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Minutes Of 2nd Cab Mtg

  1. 1. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan Minutes of the 2nd District Cabinet Meeting for FY 2009-2010 Held on the 8th November 2009 at 8:30am at Harbour View Hotel, Kuching, Sarawak Present: 1 DG Karen Koh Eng Yan 23 ZC Kung Kuok Yew 2 IPDG Sim Boon Chuan 24 ZC Glenda Liew Vui Ling 3 1st VDG Augustine Ngu 25 ZC Doreen Jominol 4 2nd VDG Dr Tan Tsu Kun 26 ZC Chee Su Ken 5 PDG /DC Tan Soh Har 27 ZC Francis Pang Kin Yeap 6 PDG /DC Mary Law 28 DC Shirley Pang 7 Cabinet Secretary Mary Masudal 29 DC Paul Chiu Hung Siong 8 Cabinet Treasurer Yee Kai Man 30 DC Albert Tang Yew Liong 9 RC Eric Tan Chung Tak 31 DC Bong Bong Kho 10 RC Patricia Ting Mee Hung 32 DC Connie Loh 11 RC Hii Teck Yun 33 DC Dr Gan K.S 12 RC Teo Ho Hin 34 DC Harry lee Tian Song 13 RC Chong Kiew Loi 35 DC Sheila Adenan 14 ZC Peter Ong 36 DC Alex Cheong Yuen Fatt 15 ZC Chai Si Kar 37 DC Albert Tiang 16 ZC Robin Kho Hua Kok 38 DC Wong Chii Sing 17 ZC Ung Sing Tai 39 DC Cecil Adenan 18 ZC Evelyn A. Biju 40 DC Peter Goh Yew Soon 19 ZC Steven Chieng Ching Ung 41 DC Chieng Eu Hea 20 ZC Richard Hii Ming Ting 42 DC Dr Mark Tan Min Yaw 21 ZC Simon Ting Sii Hing 43 DC Hjh Juita Binti Hj Drap 22 ZC Kho Tiong Mee 44 DC Margaret Lim Absent with Apologies (20): 1 RC Judy Ngui 11 DC Eric Yee Kuok Eng 2 RC Jackie Loo Oi Chin 12 DC Dr Lee Mun Seng 3 ZC John Hii Miing Tiing 13 DC Michael Lim Seng Gyup 4 ZC Andrew Pang 14 DC Melvin Disimond 5 ZC Chee Su Ken 15 DC Stanley Chin Yat Min 6 ZC William Saw Khay Beng 16 DC Francis Chau 7 DC Clarence Ting Ing North 17 DC Dr Molly Elizabeth Mathew 8 DC Dr Robert Ong 18 DC Chan Suk Ting 9 DC Tan Siaw Chuan 19 DC Grace Wong 10 DC Lily Siah 20 DC Mary Ding Minutes 1. Meeting Call to Order by District Governor Karen Koh Eng Yan DG Karen Koh called the Meeting to order at 8:45am. 2. Roll Call by Cabinet Secretary Mary Masudal CS Mary Masudal conducted the roll call. Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 1
  2. 2. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 3. Opening Remarks by District Governor Karen Koh 3.1 DG welcomed and thanked all for attending the 2nd Cabinet Meeting of District 308-A2. 3.2 She thanked RC Eric Tan for organizing the Cabinet fellowship & Induction Night on 7/11/2009 with great successful. 3.3 She commended all for an outstanding performance at just 4 months in office and expressed that she is glad and fortunate to have all the excellent Lions in her team. 4. Adoption of Agenda The agenda was adopted as proposed by ZC Peter Ong and seconded by RC Patricia Ting. 5. Confirmation of Previous Minutes Minutes of the 1st Cabinet Meeting was confirmed as correct recording as proposed by DC Cecil Adenan and seconded by DC Bong Bong Kho. 6. Reports by 6.1 1st Vice District Governor – MERL Team 1. 1st VDG Augustine Ngu reported total attendance of 85 and 91 participants to MERL Conference in KK and Sibu respectively. He attributed the overall success of the conference to the eloquent Speakers 2. He expressed his sincere thanks to 2nd VDG, the Vice Chairperson of MERL Team Dr Tan Tsu Kun for overseeing the MERL Conference in KK, RC Patricia Ting for organizing the MERL Conference in Sibu, DC Alex Cheong in KK and all Lions in the District for their support. He also thanked DG Karen for the allocation of RM2,000.00 District fund as organizing fees. However, he reported a deficit of RM515.00 for the conference. 3. His comments & recommendations for future MERL conference are as follows: 1. The Modules presented must be a standard set for the conference. 2. One full day is required for this conference/seminar (Need more time for discussions and workshop) 3. All the topics related to MERL must be covered 4. Sarawak region to have 2 sections, i.e. English & Mandarin 5. District to allocate more Funds. 4. DG Karen Koh thanked 1st VDG Augustine Ngu and 2nd VDG Dr Tan Tsu Kun for organizing the MERL conference 5. She commented that future Governors to consider organizing the MERL Conference at regional level; so as to save the costs of those attending, as well more will be able to participate, while the cost of the conference should be stay within the budget. However, DG Karen will leave the decision on budget needs for MERL Conference to future cabinet. 6. Meantime, she expressed her disappointment on the participation in Sibu as reported 91 but actual attendance was only around 50. 7. In response to DC Alex Cheong proposed to increase the District funding from RM2, 000 to RM2, 515 to cover the deficit amount of RM515, IPDG Sim Boon Chuan commented that once budgeted, no additional should be allowed; unless such request was made to DG before the event. Otherwise the District will end up in deficit if all projects are allowed to increase. 8. On behalf of District, DG Karen thanked 1st & 2nd VDG for covering the deficit RM515. Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 2
  3. 3. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 6.2 Cabinet Secretary - Admin 1. CS Mary Masudal reported that majority of the Cabinet Officers have submitted their written reports. She seek cooperation from all to submit their reports early to DG and she also urged all cabinet officers to prepare early for future meeting so that all are fully aware of what’s happening when meeting is in progress. 2. CS reported that a few clubs did not submit their MMR and MAR on time and in particular no reports were received from LC of Kudat Emerald since beginning of the fiscal year. 3. DG Karen advised those who have changed their email addresses or have preferred email addresses to notify CS so she can forward them to DC IT Dr Lee Mun Seng to be updated on the District website. 6.3 Cabinet Treasurer– Treasurer’s Report 1. CT Yee Kai Man tabled and briefed the meeting on the revised District Budget 2009- 2010. 2. It was noted that the date of budgeted Income & Expenditure should read as at 3/11/2009 instead of 3/10/2009. 