Minutes Of The 1st Cabinet Meeting

  1. 1. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan Minutes of the 1st District Cabinet Meeting for FY 2009-2010 Held on the 26th July 2009 at 8:30am At East India Ballroom, 1Borneo Kota Kinabalu Present: 1 DG Karen Koh Eng Yan 32 DC Shirley Pang 2 IPDG Sim Boon Chuan 33 DC Paul Chiu Hung Siong 3 1st VDG Augustine Ngu 34 DC Clarence Ting Ing Horh 4 2nd VDG Dr Tan Tsu Kun 35 DC Albert Tang Yew Liong 5 PDG /DC Tan Soh Har 36 DC Bong Bong Kho 6 PDG /DC Mary Law 37 DC Connie Loh 7 Cabinet Secretary Mary Masudal 38 DC Dr Gan K.S 8 Cabinet Treasurer Yee Kai Man 39 DC Dr Robert Ong 9 RC Eric Tan Chung Tak 40 DC Harry lee Tian Song 10 RC Patricia Ting Mee Hung 41 DC Tan Siaw Chuan 11 RC Hii Teck Yun 42 DC Sheila Adenan 12 RC Teo Ho Hin 43 DC Lily Siah 13 RC Chong Kiew Loi 44 DC Eric Yee Kuok Enng 14 RC Judy Ngui 45 DC Alex Cheong Yuen Fatt 15 RC Jackie Loo Oi Chin 46 DC Michael Lim Seng Gyup 16 ZC Peter Ong 47 DC Melvin Disimond 17 ZC Chai Si Kar 48 DC Albert Tiang 18 ZC Robin Kho Hua Kok 49 DC Stanley Chin Yat Min 19 ZC Ung Sing Tai 50 DC Wong Chii Sing 20 ZC Evelyn A Biju 51 DC Francis Chau 21 ZC Steven Chieng Ching Ung 52 DC Cecil Adenan 22 ZC Richard Hii Ming Ting 53 DC Peter Goh Yew Soon 23 ZC John Hii Yii Huong 54 DC Chieng Eu Hea 24 ZC Simon Ting Sii Hing 55 DC Dr Molly Elizabeth Mathew 25 ZC Kho Tiong Mee 56 DC Dr Mark Tan Min Yaw 26 ZC Kung Kuok Yew 57 DC Hjh Juita Binti Hj Drap 27 ZC Glenda Liew Vui Ling 58 DC Margaret Lim 28 ZC Doreen Jominol 59 DC Mary Ding 29 ZC Chee Su Ken 60 DC Grace Wong 30 ZC Francis Pang Kin Yeap 31 ZC William Saw Khay Beng Absent with Apologies (4): 1 DC Chan Suk Ting 2 DC Lee Mun Seng 3 DC Pele Quek Yee On 4 ZC Andrew Pang Minutes of 1st Cabinet Meeting   Page 1 
  2. 2. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan Observers 1 Kok Aik Yaw - President of Lions Club of Beaufort 2 Janny Yapp - President of Lions Club of KK Central 3 F.B Lim - President of Lions Club of Downtown 4 Lydia Lu - President of Lions Club of KK Sutera 5 Annie Lo - President of Lions Club of Tanjung Aru 6 Eve Wong Sau Yie - President of Lions Club of Miri Mandarin 7 Samantha Yong Yin Sia - Treasurer of Lions Club of Miri Mandarin 8 Judy Wong - Member of Lions Club of Sibu Jaya 9 Ngu Meng Eng - Member of Lions Club of Bintulu Mandarin Minutes 1. Meeting Call to Order by District Governor Karen Koh Eng Yan DG Karen Koh called the Meeting to order at 8:30am. 2. Roll Call by Cabinet Secretary Mary Masudal CS Mary Masudal conducted the roll call. 3. Adoption of Agenda The agenda was adopted as proposed by DC Dr. Robert Ong and seconded by DC Peter Goh. 4. Handing over by IPDG Sim Boon Chuan to DG Karen Koh IPDG Sim Boon Chuan handed over to DG Karen Koh the followings: 1) Maybank, Wisma Satok Kuching, Kuching Sarawak – Cheque Book Account No. 511113416521 2) Alliance Bank, Tenom, Sabah – Cheque Book Account No. 10150-001-000428-9 3) One Rubber Stamp of “Lions Clubs International District – 308-A2” 5. Opening Remarks by District Governor Karen Koh 5.1 DG welcomed all to the 1st Cabinet Meeting of District 308-A2. She thanked all Cabinet Officers for accepting the cabinet appointments and she is looking forward to work closely with them to achieve the International President, the Association and the District goals. 5.2 She thanked CS Mary, DC Shirley and committees for their hard work and assistance in organizing the 1st Cabinet Meeting. 5.3 She welcomed all observers to the meeting and hoped that such exposure would instill them to take up higher leadership roles in the near future. 5.4 She informed that all District Cabinet Officers are issue one each of District T-shirt, of IP Eberhard’s theme colour, i.e. Green and white 5.5 She thanked CS Mary, RC. ZC, advertisers and all those who have help in one way or another, in the publication and dispatch of Membership Directory 2009-2010. Minutes of 1st Cabinet Meeting   Page 2 
