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Our time at the pubs in earith


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Landlord and landlady kicked out by locals

  • I worked for Wendy and cliff, they were fantastic to work with, the ideas they had for both the pubs and community would have made such a difference. BUT due to lack of support from Villagers and officials they loosing there business!!!!! I have lived in the village all my life and i would not go into the crown before they took over due to the drugs and certain people who thought they were better than anyone even the law!!!!!!
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Our time at the pubs in earith

  1. 1. TO; Detective Inspector Chris Mead HUNTINGDON POLICE STATION DATED 01 FEBRUARY 2012 ENJOY! ~ To Recession Buster, or are we just mad for sticking it out! A Day in the Pub Trade In EARITH ‘With Compliments from the Riverview Inn and The Crown Riverside Chill Bar Public House’!!EARITH…. Earith, Where’s that? ‘YOU’RE INVITED’!! all locals and non believers to view inside and see forthemselves the changes that have taken place to both your local venues for your pleasure and enjoyment. As a local man St Peters School for me was a great start, I was given the freedom to show off how good in all aspects of sport I really was, the girls however sometimes did get in the way, but it did make me play better.. I was good at that, ‘but I did like the girls’!!., My education really didn’t hit off until joining the Army where my life considerably changed, I was putthrough a punishing experience, I learnt respect , discipline and to be tough enough to move on when things got in the way, I’ve an attitude of being very patient but when tested can hold on and give as good as I get, some say don’t get on the wrong side of him, others say he’s mad my oar says it all, I’m a very passionate and professional person and will always givepeople a chance, my portfolio running 6 public Houses a wine bar, an 8 bed roomed hotel a newly opened Training centre for the licensed retail sector with the backing from the most prestigious organisation The BIIAB, all Iwant is to help people get on and let them show everyone that they come first, really, I’m just the helper without them I can’t achieve my goals and like the Army, which pushed me through a course of life where, if you had the desire and determination…. then you’d do well. Others will see your achievements and respect you for what you are, I wasn’t a bad lad at school as I new what I wanted, I just needed direction and the Armycertainly helped me in that way, respect and consideration for others that’s what I learnt, helping people get on but predominately making sure my family came first. My parents are still alive spending time living in my property in Thrapston, a very small place on the outskirts of Huntingdon, My wife, helping me achieve another goal here in this lovely village of Earith, our term here once succeeded will be remembered for a long time
  2. 2. and we will reap the benefits and have a lazy life just like my parents enjoying the countryside with not a worry in the world.. Lucky them! And we can’t wait! The Riverview Hotel and The Crown Riverside EARITHThis has got to be the toughest responsibility I have ever had to endure, this great county is going through a very very tough time, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the figures increase of people leaving to go to warmer climes, our youngsters today are going to find it very difficult later in their years as with what I see on a daily basis these kids are really struggling, believe me or not and I’m not sorry to say but it does start from the home. The parents must take some blame and responsibility; it’s not all the governments fault. To give you an example listen to this; A deal I did once, it took me a yearless 16 days, we were fighting to push it through but it was 2 businesses we were setting up, I had to create a new company and renew 2 leases, we came across some challenging experiences from 1 owner to the other, we were misled on the sale and got told a pack of lies from the previouslandlord, on numerous occasions and could not honestly see the light at the other end, but finally won it with perseverance , time and a good teamaround me, ‘saying that’, if I’d known 2 months into it we were heading for recession then I wouldn’t have done it. ‘THE DEAL WOULD HAVE BEEN CALLED OFF’! What normally happens when someone takes on a new business like this one is that people want to come out and see you, so your income levels go up, that’s a good start but after teething problems and people make there own minds up about what you’re trying to do the figures then fall, our predicament was the previous owner, they were here for 15 years, ageneration of people going to the pub with a well known landlord, when the smoking ban came in force trade went down, with new landlords It thentakes a little time for your new people to get on board this can take 3 years or so, but because we entered a recession, (the worst for 60 years) it means people ‘stop spending’ the figures did not increase. ‘WHAT DO YOU DO’?As a businessman if your costing isn’t right you fail in business, that’s a fact, and as we entered a recession 2 months into it we had to re-evaluate ourposition, we were getting slaughtered from local residents who did not see