3. Statements of Overdue District Dues will be sent out in January 2010. CT seeks assistance from the RC/ZC to collect outstanding District Dues, from LC Kuching Alamanda, Kuching Cosmo, and Kudat Emerald. 4. All Income reported are well within budget except for Leadership Development fund which is falling short. He urged RCs and ZCs to appeal to clubs for contributions to the fund. 5. Clubs with outstanding International dues for more than 120 days are: LC Bau, KK Downtown, KK Penampang, Kuching Allamanda, Kuching Cosmopolitan, Kuching Stamping, Kudat Emerald, Lahad Datu, Miri Central, and Ranau. 6. CT received numerous queries from Clubs for details of LCI statements and their excess charges. He advised to refer to Clubs Treasurers as all statements were sent to them directly from LCI. He highlighted the excess charge of USD90.00 could have arise from Annual Leo Levy. 7. DG Karen advised Clubs which have Leo Clubs that are not active, to write to LCI to deregister them so as to avoid paying the levy. She advised CT to please extend a copy of the DG monthly review account from LCI to all RC and ZC for their further action. 6.4 Lions in Action Rally 2009 – DC Dr Gan Kean Siong DC Dr Gan reported: 1. Around 71 Clubs in the district participated in Lions in Action Rally 2009.. 2. The convoy in 4x4 flagged off from different points: Tawau, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching concurrently, traveling from region to region, and numerous projects/activities were carried out along the way and all ended in Miri on 24/10/09 for a grand fellowship night where 31 new members were inducted. 3. He was relieved that no one was injured despite the group from Tawau suffered an accident along the way, and all completed the rally safely. 4. He thanked all RCs for the great help and all Lions for their efforts, support and participation. 5. He also thanked Deputy Minister of Transport YB PDG Datuk Robert Lau, Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah YB Charter President Lion Datuk Peter Pang, DG, 1st and 2nd VDGs, Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 3
  4. 4. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan Past Officers of Association, Fellow Cabinet officers, Fellow Lions and Leos for their generosity, donations in kind, support and encouragement. DG Karen congratulated and commended DC Dr Gan for successfully organizing this District event. DG forwarded the event’s messages and photos to LCI. LCI responded to congratulated District 308-A2 for this innovative project and would like to use the project materials in the LCI magazine. She seeks cooperation from all OCs in their respective regions to submit brief reports and forward them to DC Dr Gan with copy to her by 15th November, 2009. DG also requested for good resolution and action photos to be forwarded to ZC Chai Si Kar for selection. She congratulated all for a job well done, 7. Reports & Comments from Cabinet Officers 7.1 R1C Eric Tan Chung Tak had submitted his written report. 1. He commented that Region 1 Clubs have set an example of good teamwork and fellowship by having joint projects & activities. 2. He thanked all the 3 ZCs and Clubs Presidents for their contributions and dedication to the success of the Region. 7.2 R2C Patricia Ting reported 1. 2 weak clubs in Region 2. 2. She commended and thanked all 3 Zone Chairpersons and Clubs Presidents in Region 2 for their dedication and commitment in their humanitarian work. 3. She also wished that all the 7 Regions have closer ties in friendship and understanding. DG Karen congratulated R2C for 1 club extension LC of Sungai Merah sponsored by LC of Sibu Pahlawan. 7.3 R3C Hii Teck Yun reported that 1. all the 12 Clubs Presidents have been working hard on membership development and thanked all the 3 ZCs under his region for rendering their assistance. 2. Details of clubs performance is as per his written report. DG Karen commended and congratulated R3C and Z8C John Hii, Z9C Simon Ting for the assistance rendered to LC of Batu Niah. The outstanding District / International dues reported earlier have been duly settled. She urged R3C, Z8C and Z9C to give more attention on LC Batu Niah as they are weak in club’s administration. 7.4 R4C Teo Ho Hin submitted his written report. 1. He highlighted that clubs in Region 4 have carried out numerous projects in Limbang and Lawas during Lions in Action rally. 2. He thanked ZC Kho Tiong Mee and ZC Kung for the great job. 7.5 R5C Chong Kiew Loi reported 1. 2 completed joint projects namely H1N1 Awareness Campaign and Lions in Action rally. 2. He added in club extension, LC KK Mandarin sponsored LC of Tuaran with charter Night to be held on 15/11/09. 3. Overall all clubs in Region 5 are active, except LC Kudat Emerald. Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 4
  5. 5. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan DG Karen congratulated R5C for 1 club extension, LC of Tuaran and for maintaining zero drop membership in region 5. 7.6 R6C Judy Ngui was not present to report. In her written report, 1. R6C Judy informed that most clubs recorded growth in membership. Completed Activities & Projects are H1N1 awareness, Peace poster contest, Community / Children Services /Environment, Lions in Action Rally, Leadership Practice. Youth Exchange and Activities. 2. In Club extension, LC of Sipitang, sponsored by LC KK Central and the new club’s Charter Night will be held on 14/11/09 7.7 R7C Jackie Loo was not present to report. In the written report, 1. She noted that all clubs had membership growth of more than 1 new member; Lions & Leo Clubs submitted their Plan of Action. 2. The completed activities & Projects are H1N1 & Drug Awareness campaign, Membership Drive seminar, Peace Poster Contest, Community / Children services / Environment, Lions in Action Rally. 3. R7C targets club extension, one each in Lahad Datu and Tawau respectively. 7.8 Z1C Peter Ong in his written report highlighted the following: 1. All clubs submitted their MMR & MAR. 2. District and 1st half LCI dues were duly paid. 3. All the clubs are active and have complied with their Annual action plan to-date. 7.9 Z2C Chai Si Kar has submitted his written report. He also reported: 1. LC Bau plans to form a Leo Club. 2. LC Kuching Ixora strives for club extension. 