  3. 3. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 6. Report by Immediate Past District Governor Sim Boon Chuan 6.1 IPDG Sim Boon Chuan reported for FY 2008-2009 6.1.1 Membership – New members recruited 200, Dropped members (240). Net loss 40 6.1.2 District Accounts Will submit District Accounts for audit on first week of August 2009 and be ready for circulation to the District Cabinet and Clubs before the due date on 31/8/2009. 6.2 IPDG thanked all Lions in the District for the support extended to him and he urged the Lions to accord the same support to DG Karen and her team. He extended his congratulations to DG and her team and wished them a successful Lionistic year ahead. 7. Resolution to Change Bank Signatories for all District 308-A2 Accounts 7.1 It was RESOLVED THAT: 7.1.1 The authorized signatories for all the District’s bank accounts with Alliance Bank Berhad, Tenom Branch Sabah, and Malaysian Banking Berhad, Bangunan Satok Branch, Kuching under the name “Lions Club International District 308-A2” shall be changed to the following persons with immediate effect: Name District’s Position NRIC No. Koh Eng Yan District Governor 590427-12-5092 Yee Kai Man Cabinet Treasurer 580207-12-5219 7.1.2 All bank transactions or withdrawals must be signed by both authorized signatories. 8 Report by Cabinet Secretary Mary Masudal 8.1 CS reported that majority of the Cabinet Officers have submitted their Plan of Action. She appealed to those who have not submitted, to do so soonest. 8.2 CS confirmed to have emailed templates for the various forms, e.g. MAR, FOL to all RC and ZC for onwards transmission to the clubs under them. She advised RC and ZC to forward the same to the club secretaries/treasurers as well. 8.3 CS appealed to all cabinet officers to check their mails regularly. Minutes of 1st Cabinet Meeting   Page 3 
  4. 4. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 9 Report By Cabinet Treasurer Yee Kai Man 9.1 CT presented District Budget 2009-2010. 9.2 The budget were discussed and deliberated: 9.2.1 In answering to question posted by DC Mike, DG advised a budgeted income of RM 6,000 on leadership development fund is derived from clubs’ donations. 9.2.2 In response to enquiry from PDG Tan Soh Har, DG advised that total 4 issues of District Bulletin will be published. 9.2.3 Budget of RM6, 000, are at RM 2,000 each, for International Relation, Youth Exchange and Leo Club Program. 9.2.4 In reply to DC Paul Chiu, DG advised the cost of printing the District Directory is around RM 9.00 per copy. The cost is higher than previous years due to the extra pages in colour and the books are in comb binding. 9.2.5 DG informed that the income of RM 18,000 is derived from advertisements and donation. She thanked the advertisers, as well as, the Lions for their assistance in soliciting advertisements to defray the printing costs. 9.2.6 DC Albert Tang proposed the District to study a full time secretariat on long- term basis, and proposed amendment of constitutions to delete the detailed breakdown on usage of district dues, thus enabling the flexibility to utilizing the District fund. 9.2.7 DC Clarence Ting commented that in line with DG’s goal for 10% membership growth, budget on income from new members’ entrance fees should be 175, i.e. 10% of 1,751 members and not on the realistic figure of 100. DG confirmed point taken and income budget be duly adjusted. 9.2.8 In reply to DC Clarence Ting comment that the District website RM500 is under-budget, DG Karen advised that RM 500 is for the yearly Web Master fees, whereas the design and maintenance of the district website is done by DC IT Dr Lee Mun Sing at no charge. 9.2.9 DC Clarence proposed District to look into engaging professional IT Company to design and maintain District Website. DG Karen suggested this proposal to be forwarded to the next Governor for consideration. 9.3 District Budget 2009-2010 was approved as proposed by DC Peter Goh and seconded by RC Hii Teck Yun. 9.4 On the Proposed LLI Activities and Budget for FY 2009-2010 submitted by LLI Coordinator, DC Melvin Disimond, DG Karen advised that 9.4.1 Budget of RM1, 000 for Regional Seminar for Leo Advisors and Faculty Advisors is not required, as district has budgeted for seminars organized at zone or region level. 9.4.2 Proposed retreats in Sabah & Sarawak for District Trainers is to be KIV, as the District Trainers have undergone training for the last 3 years, it is time for the DTs to put their acquired skills into practice. 9.4.3 All region/zone/clubs are free to invite DTs of their choice to conduct seminars workshops and the organizers are to budget for the traveling expenses of the DTs into their organizing cost. Minutes of 1st Cabinet Meeting   Page 4 
