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IPC Media


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IPC Media

  1. 1. AS Media Coursework: IPC Media Case Study  What types of magazines and target audiences has IPC beenassociated with over the years?During the early years of IPC from 1900-1950 it was associated withmagazines such as:    Woman’s Own, Woman’s Weekly and TV Guide, these magazines areassociated with the stereotypical housewife. Assuming that during thisperiod that they would be sat indoors cleaning and cooking thereforemagazines were produced broadcasting how to clean and cook andpresent their home better. Therefore I believe during this period IPCMedia aimed their magazines at the stay at home mums and housewives.But by 1960 IPC Media began to grab the attention of men by publishingmagazines such as:            By introducing these brands of magazine 60 years later they were able towiden their variety of genres to suit not only women but men as well.Including sport magazines such as ‘World Soccer’ would have beenextremely successful during this era due to the World Cup and the largefan base that followed would help the brand sell in large quantities.Therefore by the end of the 1990’s they had advertised to a large nichemarket, men who liked sports also men who were interested in Airplaneshowever they still had the magazines which caught the attention
  2. 2. housewives and keen cooks, mainly women.By 2010 IPC Media are showcasing a wide variety of magazines for theirniche market. Still representing magazines like Woman’s Weekly, WorldSoccer, Ideal Home and TV Guide they have now hit a new market alltogether. My showing magazines such as Look, Pick Me Up and Nuts theyhave hit a new audience to appeal and sell to.Although Woman’s weekly is for the stereotypical housewife they havenow got Pick Me Up a trashy magazine full of real life stories andcompetitions aimed at maybe the single woman or maybe even the oldergeneration as just a quick read. You now also have Look a fashionmagazine full of best buys and fashion tips also celebrity gossip forteenagers and young adults, teenagers are a new generation for IPCMedia so advertise too. Now we also have Nuts magazine, before IPC hasadvertised higher standard male magazines such as Airplane and Horse&Hound and now they are advertising a trashier magazine like Nuts. Thiswill entice the generation of young male adults rather than maybe themiddle aged men who are interested in their sports and maybe even carsrather than nude women.Therefore throughout the years I have been able to tell from my researchon that IPC hasdedicated its time to meeting its niche markets needs. I believe that IPC’sniche markets are men, women, housewives, young adults and teenagers.   Why might IPC be an appropriate publisher for a new musicmagazine?I believe that IPC would be an appropriate publisher for a new musicmagazine because they currently hold all possible genres from sport tofashion and home design to gossip therefore IPC already appeal to manydifferent age groups and interests that by publishing a new musicmagazine they would easily be able to attract the attention of manycustomers. Also because they have been a well known magazine companyfor many years has so much coverage and because it is so well knownwhen a new music magazine would appear hundreds of people would bemade aware. What sorts of genres of music/types of magazines might they belikely to publish?I think that IPC would be likely to publish only certain genres of musicmagazine. One of these genres would be classical music, an example ofthis would be BBC Music, I think that this magazine would be featured aspart of IPC because they already publish many upper class magazinessuch as Woman’s Weekly and Horse & Hound therefore there would be anaudience for this genre.Another genre which I believe IPC would be likely to publish would be Qbecause it holds all the new artists also new pop artists ones whichfeature in the weekly charts and who’s albums are downloaded and paidfor hourly. By publishing Look magazine and other fashion brands IPCattract an audience of young adults/teenagers who listen regularly to that
  3. 3. genre of music and therefore with their frequent visits to IPC Media wouldthen get that particular genre of music magazine would become noticedand sell just as well as any other magazine. Why might alternative publishers like Bauer be appropriate?Bauer Media is well known for their wide variety of modern youngmagazines and radio channels. They show different types of media whichis aimed at young generation therefore I believe that as Bauer advertiseto this audience they would be able to publish the many genres of musicmagazines as they have the particular niche needed. They could publishso many popular genres of magazine that would sell immediately such asQ and Rolling Stones.