3. He targets for 1 new club before end of fiscal year. 7.10 ZC Robin Kho submitted report. He highlighted the following: 1. All clubs are very active in the last 4 months except LC Kuching Cosmopolitan which requires extra attention and assistance. 2. All clubs have submitted their MMR & MAR except LC Kuching Cosmopolitan. 3. 3 clubs have membership growth and 1 club maintain. 4. To-date all clubs have complied with their Annual plan of action. 7.11 Z4C Ung Sing Tai submitted written report. He advised that: 1. 4 clubs in Zone 4 have membership growth and 1 club maintain. 2. All clubs have submitted their MMR & MAR on time. 3. LC of Sibu Central is facing slight financial problem. 4. All clubs are actively involved in projects and activities as per their MAR reports. 7.12 Z5C Evelyn A Biju submitted her written report. She stressed that 1. She is fortunate to have 4 dynamic Clubs Presidents and thus did not encounter much problem. Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 5
  6. 6. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 2. She reported 1 club extension, LC Sungai Merah sponsored by LC Sibu Pahlawan and they are currently working on chartering another new club which to-date has 14 members. 3. She thanked DG Karen for approving RM2, 000 District Disaster Fund for fire victims in Kapit; and thanked DC Alert Paul Chiu for his assistance. 4. She announced and congratulated Lions under her Zone namely ZC Ung Sing Tai, PP Betty Wong and Lion Thomas Thien for being conferred the State award Pingat ABS. 5. DG Karen extended her congratulations to the Lions 7.12.4 and requested for their photos to be uploaded to website. 7.13 Z6C Steven Chieng submitted written report. He reported that: 1. All 4 Clubs have submitted with their annual plan. 2. On membership growth, LC Sibu Mandarin recruited 4 new members and LC Sibu Seduan recruited 2 new members. 3. All clubs MMR & MAR were submitted on time. 4. The 1st District Governor Advisory meeting was held. 7.14 Z7C Richard Hii in his report highlighted the following: 1. 1 Leo club extension, Leo Club of SMK Bintulu F6 sponsored by LC Bintulu Host. 2. All clubs in Zone 7 are active and cooperative. 3. He announced 1 Lion member under Zone 7 being conferred the State Award PGDK which carries the title “Datuk”. 7.15. 8C John Hii in his report highlighted the following: 1. All 4 clubs paid District dues and half yearly LCI dues 2. All 4 Clubs submitted MMR & MAR. 3. 3 clubs has membership growth. 1 club maintains unchanged. 4. All 4 clubs have submitted with their annual plan. 7.16 Z9C Simon Ting in his report highlighted the following: 1. All 4 clubs have been active as shown in their MAR reports and many joint projects have been carried out. 2. Submission of MAR, MMR and payment of dues were prompt except for LC Batu Niah which is slightly delayed. 3. He concluded that the efforts put in by the respective 4 clubs had been very satisfactory although LC Batu Niah is still weak in their administration. 7.17 Z10C Kho Tiong Mee reported 1. All the 3 clubs are actively involved in many joint projects and activities as outline in his written report. 2. On membership, LC of Limbang Mandarin has achieved 10% growth and LC Lawas 5% whilst LC Limbang maintained. 3. New members were given orientation and to date the 3 club’s annual plan have been submitted. 7.18 Z11C Kung Kong Yiew in his report highlighted the following: 1. All clubs have submitted their MMR & MAR. 2. All clubs have paid their District dues & the 1st half LCI dues. Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 6
  7. 7. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 3. Clubs are actively involved in joint Projects & Activities and have submitted the Annual plan. 4. LC of Labuan & Belait achieved growth in membership and the other 2 clubs maintained. 7.19 Z12C Glenda Liew reported 1. All clubs has submitted with their annual plan. 2. Clubs paid up their dues and submitted MMR & MAR report. 3. The 1st and 2nd Zone meeting were held and was well participated by all the respective clubs. 7.20 Z13C Doreen Jominol in her report highlighted the following: 1. All the 4 clubs have paid their District dues except LC Kudat Emerald. 2. LC KK Host and LC Penampang Hongkod recruited 2 new members each. 3. The 2nd District advisory committee meeting was held in Kudat in an attempt to get LC Kudat Emerald’s members to attend. 4. LC KK Downtown has not submitted any MAR reports and has not paid LCI dues. 5. LC Kudat Emerald has not submitted MMR & MAR since July 2009 despite many reminders. 7.21 Z14C Andrew Pang was not present to report. 7.22 Z15C Chee Su Ken was not present to report. He submitted his written report which highlighted: 1. All clubs submitted MMR & MAR on time. 2. Various joint projects and activities completed. 7.23 Z16C Francis Pang reported 1. All clubs under his Zone have membership growth. 2. Targets 1 club extension in Lahad Datu 3. Planning to arrange a meeting with all ex-Leos in Sandakan as an initiative for membership drive. 7.24 Z17C William Saw was not present to report. He has submitted his written report on completed and upcoming various projects/ activities by clubs under his zone. 7.25 DC Albert Tang reported that 1. He has received enquiries including request from DG Karen to update the Club’s C&BL in accordance to different categories of LCI membership, fees waiver for family units and ex Leos, as well, the new brand Lions logo; 2. 2nd VDG Dr. Tan reported LC Tenom application has been duly approved by ROS, of which the club’s C&BL has included the lists of different categories of Lions membership. DG Karen advised 2nd VDG Dr. Tan to extend a copy of LC Tenom Club’s C&BL to all clubs, especially the new charter clubs and for uploading to District Website. 3. DC Albert Tang reported that 6 clubs are awaiting ROS approval, 2 clubs have received their approval. He believed some clubs have not registered with the registrar of society (ROS) and clubs like LC Brunei & LC Belait will not be able to register. Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 7