  5. 5. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 9.4.4 District will follow the policies and guidelines of LCI, with MERL Team to take charge of membership growth, extension, retention and leadership development. Clubs/organizers do not need to go through LLI for training approval or assignment of DTs. The clubs/organizers may refer to the MERL team for assistance, and District will give full support in terms of materials and resources. 9.4.5 LLI will serve as a resource centre only. 10 Report By Region Chairpersons 10.1 R1C Eric Tan will work with ZCs and clubs to meet the District Goals, as outlined in his Plan of Action. 10.2 R2C Patricia Ting will work closely with the ZCs in realizing the IP and District goals. She invited Cabinet Officers and clubs to R2 Joint Installation and participate in the Joint project of Kapit on 1/8/2009. 10.3 R3C Hii Teck Yun reported that 7 clubs under R3 have already done their Clubs’ Installation where 16 new members were inducted. DG commended R3C for a job well done. DG thanked R3C, Z8C John Hii, Z9C Simon Ting and PP Dato Lau Tan Ching Han for reorganizing LC Batu Niah, as well as, the collection of their outstanding dues. 10.4 R4C Teo Ho Hin advised he will emphasize on joint projects and activities among clubs in his region and will work as per plan of action submitted. 10.5 R5C Chong Kiew Loi advised that he will work as per plan of action. 10.6 R6C Judy Ngui will work closely with ZCs and clubs in her region. R6C targets 1 club extension for Sipitang in October 2009. 10.7 R7C Jackie Loo will perform as per her Plan of Action. R7C will also work on extension of one club in Tawau. She reported the Leo Club of Lahad Datu Middle School formed on 2/7/2009. 11 Report By Zone Chairpersons 11.1 Z1C Peter Ong will carry out his duties as per Plan of Action 11.2 Z2C Chai Si Kar informed that he has created a new website for Zone 2, He advised that the MD 308 website address as printed in the directory is incorrect. The correct address should be Z2C will also work closely with clubs in his zone and target to have one club extension in this fiscal year. 11.3 Z3C Robin Kho advised will work as per his plan of action. 11.4 Z4C Ung Sing Tai will perform duties as per plan of action. He assured DG that he will ensure all clubs in Zone 4 will achieve excellent award. 11.5 Z5C Evelyn A Biju will perform as per her plan of action. She thanked DG Karen for approving RM2, 000 District Disaster Fund for fire victims in Kapit; and thanked DC Alert Paul Chiu for his assistance. 11.6 Z6C Steven Chieng will work as per plan of action and will motivate clubs under his zone to strive for excellence awards. 11.7 Z7C Richard Hii will perform as per plan of action. 11.8 Z8C John Hii will work closely with RC and clubs in his zone, as per plan of action. He will also organize leadership orientation for members. Minutes of 1st Cabinet Meeting   Page 5 
  6. 6. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 11.9 Z9C Simon Ting will perform duties as per plan of action. He was happy to note with assistance from R3C Hii Teck Yun and Z8C John Hii, they were able to revive LC Batu Niah. However, he regrets that he was unable to get all the photos of the key officers in time for the publication of district directory. He advised that members of LC Batu Niah do not have any email address; communication has to be via fax or telephone calls. 11.10 Z10C Kho Tiong Mee, Z11C Kung Kong Yiew, Z12C Glenda Liew, Z13C Doreen Jominol, Z15C Chee Su Ken, Z16C Francis Pang and Z17C William Saw will work closely with their RC and the clubs under them. They pledged to perform their duties as outline in their Plan of Action.. 