  3. 3. what was happening, we were basically in the forefront of the recession andpeople wanting someone to blame, That’s me! Honestly, I have no problemwith that, but when the line is crossed and the 5 main areas of concern are subjected to, then things have to change; ‘DRUGS, ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR, CRIMINAL DAMAGE, THEFT, ASSAULTS’ Here’s a list of things that have happened to us over the Past 3 years and 7 months 1. My 35K car got trashed on 6 occasions the biggest cost to repair was £10k (We’ve given Police names but they failed to investigate) every time it got damaged it cost me £500 through my insurance company. We now do not have a car. 2. My Campervan got trashed to the tune of £5k 3times (Ditto above) 3. A member of my staff was burgled losing all her jewellery; the police still haven’t given it back. I think they’ve lost it. 4. 2 young youths H and M apparently we are not allowed to print there names but we all know who they are! Assaulted my wife and me, they were kicking the back doors down to the rear of the pub. (We called 999…but it took 3 days for the police to turn up. (And then the youths told a pack of lies and I got in trouble.) 5. Stock was stolen from behind the bar. Police knew who did it but no action was taken. 6. Abuse, threats to kill and Drunkenness, my wife got burped on once and she got called the C… word. NICE! This was a local man..(sorry… local YOB) you’ll hear more about his mother later!! 7. All our advertising boards over a 12 month period kept going missing, the Police found them on the Greenfields estate whilst checking on Face book. 8. Our lounge Curtains got set on fire. 9. The same guy tried to throw a stool at some customers, he then pushed my wife over, (he’s a school teacher now.) 10.A 25 year old man pushed my Father (75) over, My Father has a heart condition.
  4. 4. 11. Our Dog got kicked.12. A Mature woman doing obscene things in the bar.(A 56 year old woman sticking her hand down her trousers and wiping her hand on customers faces…..sorry about that, but that’s what she did. This was the mother!)13. I don’t know why but we had to replace 8 male toilet seats, someone was stealing them. ( we found him out in the end so we barred him)14.The same Mother above kept leaving rather large no; 2s in the ladies toilet she was really out of order.15. Our Boat was stolen which was later returned damaged.16. In total 6 Windows smashed.17. Abuse on a regular basis through the windows while our new customers dine out and enjoy their drinks.18. A Customer threatened to lump me one once and then drove his car at me; we believed he was drunk this gentleman who we know works as a school governor he also sent in abusive emails to our advertisers.19.We have had 6 emails sent to the brewery from people who have been barred complaining about how we have changed our venues. (Don’t they realise The Riverview and the Crown are ours?)20. One of our customers was assaulted and left unconscious.( he got bottled by H)21.Eggs on a regular basis get thrown at both our properties.22.Verbal abuse on a regular basis occur going from one venue to another.(Even the School teachers want to join in)23. Umbrellas stolen, and kids lighting fires in the garden, nowadays we have to purchase umbrellas as even our suppliers have cut back.24.Tiles in the gent’s toilets were being kicked off the wall.25.Pots and Plants swinging baskets get kicked over and pulled down on a regular basis.26.The Outside lights have been damaged and cannot be repaired.27.A newly married man would not leave my wife alone; he said and quote; ME AND YOU WILL DO WELL TOGETHER … he’d not been married a month, he was even putting lies on facebook about me and our Charity Duck race. I’m not a jealous man but wife was really fed up with him, he even took 4/5 chairs once to his house opposite for a BBQ in his garden, he never asked us he just took them..28. A website was made up on Facebook whereby 5 people were arrested but nothing was done about them, The Website was called ‘Get the Twat out the Crown’, There were over 200 members I, didn’t even know these people and some said they didn’t know me but they
  5. 5. signed up to it anyway.. Me being in business, I took an opportunity here, it’s true to say there’s no such thing as bad advertising so, as nominated chairman, I stuck a nice sign up in the pub saying ‘All Twats Welcome’ free beer inside. (NO ONE TURNED UP.) I then took the sign down and started selling my beer again, at the full price of course, then people started to come in!!! I couldn’t work that one out. Shame on them.29.My wife had a solid heavy glass ashtray thrown at her at full pel, no further that 5 paces away at night whilst we were locking up, while another youth threw a metal sign at her. The letters H and M again come to mind, Windows were smashed and the premises got trashed, I was thrown to the ground with a heavy metal table and 2 chairs on top of me while the 2 youths stole stock ( J and J were the culprits and damaged our bar pumps,) we were then taken both to hospital. They even got away with that. The Police done nothing!30. Local youths H and M, drive cars and motorbikes up and down the high street giving me verbal abuse. Including a school teachers from Ramsey school we believe. The School teacher lives not far from the pubs! Funny man, we have reported him on several occasions but again nothing gets done, I believe he’s a bully...definitely harassment!31.Drugs on a regular basis were being found in and outside both venues, we feel now this has stopped.32. Damaged on a regular occurrence is caused to pool table.33.Our sweetie machine got vandalised and the money box was stolen.34. A young customer commented that he wanted to ‘burn me’, and his father well, he used to come to the pub to steel biscuits on the bar, he was always effin and blinding….35. I have been arrested on 3 occasions protecting my customers, staff, and my property, all charges were dropped but still leave my wife alone, vulnerable to the local yobs we have here.36.We have been burgled on 4 occasions. At one time my wife had to throw out all her underwear. Around £500 went missing with another £75.00 on a separate occasion. We don’t hold a lot of money on site as we haven’t got a lot.37. I was walking in St Ives once on a poppy day service; remember I spent 15 years in The Army! A local man Just verbally abused I did tell him if it would make you feel better why don’t you hit me!!, so I took my teeth out showed him my gums and then we walked off, still giving me abuse of course (M s big brother.)