  8. 8. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 4. DC Albert Tang recalled that he has been a cabinet officer since 1989 and he observed the District can achieve greater heights through the following recommendations: a. District Governor to design a form for which at the end of the fiscal year, each District Cabinet Officers will give their feedback, whereby the comments and information will be passed on to the next District Governor. Henceforth, we will not repeat the same mistakes every year. b. For those cabinet officers serving for the first time, he advised more intensive form of schooling to be done at District Conference. c. He stressed the importance of Image on all aspiring leaders. Leaders are examples to other Lions and non Lions, where they can impact on their future. He suggested all aspiring Leaders to polish up their own image so that they would represent all Lions, as well as, potential Lions and project an image which is attractive to people. There are many ways to polish up image whether in speeches or in written reports. There are Help from a variety of sources that can carry on as responsible leaders. 5. He hoped his suggestions will not be taken as any criticisms as he meant well for the District DG Karen advised District Cabinet Officers to submit feedback instead of written reports at 4th cabinet meeting. On the subject of Lions image, DG quoted the 3 pillars of Lionism – “Services, Leadership and Fellowship” that fellowship brings us together but there is a limit and advised all to observe. 7.26 DC Activities Shirley Pang in her report highlighted the following: 1. The 1st issue of the District Bulletin has been distributed and the 2nd issue will be out by January 2010. 2. 11 Lions Clubs did not submit their MAR since July 09. 3. 17 Leo Clubs have not submitted report since July 09 4. LC Kudat Emerald has not submitted MMR & MAR since July 09 She seeks assistance from all RCs and ZCs to remind clubs to submit their monthly reporting on time and the DCs Leo Club to remind Leo Clubs to submit reports. DG Karen informed the submission of MMR to LCI on time is 97%. The submission of MAR which need a bit of writing is not so good but there is room for improvement with another 7 months to go. DG commended DC Shirley for her creativity in developing and designing the cabinet officers’ photographs. She also wished to record her appreciation to DC Shirley for her dedication and commitment in her work. 7.27 DC Cultural & Community/Peace Poster Contest Bong Bong Kho and DC Connie Loh reported respectively: 1. Launching of Peace Poster Contest in Sibu on 02/8/09 and in Tenom on the 16/8/09. 2. Most clubs in Region1, 2, 3 & 4 held their Peace Poster Contest jointly. 3. 2wo clubs in Region 6 held their Peace Poster Contest jointly. 4. Final judging took place on 25/10/09 at Dewan Suarah in Miri, 54 drawings were submitted and results are: Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 8
  9. 9. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 1st Prize Amanda Mah Jean Fung Sponsored by LC Lahad Datu Mandarin 2nd Prize Sia Bik Soon Sponsored by LC Sibu 3rd Prize Lau Chuan Joon Sponsored by LC Kuching Host 5. Both DC appealed to DG and District Cabinet for prizes from District to be given to the 3 winners. 6. DG Karen proposed and unanimously approved by the District Cabinet RM 600 as cash prizes to the 3 winners [1st prize = RM 300, 2nd prize = RM 200 and 3rd Prize = RM 100] as a form of encouragement. 7. DG Karen advised both DCs to write to all clubs Presidents informing them about the results of the winners, cash prizes and to include feedback from judges as follow: 1. that the meaning of the theme to be clearly explained to participants 2. that drawings should not include landmark places, flags of different nations, people dressed in cultural costume and people of different races. 7.28 DC Diabetes Dr Gan Kean Siong reported that: 1. He received reports from 3 clubs who have organized diabetes awareness campaign and they are LC Sibu Seduan, LC Tenom and Keningau. 2. He reminded that November is a Diabetes Awareness month. He called for clubs’ to utilize their resources to promote diabetes awareness and encouraged organizing Health promotion projects concerning diabetes awareness to be launched in all regions on World Diabetes Day on 14/11/09. 7.29 DC Environmental Services [Brunei, Sabah, FT Labuan] Robert Ong was not present to report. His written report outlined the various environmental awareness carried out by Clubs in Region 5, 6 & 7. 7.30 DC Environmental Services [Sarawak] Harry Lee reported: 1. Clubs in region 1,2 & 3 have carried out various environmental awareness as outlined in his written reported submitted. 2. He expressed disappointment that so far not many have responded to participate in the District level Environmental Photo Contest. He urge for more support for the event. DG Karen named a few good Lions photographers including ZC Char Si Kar, DC Melvin Disimond, DC Dr. Mark Tan and PDG Mary Law as potential participants in the Environmental Photo contest. 7.31 DC Extension [Brunei, Sabah, FT Labuan] Tan Siaw Chuan was not present to report. 7.32 DC Extension [Sarawak] Sheila Adenan in her report highlighted the following: 1. In Region 1, LC Bau has targeted to form a Leo Club and LC Kuching Ixora is working on 1 new club extension. 2. In Region 2, LC Sibu Pahlawan has 1 club extension LC of Sungai Merah and in Region 3, clubs are working for clubs extension. 3. With clubs announcing new clubs from all regions, she hoped that all clubs extension will materialize to meet the target set by DG. Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 9