11.11 Z15C Chee Su Ken advised that Zone 15 would organize a major rural health project in Pensiangan on 12-13/12/09. 12 Report By District Chairpersons 12.1 DC Dr Gan Kean Siong briefed the cabinet on plan and objectives of Lions In Action Rally with a slide presentation. The rally planned on 22-25/10/09 to commemorate 50-year of Lionism in Malaysia, The convoy in 4x4 will flag off from different points: Tawau, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching concurrently, traveling from region to region, to carry out service projects/activities along the way, and ending in Miri on 24/10/09 for the grand finale. DC Dr Gan urged all RCs to forward their plans of activities to him with copy to DG by 21/8/2009. DG reminded that October is the month for membership drive. She urged the Lions to invite participation from friends of Lions and hope that this activity will instill the FOL to turn Lions. She would like to have a ‘grand induction night’ in Miri on 24/10/09. She advised all participating clubs to take video shot and photos of the rally for insertion in Lions Magazine. 12.2 DC Albert Tang recalled that there a number of amendments for both Multiple and District Constitution & By-Laws approved during the last MD Convention in Johore Baru. DG confirmed to have printed 400 copies of the amended District Constitution & By-Laws, for distribution to the clubs through the Zone Chairperson. 12.3 DC Albert Tang advised that out of the 72 Lions Clubs in our District, there are 6 clubs are still awaiting ROS approval. He advised RC/ZC to remind clubs in their zone to submit their Annual Returns to ROS on time. They may contact him for further information if required. 12.4 DC Convention/Protocol Clarence Ting advised the Cabinet to refer to district directory where “protocol and decorum” is one of the Awards Criteria for excellent club in the District for both Lions & Leos. Clubs/anyone may write to him for information and clarification should doubts arise. He assured that all correspondences to him will be kept strictly confidential. Minutes of 1st Cabinet Meeting   Page 6 
  7. 7. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 12.5 DC Clarence encouraged registration and attendance to the Oseal Forum in Pattaya Novmber 2009, Multiple District Convention in Singapore April 2010, and International Lions Convention in Sydney, Australia in 2010. He proposed to organize a Fellowship dinner for all A2 delegates at OSEAL Forum, Pattaya and MD/District Lions Convention, Singapore. As for Lions International convention in Sydney, Australia, He advised the Lions to visit the website for more information 12.6 DC Chieng Eu Hea pledged to work closely with all clubs on retention issues. He sees encouraging signs as we are getting quite a number of new members but we must continue to work to keep all members to avoid similar last minute membership drop as in the last fiscal year. All clubs can communicate with him via email or phone to discuss and share on retention issues. 12.7 DC Lions Alert/District Foundation Paul Chiu appealed for contributions towards District Disaster Fund. He aimed for 100 District Fellows. 12.8 DC Lions Service for Children [Sarawak] Wong Chii Sing will encourage joint projects as his plan of action. He seek further details on District Cleft Lip project with McDonalds’. CS, CT, R5C Chong Kiew Loi and R6C Judy Ngui attended the briefing by representatives of the McDonalds’ Foundation on 5/7/2009 at 1Borneo on the procedures and criteria of application for the Cleft Lip sponsorship. Eligible applicants should come from a family where the total income is less than RM2, 000 per month. Completed application form is to be submitted to McDonalds’ KK office for onwards submission to their KL HQ for approval. To save on traveling expenses for patients and their immediate family to KL, Lions will source for a local hospital or Medical clinic and the cost of the procedure. DG advised CS, CT, RCs, DC Dr. Molly and DC Margaret Lim to form a sub committee to handle this enquiry. 12.9 DC Lions Service for Children [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Stanley Chin will carry out his duties as per plan of action. 12.10 DC Public Relations & Media [Sarawak] Peter Goh assured full coverage on Lions activities in Sarawak 12.11 Both DC Environmental Services Robert Ong and Harry Lee will work closely as per action plan submitted. 12.12 Both DC Family & Women’s Membership Development [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Grace Wong and DC Hjh Juita Hj Drap will work closely with each other for growth in female membership. Minutes of 1st Cabinet Meeting   Page 7 
