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4th cab mtg dist cab overview form[1][1]


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4th cab mtg dist cab overview form[1][1]

  1. 1. Lions Clubs International District 308-A2 To District Governor Karen Koh Cc 1st Vice District Governor Augustine Ngu Cc 2nd Vice District Governor Dr Tan Tsu Kun Cc Cabinet Secretary Mary Masudal Cc Cabinet Treasurer Yee Kai Man Re District Cabinet Officer’s Overview for FY 2009-2010 Name Chieng Eu Hea Portfolio DC Retention Overview/ My observation for this fiscal year is that we have a dynamic Comments year with fantastic membership growth and lots of meaningful projects under the leadership of DG Karen Koh. Congratulations to DG Karen. However, as DC Retention, I still notice that there are quite a number of weak clubs in our District despite the fact that there is a significant membership growth up to now. I believe the current and future lions’ leaders have to admit and acknowledge the fact that we have somehow have to resolve this weak clubs’ issues. By ignoring this fact will not help our District. Future leaders may consider to step up on retention while at the same times focus on new membership growth. In addition to that, I believe that we have to rebrand our lions’ image by involving in more meaningful projects that needs us to get our hands dirty so as to avoid portraying a “showing off” image for the public. Signature euheachieng Date 8 April 2010 NB: Please add additional page[s] if necessary.