  10. 10. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan DG Karen thanked DC Sheila for the excellent job. She pointed out that IP Eberhad J. Wirfs has revised the target on membership growth for Districts in Constitution V from 10% to average 29 members per club which is equivalent to 19%. The average membership per club in District 308-A2 is 25. She recalled her target for the fiscal year was 5 clubs mentioned during her inauguration and subsequently revised to 7 clubs during the MERL conference, which was due to the cancellation of 1 club – LC KK Rafflesia. She urged all clubs to work harder to achieve her revised target. Nevertheless, she is pleased that 3 clubs are already chartered and announced another club will be chartered soon, LC Lahad Datu Palm City sponsored by LC of Lahad Datu. DG Karen called upon all cabinet officers to work together towards a common goal and no one should, out of personal interest, attempt to delay the formation of any new club. She is confident that with the help and hard work of all, her revised target of seven (7) new clubs or more will be achieved. 7.33 DC Women’s Membership Development [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Grace Wong was not present to report. She has submitted her written report as attached. 1. Completed Zone 17 joint project “Move to Grow” Seminar on 11/10/09. The speakers were PDG James Teo and DT Leena Toyoi, whilst participants were Friends of Lions and potential members. 2. Main objectives of the seminar was Membership Drive, as well as, to let the Public know the Lions movement better, 7.34 DC Women’s Membership Development [Sarawak] Hjh Juita Hj Drap reported that: 1. she will organize seminars and motivational workshops in Sarawak and 2. to organize 1 with counterpart DC Grace Wong in Kota Kinabalu in January 2010. DG Karen congratulated DC Juita for achieving 30% growth in female membership. She advised to concentrate more on Region 2, 4 & 7 of which has the lowest female membership in the district. 7.35 DC Hearing & Speech & Work with the Deaf [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Lily Siah was not present to report. In her written report she pledged 1. to work closely with Labuan school of the Deaf 2. to organize talk, Seminar and Public awareness with other NGOs. 7.36 DC Hearing & Speech & Work with the Deaf [Sarawak] Eric Yee was not present to report. He has submitted his written report as attached. 1. Received reports of projects from LC Sibu, Pahlawan , Kuching Host and Kuching City. 2. will work closely with Sibu School for Deaf and other centers in other Zones & Regions. 3. will assist the deaf members under Region 2 to attend training with Sarawak Society for the Deaf and to organize talk, seminar & public awareness with other NGOs. 7.37 DC Information Technology Dr Lee Mun Seng – was not present to report. DG Karen thanked DC Dr. Lee for updating the District Website regularly. Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 10
  11. 11. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 7.38 DC Leadership Development [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Alex Cheong In his report, DC Alex highlighted the following: 1. Various Lions Orientations and Talks on Lionism and membership recruitments were organized at Region/Zone/club level. 2. The MERL Conference 2009 for Brunei, Sabah, FT Labuan was successfully held on the 4/10/2009. Targeted 60 participants but respond was overwhelming 85 Lions from 25 clubs in Sabah, Miri, Limbang and Lawas attended. Speakers for the Conference were 2nd VDG Dr Tan Tsu Kun, R6C Judy Ngui, DC Melvind Disimond, DT PP Leena Toyoi and DT PP Frankie Poon. 3. District approved 6 applicants to MD 308 Regional Lions Leadership Institute [RLLI] for Emerging Lions from 13-17/11/2009 at Federal Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. 4. LCI has approved the applications for 4 Lions in District 308-A2 to attend the Senior Lions Leadership Institute [SLLI] in Pattaya, Thailand from 15-19/11/2009. They are DC Diabetes Awareness Dr Gan Kean Siong [LC Keningau Mandarin], PP Richard Pang [LC Tawau Host], while the other 2 Lions are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances. DG Karen informed that the 1st Multiple District Trainer’s Presentation Skills Contest will be held in the 48th MD 308 Lions Convention in Singapore. Every District is to send 2 contestants, of which 1 for English and 1 for Chinese. The topics will be based on LCI presentation modules. She advised DC Alex to liaise with DC Michael Lim, who will organize a Train-The-Trainers session in this respect. The Organizing Chairperson for the contest at MD level is PDG Sam Leong. DG Karen was pleased that 50% of the total 81 District Trainers are at work and have conducted training for a session of two. 7.39 DC Leadership Development [Sarawak] Michael Lim was not present to report. 7.40 DC Leo Clubs/Campus Clubs [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Melvin Disimond was not present to report. He has submitted his written report as per attached. 1. Not all Leo Clubs submitted MAR for the last 4 Months. 2. Leo Forum 2010 in Sabah on 5 - 7 June, 2010 [Saturday –Monday] Venue to be decided. 3. Leo Forum Organizing Chairperson is Leo Christina Chong of Leo club SM Stella Maris. 7.41 DC Leo Clubs/Campus Clubs [Sarawak] Albert Tiang reported that: 1. Most Leo Clubs have not submitted reports despite his repeated requests. 2. He seek assistance from ZCs to highlight this matter during their 2nd District Governor Advisory meeting to the respective Sponsoring Lions clubs and Leo Advisors. DG Karen advised DC Albert to work closely with sponsoring clubs and Leo Advisors. She highlighted that sponsoring a Leo club is a long term commitment and sponsoring clubs should fulfilled its obligation. PDG Tan Soh Har urged District Cabinet Officers to observe the proper channel of communication, e.g. Sales of the Lions Fund Raising Tickets should be handed to the Sponsoring Lions Clubs President or Leo Advisor instead of directly to the Leos. Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 11
