3rd Cabinet Meeting Report[1]


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3rd Cabinet Meeting Report[1]

  1. 1. The International Association of Lions Clubs Lions Club International 308- District 308-A2 Prepared by, Eric Tan Chung Tak
  2. 2. The International Association of Lions Clubs Lions Club International 308- District 308-A2 Region 1 Chairperson Eric Tan Chung Tak 1Chairperson Zone 1Chairperson Zone 2 Chairperson Zone 3 Chairperson Peter Ong Yii Boon Chai Si Kar Robin Kho Hua Kok LC of Kuching Host LC of Kuching Stampin LC of Kuching Metro Pending LC of Kuching City LC of Serian LC of Kuching Allamanda LC of Kuching North LC of Kuching LC of Kuching Ixora Cosmopolitan LC of Kuching Kota Samarahan LC of Bau LC of Kuching Hornbill New Century Lions Club of Kuching Emerald LC of Kuching Kota Sentosa
  3. 3. The International Association of Lions Clubs Lions Club International District 308-A2 308- Region 1 Chairperson Report for 3rd Cabinet Meeting Region 1 is growing in pace to achieve the goals and objectives that have been set earlier in this Fiscal year. The following is a list of accomplishment from our various projects and activities carried out in Region 1: 1. Clubs Administration Overall, Region 1 clubs has shown consistent administration except for few clubs which has been backsliding and catching up is needed. Further details will provide by Zone Chairpersons respectively. Most of the clubs had paid their 2nd half Lions Clubs International Dues and District Dues except for few clubs. Submission of MMR, MAR & AAR, Zone 1, 2, 3 chairpersons report self explanatory 2. Membership Growth/Extension Region 1 has shown consistent growth in membership. This adds life and spirit to our Club. This becomes the backbone for our future. 3. Region 1 Activities / Projects Region 1 Vision & Health Screening will be held at Tebedu on 11 April 2010. This project will benefit 34 Kampung folks and estimated around 2000 people. Activities will include donation of 1000 pcs reading glass, oral care, health screening and diabetes awareness. 4. District Projects District Train the Trainers to be held on 26-28 March in Kuching. 5. 2nd District Governor Advisory Committee Meeting Zone 2 will be held on Monday, 1 March @ Lions Nursing Home, Kuching. Zone 3 will be held in March 6. 3RD District Governor Advisory Committee Meeting Zone 1 will be held on Tuesday, 2 March @ Lions Nursing Home, Kuching
  4. 4. 7. International Understanding Zone 2 Chairperson Report self explanatory. Through organizing the events, participating in various projects and activities, Region 1 clubs developed potentiality of our talented lions to serve the community in the most professional manner. Together let us pledge to the best of our ability to be committed to serve, without seeking any personal gain, in line with our lionistic values for the betterment of our people and our nation. “Together, Let’s Do It & Let’s Move To Grow!” LIONS-Building A Better You, ERIC TAN Region 1 Chairperson FY 2009 - 2010