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How to Build a Sustainable Content Marketing Program


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If your marketing and sales program incorporates content marketing as one of ways in which you attract and retain clients, then it makes sense to base the content component on a model that supports demand.

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How to Build a Sustainable Content Marketing Program

  1. 1. Marketing Strategies for BusinessesContent Marketing: How to Build a Sustainable Model
  2. 2. Resource Recognition• “The greatest waste … is failure to use the abilities of people…to learn about their frustrations and about the contributions that they are eager to make.” Out of the Crisis - W. Edwards Deming Copyright - 2 Ten, LLC 2
  3. 3. Social Marketing Short Course• Your company is successful – The fact that you’re still standing says a lot about your expertise, tenacity, and business savvy • Social marketing makes those differentiating qualities apparent – and available - to your customers Copyright - 2 Ten, LLC 3
  4. 4. Social Marketing Short Course• Value-adding qualities differentiate you from competitors – They sell inexpensive widgets – You offer crafted products that save time and money Copyright - 2 Ten, LLC 4
  5. 5. Social Marketing Short Course• In the brick and mortar world, clients come to your business to learn – Your insights & knowledge support informed decisions Copyright - 2 Ten, LLC 5
  6. 6. Open & Available 24/7/365• Blogs and other social media platforms broadcast your expertise – All day…every day – Increased precision, expanded reach Copyright - 2 Ten, LLC 6
  7. 7. Creating a Sustainable Content Marketing Program• Blogs can be like pre-Internet print newsletters – Many die because they are under- resourced Copyright - 2 Ten, LLC 7
  8. 8. Creating a Sustainable Content Marketing Program• A dead blog repels search engines – If content isn’t “fresh”, search engines seek other sources Copyright - 2 Ten, LLC 8
  9. 9. Look Inward: Thou Art the Expert• Before you commit to a blog, identify your internal experts – Look carefully…without organizational bias • Example = logistics staff have insights that production staff may not Copyright - 2 Ten, LLC 9
  10. 10. Look Inward: Thou Art the Expert• Work with your experts to discern their skills, insights, and interests• Agree upon a calendar of blog topics• Provide support as needed• Use the activity to strengthen working relationships Copyright - 2 Ten, LLC 10
  11. 11. Look Inward: Thou Art the Expert• Focus on mutually beneficial objectives: – Increased customer loyalty – Stronger revenue stream Copyright - 2 Ten, LLC 11
  12. 12. The Secret to Success? Attainable Goals• 200 words is better than zero words• Once a week is better than once a year Copyright - 2 Ten, LLC – a veteran-owned business
  13. 13. Partner With the Experts at 2 Ten• Twenty years of marketing, sales and professional writing experience – Clinical research, healthcare, and scientific consulting industries• Original, creative content – Blogs, press releases, collateral, white papers, surveys Copyright - 2 Ten, LLC
  14. 14. 2 Ten, LLCProfessional Marketing Services Jared Byer Principal, 2 Ten, LLC 913.980.0028 @2tenllc 2 Ten, LLC is a veteran-owned business Copyright - 2 Ten, LLC