  12. 12. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 7.42 DC Lions Service for Children [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Stanley Chin was not present to report. DG Karen appreciated a contribution of RM1, 000.00 from DC Stanley Chin towards the district administration fund. 7.43 DC Lions Service for Children [Sarawak] Wong Chii Sing reported: 1. 11 year old, Miss Lina Embul from Bintulu with inborn cleft lip has been approved by the sponsor McDonald’s for surgery at Pantai Hospital in KL on 2/12/2009. 2. The cleft lip project is a joint project of the 4 clubs in Zone 7. President Ling Kong Hee, LC Bintulu Kemena will accompany Miss Lina Embul and her father to KL. 3. The 4 clubs in Bintulu will also help to enroll Miss Lina Embul to school upon her return from KL as she has not received any proper education yet. 4. Various Lions Services for Children project have been successfully carried out during the Lions In Action Rally 2009. DG Karen updated on Cleft-Lip project in collaboration with McDonald’s. DG met with McDonald’s personnel who affirmed the allocation of RM1million to the fund and has agreed to be an ongoing project with District 308-A2. For the first approval granted, McDonald’s will accompany DG to Bintulu for a press release 27/11/2009, which to be arranged by DC Wong Chii Sing. DG also requested the presence of R3C on event day. DC Wong will compile and disseminate all the relevant information about cleft lip and project sponsorship to both Chinese and English newspapers. DG would also like to extend the news to LCI as they were impressed over our partnership with McDonald’s. DG Karen further briefed the details of the sponsorship. McDonald’s will sponsor the airfare for the patient and 1 immediate family to accompany patient to KL. Operation will be done 3 times, with total cost of surgeries and traveling expenses estimate around RM30.000.00 per patient. McDonald’s will take care of the patient till he/she reaches the age of 18. To save on traveling expenses for patients and their immediate family to KL, Lions will source for a local hospital or Medical clinic and the cost of the procedure. McDonald’s will have the final say over the location of the surgery. DG Karen advised as suggested by ZC Evelyn to inform the clubs, one of ways to look for cleft-lip cases is at Children Health clinics. 7.44 DC Lions Alert/District Foundation Paul Chiu reported: 1. Total contribution RM 9,000 received to-date towards the foundation. 2. He requested assistance from RCs and ZCs to encourage contributions from respective clubs under them. 3. He also appealed to fellow cabinet officers to contribute as District Fellow. DG Karen advised that the record list of District Fellows posted in the website may not be complete as the information was compiled with reference to the DGs’ Interim Report as printed in the MD Lions Convention Souvenir Program. She requested IPDG BC Sim to furnish the record list of donors for FY 2008-2009 to DC Paul for updating and thereafter be uploaded to the District website. Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 12
  13. 13. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan DG Karen advised that DF plaque will be presented to the 1st time donor and DF pins for the progressive donors. DG Karen reported that CC Simon has called for all 4 Sub-Districts in MD308 to extend helping hands for funds in aid of the recent disasters in the Philippines and Indonesia. She invited IPDG BC Sim, who is also the Council Committee Chairperson for Alert to give a brief update on this matter. IPDG BC Sim reported that all 4 Sub-Districts contributed RM2, 000.00 each, and in addition there were also personal contributions from Council Committee members including DG Karen. PDG Mary Law, PDG Tan Soh Har and himself. IPDG BC appealed for donations from fellow Cabinet Officers to help the victims of both neighbouring countries. CC Simon will handover the Disaster Relief Funds to the MD of Philippines and Indonesia during his next visit. 7.45 DC Membership/Friends of Lions [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Francis Chau was not present to report. 7.46 DC Membership/Friends of Lions [Sarawak] Cecil Adenan reported: 1. Sarawak has achieved 10.5% membership growth at close October 2009. He foresees this figure will increase further due to the strong retention focus and effort. 2. He was the speaker for Orientation Program for new members in Region 1 and Speaker for MERL Conference 2009 on Membership, Current statistics and Family Program. 3. He informed the forthcoming membership activity would be ‘A Day Camp” to be organized by DC Leadership Development Mike Lim. The objectives of the Camp are for Fellow Lions, Friends of Lions, prospective members and their families to experience experiential learning leadership and management activities. The session will end with a BBQ Fellowship Party. 4. He advised that he is not able to retrieve statistics on Friends of Lions (FOL). DG Karen congratulated DC Cecil, all Fellow Cabinet Officers, Club Presidents and Fellow Lions in the District for working together as a team for growth in Membership. She advised that District 308-A2 has achieved the highest percentage of growth in Membership and numbers of club extension in Multiple District 308 at the point of time. DG recapped District membership as at 1/7/2009 was 1,751 members and 1,938 as at 31/10/2009. Break-down figures were total 207 new members, dropped members 36, transferred 11 and reinstate 2. Nett growth 187 members, which is 11%. She urged all to continue the momentum and strive to do better for the future development of our community, District and Association. 7.47 DC Public Relations & Media [Sarawak] Peter Goh reported: 1. Wide coverage of Lions activities were published in the local newspaper in Sarawak. DG Karen requested DC Peter to also look into news coverage of Lions Activities in the English newspapers as well. Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 13
