Minutes Of 46th Md Convention Coc Meeting[1]


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Minutes Of 46th Md Convention Coc Meeting[1]

  1. 1. 46th Multiple District 308 Lions Convention 24/4/08 – 27/4/08 Kota Kinabalu Minutes of the Convention Organizing Committee Meeting Held on 15/12/09 at 6:30pm at Unit 3.20, Level 3, Komplek Asia City, KK Present No. Lion Position Lions Clubs 1 PDG Datuk Dr. Ting Ing Chiew COC – Chairperson KK Metro 2 DG Karen Koh District Govenor Tanjung Aru 3 Joseph Chai COC Treasurer KK Host 4 Mary Masudal COC Asst Secretary KK Central 5 Janny Yapp Club President KK Central 6 Dr Wah Hai Sit Club Member KK Mandarin 7 Yee Kai Man Club Secretary KK Mandarin 8 Shirley Pang DC Activities & Bulletin KK Sutera 9 Glenda Liew Zone Chairperson KK Sutera 10 Richard Lim Past President Tanjung Aru 11 Francis Chau DC Membership Tanjung Aru 12 Michael Huang Club President KK Metro 13 Margaret Lau Club Member KK Damai 14 Florence Chin Club President KK City 1. Meeting Call To Order PDG Datuk Dr. Ting Ing Chiew chaired and called the meeting to order at 6:45pm 2. Roll Call & Apologies Apologies were received from: Lion Lions Clubs Lion Lions Clubs CC Simon Koh KK Metro Nenita S Tan KK Host Alex Cheong Tanjung Aru Chong Kiew Loi KK Host Leena Toyoi KK Penampang Chew Sang Hai KK Metro Marianne Crispinus Penampang Hongkod Florence Francis Penampang Hongkod 3. Opening 3.1 Chairperson PDG Datuk Dr. Ting Ing Chiew welcomed the attendance of all to hear the progress report of the Lions ambulance project. He recapped that at the previous COC meeting, Lion Yee Kai Man, LC KK Mandarin proposed to use the surplus from organizing the 46th MD 308 Lions Convention to purchase an ambulance and Lions shall run the ambulance services as there is a serious shortage for such services. The proposal was unanimously agreed by all 13 COC participating clubs, mandate was given to CT Yee Kai Man and his committee to proceed with the organizing of Lions Ambulance Services project, in addition, 6 COC Executive Committee namely PDG Datuk Dr. Ting Ing Chiew, PDG Simon Koh, DG Karen Koh, CT Yee Kai Man, PP Joseph Chai, and PP Leena were appointed to follow up and come back with progress report. . 3.2 Chairperson PDG Dr. Ting invited DG Karen to speak on subject project. 3.3 DG Karen thanked PDG Dr. Ting and commended him for his outstanding leadership in organizing a successful 46th MD 308 Lion Convention with substantial amount of surplus. She advised that the idea of Ambulance Services was first mooted by PP Dr. Wah Kai Sit, who sees an urgent need to provide such much-need services to complement the ambulance services currently provided by the Government and the NGOs. She invited PP Dr. Wah Hai Sit and CT Yee Kai Man to brief the floor on the progress of the project.
  2. 2. 3.4 PP Wah Hai Sit & CT Yee Kai Man reported progress as follow: 3.4.1 Over the years, there has been a serious shortage of ambulance services. Currently, such services are provided by QEH, St John and Yayasan Sabah Ambulance Services. 3.4.2 Various meetings were conducted over the past months to discuss and work out the project. Courtesy calls were also made to the various Departments/authorities, including Yayasan Ambulance Services for their advice and support. 3.4.3 To run the ambulance services, we need man-power, resources, and know how. A legal entity is required for the ambulance to be on the road. 3.4.4 A separate entity – Lions Ambulance Service Society [LASS] was set up. Pro-tem Committee was formed for the purpose of registering with the Registrar of Society, of which approval is due anytime, pending final clearance from the Ministry of Health in Kuala Lumpur. 3.4.5 Dr Wah Hai Sit was appointed as Chairman of Pro-tem Committee for ROS registration. No Position Names Club 1 Chairman Dr Wah Hai Sit LC KK Mandarin 2 Vice Chairman Frank Leong LC KK Metro 3 Secretary Mary Masudal LC KK Central 4 Treasurer Chung Kee Hung LC KK Mandarin 5 Advisor Karen Koh LC Tanjung Aru 6 Committee Yee Kai Man LC KK Mandarin 7 Committee Tan Siaw Chuan LC KK Mandarin 8 Committee Judy Ngui LC KK Central 9 Committee Glenda Liew LC KK Sutera 10 Committee Janny Yapp LC KK Central 3.4.6 Membership to LASS is only opened to Lions members in good standing. The Constitution and By Laws of LASS has been duly edited by ROS. 3.4.7 Once ROS is approved, will call for meeting of all 13 participating clubs for election of Management Committee. 3.4.8 Sabah Kidney Society has consented to rent out a room for office use and 2 covered parking lots in their premises near Tshung Tsing High School for operation as Ambulance centre 3.4.9 PP Dr Wah informed that for operating, LASS shall start off with: 1. 2 units of Ambulances 2. 4 trained staffs [Yayasan Sabah has agreed to train staffs] 3. 1 Receptionist cum admin clerk 4. For the Initial first 2 years, LASS will provide for patients in the Kota Kinabalu area within the radius of 15 kilometers from the city centre on working hours of 8am to 5pm on weekdays only. Subsequently, it will be on 24 hours. 3.4.8 He added that with more ambulances available, will plan to reach out to the schools and other organizations to provide “Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation” training for the students and the members of the public. Will also provide “Mobile Health Services” especially in the rural areas along the West Coast of Sabah where our services are needed most. 3.4.9 To achieve our objectives, the ambulances need to be equipped with basic screening instruments such as machines for checking blood glucose, urine, blood pressure and some basic medicines.