  6. 6. 38.Our side wall had been kicked down; it cost 2K to restore a local man H actually got done for it. 39.Again, windows smashed and a firework mine was set off outside the window where a resident was sleeping, we were told he had to go to hospital with a heart attack. This woke us up and all we saw was a big green flash and a sound like a bomb at 05.30 hrs on a Sunday Morning… the police… didn’t do anything but we did give then a couple of names. As with the same name who damage our windows.( the letter P comes to mind.) 40.P there’s a new one, him and his mate threw a bottle of opened milk in the front door of the Riverview (what a mess) when I approached his parents who I found out to be working at the school… his father didn’t believe us. The same kid threatened my wife, verbally abusing her as she watched him go past the Riverview, he said some nasty things to her, so I went over and was going to grab him to take him home to his parents the guy lunged forward at me hence (my army training) I put him to the floor and he then ran home, he never had any blood on him and my wife who saw him last, agreed, but when he came back to the Riverview with a baton he had blood on his nose… strange that!! We recon he done it himself to get me in trouble, just like his mates did earlier… there very clever theses yobs, but what can I do? I’m now up in court sometime in March obviously pleading not guilty. ‘IS THIS MAD OR ARE WE SUPPSOED TO BE SUBJECTED TO THIS’; ‘Sympathy’,No, we just want people know what’s happening on there doorstep, trustme; there’s a lot more issues that we have had to bare, the list is endless. Allour friends and family applaud us for sticking it out, but you have toremember if you believe in something which is your dream, then don’t letanyone take it away from you. To date we are still here its really up to thelocal community to decide that, as we are finding it hard to pay our rent, ifthey don’t use their public houses unfortunately they will close.To all our customers who do support us then you’ll know what we’re about,our main aim was to tidy up 2 very rundown properties and bring them backto the very Traditional values where people can come out, meet up andsocialize rather than have the rough place with idiots lurking around tryingto ruin it for others. Earith must to put on the map for the right reasons, thisis why now we have started to advertise outside the village, some people in
  7. 7. St Ives don’t even know where Earith is, a list of our forthcoming events arelisted in the pubs, so why not join us for a drink or 2 to see if you like whatwe’ve done.The Riverview Inn and The Crown Riverside Chill Bar Public House, Like us orhate us we are still here fighting to stay alive where 27 public House closeevery week.To the police… why do you do nothing, the yobs laugh at you!! 2 years agowe were promised covert cameras; they (the police) won’t let us put ourown up as they focus on people passing by. Some officers, ‘and we’ve seena few’, say put them up, while other say no your not allowed, I canguarantee if we did put them up I’d get fined.Every time we have an incident we call the police sometimes they don’teven record it, we made a 999 call once, it took them 3 days to come out,when they do come out, nothing gets done, or I get in trouble, they wonttake our word for it even being as we are 2 very professional licensees. Weknow village people can be a bit funny, but I tell you what.. Earith has hadits full share of Drugs, antisocial behaviour, theft, criminal damage, andassaults, they seem to have the law to themselves. WHY!Please Mr Chief Inspector Chris Mead Huntingdonshire DivisionalCommander…. What will you do to help?Kind regards to you and all our readers ……….Cliff and Wendy JonesOwners of The Riverview Inn and The Crown Riverside Chill Bar Public HouseEARITH ‘WHAT A PLACE’!PS; DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO CAN COMPENSATE US FOR THISDREADFULL 3 YEARS AND 7 MONTH.. Please call us on 01487 841405 before we have to close.!