  8. 8. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 12.13 DC Extension Sheila Adenan and Tan Siaw Chuan will work to achieve District target of 5 new clubs, with 3 in Sabah and 2 in Sarawak. 12.14 DC Leo Clubs/Campus Clubs [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Melvin Disimond shall focus on the organizing of Leo Forum 2010 in Sabah. DG advised the formation of Leo Club of Lahad Datu Middle School in Lahad Datu, sponsored by LC of Lahad Datu Mandarin. LCI approved the certification on 2/7/2009. 12.15 DC Leo Clubs/Campus Clubs [Sarawak] Albert Tiang – please refer to plan of action. 12.16 DC Leadership Development [Sarawak] Michael Lim expressed his concern on the progress of LLI over the past years, as well, his disappointment on the exchange of email correspondence circulating all over the District, causing much disunity and hard feelings among Lions. He requested all to put aside these practices and instead to concentrate on our service work and get some real training done. DG concurred with DC Michael’s comments and reminded the cabinet to refrain from emotional outburst. For exchange of correspondences, please send and reply only to the party related to the matters of discussion in a cordial and professional manner. On the issue of LLI, DG recap that 1. Club[s] is at liberty to invite District Trainers of their choice, be it from Sabah or Sarawak. And, club[s] or organizer are urged to reimburse the expenses of the District Trainers. 2. District will follow the guidelines of LCI with MERL team to look into training and development of our Lions. 12.17 DC Leadership Development [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Alex Cheong encourage clubs to organize seminar/orientation either at club/zone/region level and shall extend assistance whereby possible. 12.18 DC Hearing & Speech & Work with the Deaf [Sarawak] Eric Yee– please refer to plan of action. He reported that the setting up of Sarawak Society for the Deaf in Region 2, with 1st VDG Augustine Ngu as its Pro-tem Committee Chairperson. 12.19 DC Hearing & Speech & Work with the Dear [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Lily Siah assured that she will carry out her duties as required. 12.20 DC Youth Camp & Exchange [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Margaret Lim seek clarification on the appointment of coordinators for Taiwan YE. DG advised the appointments were made in the last fiscal year, on a yearly basis. YE Program is a long term youth activity, where coordinators served as a back up service for the DC YE. Correspondence with other District, if any, should be send through the DC YE, with copy to DG. There was no appointment of Coordinators for Taiwan YE made by Minutes of 1st Cabinet Meeting   Page 8 
  9. 9. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan the District this fiscal year. However, the District has no objection if DC YE requests the assistance of the previous YE Coordinators. 12.21 DC Youth Camp & Exchange [Sarawak] Mary Ding reported that she will carry out her duties as required and will work closely with the YE coordinators in Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri. 12.22 DC Sight Conservation & Work with the Blind [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Dr Molly E Mathew encouraged all clubs to carry out vision screening and donate/distribute reading glasses to rural folks. 