  3. 3. 3.4.10 On the issue of Funding and operating cost, PP Dr Wah advised the funds will derive from the following sources: 1. COC surplus RM 160,000 [to purchase 1 unit ambulance] 2. LCI Grant USD 46,000 [RM160, 000] to purchase 2nd unit ambulance 3. To be registered with Sabah Council of Welfare Services so as to be eligible for application of government annual grant 4. Apply for tax exemption of Taxes on donation made to LASS 5 Approach big corporate bodies for donations and support 6. Support from District 7. Support from all clubs in A2 8. Support from participating clubs thru Fund Raising 9. Fund Raising by LASS Management Committee He further advised that donations will come in from public once LASS is running well as in the case of Sabah Kidney Society. 3.5. DG Karen Koh remarked the project is a future for Lions in Sabah and citing the example of Kuching having its own signature project- the Kuching Lions nursing home, Sibu has Agape Centre for Children with Special needs and Bintulu only 4 clubs also got their own Lions office. LC KK Host has signature project – the gravity water, LC KK Mandarin has signature project – the Kidney Society. These are clubs’ project. But for KK or the whole of Sabah we have yet to have a signature project representing all the Lions Clubs. A project that makes our KK Lions proud of. She is pleased that the 13 COC participating clubs have given the mandate to CT Yee Kai Man and the rest to proceed with this meaningful joint community service project - ambulance service which will reach out to the people at the time when help is most needed. She trusted that the ambulance service will greatly enhance the image of the Lions, as a doer and a true humanitarian. This good project can also motivate our Lions members; help boost their morale, hence, our membership retention rate will improve significantly. She suggested that, clubs in KK can go on rotation, take turn to do service project at the Sunday fair at Gaya Street every week. With LION logos prominently displayed on the Ambulance parks at the Sunday Fair, it can also be a good way for publicity and membership drive. 3.6. DG Karen advised that during her trip to Minneapolis last July 2009, she visited LCI HQ and had an opportunity to discuss with them on the Lion Ambulance Service project, who advised that the project is eligible for application of LCIF Standard Grant of maximum USD75, 000. The criteria for application of LCIF Standard Grant are: 1. Participation of more than 1 club 2. Main role of clubs is to participate and be in the working committee. 3. Endorsement by District Cabinet DG Karen advised PP Dr. Wah and LASS Committee to prepare the LCIF Grant application form for District endorsement at Cabinet meeting and onward submission to LCIF for approval of Standard Grant. District 308-A2 is entitled to apply for 2 Standard Grant. She called for all Lions from the participating clubs to give their fullest support to this Joint project of all clubs in KK and made it a success. She urged members’ participation and involvement, as well as, all clubs to contribute generously to LASS when carry out their clubs’ annual fund raising project. She will also seek support from future DGs to include donation to LASS as one of the criteria for Club Awards. 3.7 PDG Datuk Dr. Ting seeks clarification on clubs participation basis and to which PP Dr Wah replied that members representing clubs will be elected as management irrespective of which clubs he/she is from. A copy of the LASS C&BL will be extended to all COC. 4. Treasurer Report Lion Joseph Chai advised total the amount in bank is around RM160.000.00.
  4. 4. 5. Melvin Jones DG reminded Lion Joseph Chai to arrange a Melvin Jones Fellow to COC-C PDG Dr. Ting as earlier endorsed, which was in appreciation and in recognition of his contributions. 6. Any Other Business 1) DG Karen thanked the Chairperson Datuk Dr. Ting for chairing the progress meeting of ambulance service and for providing the meeting venue and refreshment. 2) PDG Dtk Dr Ting expressed he is happy with LASS as it is a meaningful and long term project. He urged all to proceed to finalize the project soonest. 7. Adjournment There being no other business, Chairperson PDG Datuk Dr, Ting adjourned the meeting at 7.45 pm with a vote of thanks to all present. Recorded by Confirmed by …………………………….. ……………………………….. Mary Masudal PDG Datuk Dr Ting Ing Chiew