  14. 14. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan DG Karen informed that IP Eberhad J. Wirfs has called upon all Lions in the world to carry out service activities on the 3rd and 4th week of January 2010, publish the activities to the news media so as to make an impact and to let the public aware of the Lions activities. 7.48 DC Public Relations & Media [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Pele Quek reported that: 1. Lions activities/programs were published in the local news 2. He announced 1 club extension in Lahad Datu soon. DG Karen congratulated DC Pele Quek for his effort of ‘move to growth’ in club extension and advised him to arrange Orientation session for the charter members. 7.49 DC Retention Chieng Eu Hea reported that: 1. He was one of the speakers for MERL Conference in Sibu on retention issues and hoped that those Lions who attended his session would share with others so that we would be able to retain more members. 2. He was also invited to speak in Zone 7 Leadership seminar for Lions as well a session for Leos. 3. He hoped to conduct more seminars for clubs and share with them on retention issues. DG Karen advised Fellow Cabinet Officers to pay more attention to retention as this is always a Global issue. She called upon all Lions to evaluate carefully when recruiting new members, and thereafter to nurture the new members and make them a useful lion in their club. 7.50 DC Sight Conservation & Work with the Blind [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Dr Molly E Mathew was not present to report. No written report was submitted 7.51 DC Sight Conservation & Work with the Blind [Sarawak] Dr Mark Tan reported: 1. Some clubs have carried out sightfirst projects. 2. LC Sibu Pahlawan donated used eyeglasses and has carried out joint sightfirst project with their sister club in China. 7.52 DC Youth [Lions Opportunities for Youth] / Special Olympics Chan Suk Ting was not present to report. 7.53 DC Youth Camp & Exchange [Sarawak] Mary Ding reported was not present to report. No written report was submitted. 7.54 DC Youth Camp & Exchange [Brunei/Sabah/FT Labuan] Margaret Lim in her report highlighted the following: 1. Total 10 YEs from Japan visited our District from 24/7 – 3/8/2009, 2. Total 12 YEs from Taiwan visited our District from 1– 12/8/2009 3. Finalizing forthcoming YE between District 308-A1 & 308-A2 on 1 – 7/12/2009. 4. 24 YEs from the District 308-A2 to District 300-G1, Taiwan on 16 – 28/12/2009. 5. DC Margaret and on behalf of counterpart DC Mary Ding wished to record their appreciation for the assistance rendered by the YE coordinators. Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 14
  15. 15. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 6. She commented that for the District YE Program to progress there should be a proper handing over of YE Programme from predecessor and a proper channel of communication between the hosting and exchangee District, as well, between the DC YE and YE coordinators be established. In response to DG’s enquiry on the total numbers of YE to Taiwan, DC Margaret advised that 20 was the original numbers. Later, one of the coordinator approached the DC YE in Taiwan and increased the figure to 24. DC Margaret confirmed total 24 YE from District 308-A2 to District 300-G1. DC YE Margaret seek DG’s support not to accept an additional YE to Taiwan as requested by the same coordinator. DG Karen concurred 24 is the maximum. DG Karen advised that YE coordinators provide back-up service to the DC YE. YE Coordinators is similar to project organizing chairperson, which in Lions has no protocol standing. YE Coordinators are to liaise closely with DC YE. DG reminded all Fellow Cabinet Officers to adhere to the Lions Protocol so as to avoid misunderstanding. 7.55 . DC Honorary Committee Chairperson PDG Mary Law congratulated DG Karen for bringing the district to great heights. She commended DG for her capability to bring unity and harmony among Lions members in the District, which make our District not only healthy but vibrant too. 7.56 DC LCIF Coordinator/District International Relations PDG Tan Sor Har 1. PDG Soh Har concurred with DC Honorary Committee PDG Mary Law’s comment on 7.55 2. She advised DG to look into future development of our District, as there’ll come a time where there’s a need for district bifurcation, with enough members and clubs from both Sarawak and Sabah regions 3. DG advised that PDG William Tan has been appointed for a 3-year term as District 308-A2 Chairperson for Long Range Planning at the Multiple District level. She will forward such issue as highlighted by PDG Soh Har on 7.56.2 to PDG William Tan. 4. PPDG Soh Har compiled and circulated a list of Melvin Jones Fellows to RCs & ZCs. She seek assistance from RC/ZC to identify those who will subscribed MJF in fiscal year 2009-2010. 5. She appealed for support from all Cabinet Officers for their generous contributions as MJF. She also pledges 2 MJF from her family unit and will strive for 25 MJF which she confirmed achievable. 6. On the issue of those who has subscribed MJF and Sightfirst campaign II and have not received their pledge, PDG Tan Sor Har would write to LCI for list of records. 7. IPDG Sim Boon Chuan advised those who have not received their MJF plague to send receipts of proof to LCI for claim as there were cases the supplier from India failed to deliver the goods or lost in transit. 8. PDG Soh Har advised that District Twining of 308-A2 and 300G1 was in Year 2007 during the tenure of office of PDG Mary Law, whilst District Twining of 308-A2 and 354D Korea in Year 2001. 9. PDG Soh Har reported Club Twinning: 1. LC Sibu Pahlawan, Sibu and LC Guangdong Le Shan, China [District 381] on 31/7/2009. 2. LC Miri Host and LC Subang Jaya, District 308-B2 on 29/10/2009. 3. LC Kuching Ixora and LC China Guangdong, Guangming Lions Club, China, District 381 on 13/10/09. Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 15