12.23 DC Sight Conservation & Work with the Blind [Sarawak] Dr Mark Tan reported he will work closely with his counter-part DC Dr Molly, though he has not submitted his plan of action yet. 12.24 DC Cultural & Community/Peace Poster Contest Bong Bong Kho reported he has sold 25 Peace poster kits to the clubs. The kit is RM50 each 12.25 DC Cultural & Community/Peace Poster Contest Connie Loh reported she has sold 39 Peace Poster Kits to participating clubs. She will be responsible for the collection and payment to CT Yee Kai Man. DG ordered 64 kits from Liberty Productions Sdn Bhd. 12.26 DC Diabetes Dr Gan Kean Siong encouraged clubs to carry out projects on promoting diabetes awareness. 12.27 DC Membership/Friends of Lions [Sarawak] Cecil Adenan will work for membership growth and to achieve District goals of 10% net growth. 12.28 DC Membership/Friends of Lions [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Francis Chau – please refer to plan of action. He reported 12 new members were inducted at the Region 5 & 6 Joint Installation in Kota Kinabalu. 12.29 DC Activities Shirley Pang will ensure submissions for MAR and MMR by all clubs are done on time. 12.30 DC Honorary Committee Chairperson PDG Mary Law assured that she will promote ‘unity and harmony’ in the District. 12.31 DC LCIF Coordinator/District International Relations Chairperson PDG Tan Soh Har presented a slide show on work of LCIF. She thanked ZC Chai Si Kar for preparing the slide presentation. PDG Tan Soh Har targeted 25 MJF for the year. Aside from expecting contributions from clubs and individual Lions, she will also source for donation from the Cooperate companies and big organizations. Minutes of 1st Cabinet Meeting   Page 9 
  10. 10. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 12.32 DC LCIF Coordinator/District International Relations Chairperson PDG Tan Soh Har reported club twinning of LC Sibu Pahlawan, Sibu and LC Guangdong Le Shan, China on 31/7/2009. 13 Any Other Business 13.1 CT will email to all the templates (Cabinet Officer’s traveling claim form). He advised Cabinet Officers to complete the claim form for their reimbursement of air- ticket of economy travel and submit to him, together with supporting e-ticket, and to reach him on/before 15/8/2009. Cabinet Officers who prefer payment by on-line transfer are requested to provide their banker’s details in the claim form. CT requested RC/ZC to remind the clubs to pay their LCI and District dues by 15/8/09. Billing will be based on the clubs’ membership as at 1/7/2009. . 13.2 1st VDG Augustine Ngu congratulated DG Karen for successfully organized her Inauguration on 25/7/2009. He will work closely with 2nd VDG Dr. Tan Tzu Kun to organize the MERL Conference 2009 in Sabah and Sarawak. He pledged to work closely with DG and her team to achieve the District’s goals. 13.3 2nd VDG Dr Tan Tzu Kun congratulated DG Karen for her selection of cabinet officers. With the cooperation of all cabinet officers, 2nd VDG Dr Tan is confident that DG Karen will have a good year. He assured DG Karen that she can rely on his fullest support as 2nd VDG. 13.4 DG Karen highlighted to all Cabinet Officers that LCI and IP Eberhard called for teamwork from all. Awards from LCI will be given to the Cabinet Officers on the following criteria: Zone Chairperson Award - if Club Presidents under him/her achieved the 100% President award Region Chairperson Award - if ZC under him/her achieved the Zone Chairperson award 1st & 2nd VDGs Award – if RC achieved the Region Chairperson award DG Award – if 1st and 2nd VDGs achieved the VDG award 13.5 On behalf of all Cabinet Officers, IPDG Sim Boon Chuan thanked DG for chairing the meeting. 14 Next Meeting 14.1 Fixed on 8/11/2009 [Sun] from 8:30am to 12noon at Tanahmas Hotel, Sibu 14.2 District Cabinet Officers Fellowship Dinner on 7/11/2009. 14.3 RC Patrick Ting will assist CS Mary in organizing the 2nd Cabinet Meeting Minutes of 1st Cabinet Meeting   Page 10 
  11. 11. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 15 Adjournment There being no other business, DG Karen adjourned the meeting at 12:30pm with a vote of thanks to the floor, and wished all a safe journey home. Recorded by Confirmed by ………………………….. ………………………………… Mary Masudal Karen Koh Eng Yan Cabinet Secretary District Governor Minutes of 1st Cabinet Meeting   Page 11