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Li Ar Tq Letter


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Li Ar Tq Letter

  1. 1. Dear Fellow Lions Good morning! I am so glad and relieved that President Helena Chai and new member Lion Josephine Kong from LC Tawau Central finally reached home safely last night 27/11 at 21:41hrs. Hurray! I commend all of you my fellow Lions, Friends of Lions, spouses and family members of the Lions you are GREAT…you are EXCELLENT… You have traveled for more than 1,000km from village to village, town to town, city to city, visiting every Region, every Zone and every club You have reached out to the community, carried out service projects and activities benefiting the poor, the needy and the less-fortunate along the way from your home town to Miri and back from 22-25/10/09. You have demonstrated to the world that we Lions are doers, we Lions are serious and we Lions meant what we said… We are true humanitarian. We are the Loving Individual offering needed services. Fellow Lions, to organize this Lions In Action Rally in commemoration with the 50- year of Lionism in Malaysia- a District event of such magnitude requires planning,
  2. 2. hard work, time, coordination, cooperation and understanding among each other. Please, therefore, allow me to, on behalf of the District, record our sincere thanks and appreciation to: • ID Hjh Ellis Suriyati, CC Simon Koh, IPDG BC Sim, 1st VDG Augustine Ngu, 2nd VDG Dr. Tan Tzu Kun and all PDGs for their kind support and participation • all Organizing Committees from each club, zone and region in our District for your dedication, commitment, support and participation, • Region 3 clubs for organizing the Grand Induction Night with great success • Chief Organizing Chairperson DC Dr. Gan Kean Siong and Co-Organizing Chairperson ZC Chee Su Ken of LC Keningau Mandarin for their excellent organizing and leadership skill. • All donors and sponsors for their kindness, generosity and support. • The news media for their support and wide coverage • all those who have helped in one way or another and, not forgetting of course, to you My Fellow Lions, Leos, Friends of Lions, Spouses and Family members of the Lions, “THANK YOU”, ‘TERIMA KASIH” 谢 谢 你! It is you who made this District Lions In Action Rally 22-25/10/2009 possible and a roaring success… Thanks a million to all! IP Eberhard J Wirfs has recommended a new program – “Lions In Sight” which he requested every club, every district and every multiple district to organize a major public relations activity during the last 2 weeks of January 2010. Lions have gained worldwide recognition for our work to improve sight, but we are not “insight” of the
  3. 3. general public Make yourself visible, while making a difference in your community. Showcase your favourite service projects, said LCI. Fellow Lions, our Lions In Action Rally 22-25/10/2009 have accomplished the “Lions In Sight” program. The objectives of the Lions In Action Rally: 1. to create public awareness of the community and humanitarian services carried out by the Lions. 2. to foster closer tie between the community and the lions in District 308-A2 3. to build bond of close friendship, relationship, cooperation and better understanding among Lions from different regions in district 308-A2 4. to promote a good and positive image of Lionism 5. to work for membership drive, clubs’ extension and retention 6. to fulfill the International President’s theme ‘ Move to Grow’ and our District Theme ‘Together, Let’s Do It!”. I am pleased that all the 72 clubs including some Leo Clubs in the District have participated in Lions In Action Rally. Again, I am extremely touched by all of you, my fellow Lions and friends of Lions, for carrying out numerous meaningful service projects and activities, whether independently or jointly with other clubs/zone/region or government bodies. eg. Road safety campaign, Influenza A H1N1 awareness campaign, environmental project, Lions service for children project, Lions Quest, sight first project, health and community, diabetes, drugs awareness and educational project, as well as, the final judging of Peace Poster Contest. I am glad that the services and activities of the Lions have been recognized by the local government. And, I also like to record our sincere thanks and appreciation to Deputy Minister of Transport, PDG YB Datuk Robert Lau for the sponsorship of 5,000 car stickers for
  4. 4. the Lions in the District and to Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah, Charter President YB Datuk Peter Pang for the sponsorship of 200 Rally T-shirts. Fellow Lions, please publicize these Lions activities in your local media. Do not feel awkward to blow your trumpet and tell others about the good deeds that we have done. The society and public need to know that we are transparent and accountable to funds raised from them. They need to know the Lions services and programs that have been implemented, not only to improve the current situation but also for the development and growth of our future and the local population as a whole. We also hope that through publicizing the Lions activities would help to induce service minded men and women to join our movement. In line with IP Eberhard’s calls for growth in recruiting qualified members, spouses and family members to our Association, during this 4D3N Rally, 7 new members were inducted on 22/10/09 at the Region 2 fellowship night in Sibu and another 32 were inducted on 24/10/09 at the Grand Induction Night in Miri. To the new members, we welcome you onboard and to Lionism. To the sponsors, we ask you to please take good care of the new members, cultivate and nurture them as you have pledged. Please make the new members feel welcomed, needed, wanted, and that they are truly involved. Help to develop each one into an outstanding Lion of our Association. For those who have joined in the 4D3N Rally, I trust all of you would agree with me that we had had great time and fellowship together. I salute President Arthur Gan, PP Cheong Choong Choi of LC Tawau Host, President Helena Chai of LC Tawau Central, Secretary Raymond Ha of LC Tawau Mandarin, PDG Cheng Yik Siong of LC Sibu and Lion Andreas Meeks Mape of LC Bau that despite the ‘obstacles’ of car
  5. 5. accident, car broke down, flat tyre, etc they still continued the journey with full Lions spirit. I too, salute the Lions and friends of Lions for the assistance and care extended to our Fellow Lions at the time when help and concern were most needed . I am glad that all the ‘conflicts’, if any, in organizing the Lions In Action Rally were replaced by ‘joy’ and “laughter”. We learnt to be more understanding, to tolerate, to help and care for one another, and to work as a team. We are brothers and sisters, and we are truly Lions from one big family. Fellow Lions, Let us unite together as one, Let us serve together towards our common goals and objectives, and continue our momentum of “Move To Grow” for a “Brighter Future” for our community, our district and our association.. Yes, Fellow Lions… “Together, Let’s Do It” Thank you and sincerely yours in Lionism Karen Koh Eng Yan District Governor 2009-2010 District 308-A2