  16. 16. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 4. Aside from 7.56.9 above, she has not been informed of other clubs’ plan on club twining. DG Karen informed that she has been invited to Club Twining of Leo Club of Swineburne University of Technology [Sarawak], Kuching and Leo Club of George Town Mutiara, Penang in District 308-B2 on 20/3/2010 in Kuching. She assigned PDG Tan Sor Har to attend the ceremony on her behalf. DG informed the visit of District 300-G1 to our District on 16 – 22/12/2009. DG Karen has requested R6C Judy Ngui to liaise with PDG Mary Law on the program, since PDG Mary knows them better. RC Judy is to keep PDG Soh Har and DG in the loop. The visit from sister District will coincide with Region 2 visit to Region 5 & 6. 7.57 DC Convention/Protocol Clarence Ting was not present to report as he was not feeling well. His written reported was distributed to all. DG Karen wished DC Clarence speedy recovery and read his report: 1. He updated Resolution on Protocol made during 2nd Council Meeting in Penang from 31/10 – 1/11 that: a. Any clubs may decide who they want to invite as GOH. However, they are reminded that DG is the CEO of the District as such it is always a courtesy to invite the DG first as the GOH for clubs function. If the DG is unable to attend, an officer will be assigned by the DG to take over. But if clubs give priority to invite local dignitaries i.e. Local Ministers as GOH, they may choose to do so over DG. b. In situations where Lions Dignitaries like a Present/Past Officers of the Association if so invited by the clubs as GOH, they should inform the clubs on the correct procedures i.e. they should inform the DG of such invitation [courtesy]. If GOH invitation from clubs to officers ranked below the DG, then invited officers should get the DG's consent and permission before accepting. 2. As at 3/11/2009 total 104 delegates from A2 have registered for the 48th MD 308 Lions Convention in Singapore. 3. Numbers of delegates registered to OSEAL Forum in Pattaya is uncertain, as no feedback from the clubs though circular for update information has been sent out. DG Karen advised the proposed Fellowship gathering for A2 delegates in Pattaya is cancelled since most delegates have their own programs. DG Karen advised there will be a Fellowship Hi-Tea organized by MD 308 immediately after the Opening Ceremony for all registered delegates, and she requested for confirmation of attendance. 7.58 2nd VDG Dr Tan Tzu Kun complimented DG Karen and her District Cabinet team for their excellent performance. 7.59 1st VDG Augustine Ngu advised that 1. He has attended all clubs Installations in the District. 2. He thanked all RCs ZCs and DCs for their hospitality and will continue to visit them. 3. He has learnt a lot from DG Karen during the past months Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 16
  17. 17. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 7.60 IPDG Sim Boon Chuan reported: 1. He has transferred the sum owing to the District foundation for the past years [FY 2007- 2008 and FY 2008-2009] to District Foundation. 2. The District Foundation Fund of RM1 million is now available for incorporation of Lions District 308-A2 Foundation. He has notified PDG John Ho and copy extended to DG Karen to proceed with the incorporation of Sdn. Bhd. 3. both District & Foundation accounts for year ended 30/8/2009 were audited before the due date of 30/8/2009 4. All original Fixed Deposit receipts of Maybank and Alliance Bank together with audited accounts of District & Foundation were passed to CT Yee Kai Man together with unused cheque book of Maybank. With that, the handing over of District Account is completed. 5. He is happy to see the growth in clubs extension and clubs membership and congratulated DG Karen for a job well done. However, he expressed concern on drop of membership in the future and called for more attention to be given to new members 8 Any Other Business 8.1 CT advised all Cabinet Officers to complete the travel claim form for their reimbursement of air-ticket of economy travel and submit to him, together with supporting e-ticket, to reach him on/before 17/9/2009. Cabinet Officers who prefer payment by on-line transfer are requested to provide their banker’s details in the claim form. 8.2 DG Karen informed that MD has printed 40,000 copies of H1N1 flyers in 4 different languages for all 4 sub-districts for the H1N1 Awareness Campaign. District 308-A2 is allocated 10,000 copies in 3 languages, English, Bahasa and Chinese and DG has arranged the flyers to be shipped to KK, and thereafter, will distribute to RCs & ZCs for their respective clubs to carry out the campaign. 8.3 DG Karen thanked R2, R3, Z3 Chairperson for organizing DG Dialogues with the clubs with great success. She requested RCs / ZCs to arrange for clubs to have dialogues with her during her visits. She would like to have an interactive session with them and hope as many of the members will be able to attend. 8.4 DG Karen reminded all RCs and ZCs to do the monthly assessment of respective clubs for recommendation of club’s awards and reminded RCs and ZCs to assist those clubs who fall short of the award criteria. 8.5 PDG Tan Soh Har urged all RCs & Zcs to hold a meeting with the 10 clubs who owe LCI dues for more than 120 days to resolve the matter. She highlighted that the excess charges could have been the carrying charges [interest] arise over the years from late payment. 9 Next Meeting 9.1 3rd Cabinet Meeting - on 6/3/2010 [Saturday] in Kota Kinabalu, at 2:00pm 9.2 4th Cabinet Meeting - on 29/4/2010 [Thursday] in Singapore at 6:00pm. 9.3 4th District Cabinet Officers – Fellowship Dinner & Appreciation Night on 29/4/2010 [Thursday] in Singapore at 7:00pm. Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 17
  18. 18. The International Association of Lions Clubs District 308-A2 Brunei - Sabah - Sarawak - FT Labuan 10. Adjournment There being no other business, DG Karen adjourned the meeting at 12:30pm with a note that she looks forward to continuous hard work from all to make our District the most vibrant District in MD 308 and wished all a safe journey home. Recorded by Confirmed by Mary Masudal Karen Koh Eng Yan Cabinet Secretary 2009-2010 District Governor 2009-2010 Minutes of 2nd Cabinet Meeting Page 18