Social media for festivals tools to use twitter


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Tools to help you use Twitter for your Festivals and Events

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Social media for festivals tools to use twitter

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR FESTIVALSFirst steps on Twitter – Tools to use Twitter
  2. 2. USING TWITTER FROM YOUR PC/MAC Using a browser to access Twitter from a PC or MAC will probably be your first route to Twitter You can log in once or twice a day, see what’s happening and answer a few Tweets or join the conversation You need to be LISTENING to what others are saying Also grouping your following into lists for focus Two applications you can use:  Hootsuite – paid but covers many social network  Tweetdeck – free but only for Twitter
  5. 5. LOOK AT TWEETDECK Sign up for an account – please use a different password from your Twitter one Add Columns Search for interesting items Schedule Tweets
  6. 6. MULTIPLE USERS, ONE ACCOUNT For Festivals it might be appropriate for more than one person to be updating the Twitter account There are tools for that!  Group Tweet: (free version)  BirdHerd: (free version)  Social Bro: (paid only)
  7. 7. GO MOBILE The power of Twitter becomes greater if you participate when mobile (real-time updates) Smart phones will come with a Twitter application built in, or able to be downloaded for free – some paid apps give additional functions
  8. 8. TOOLS FOR A PURPOSE - use to prune or balance followers/following ratio - get statistics about a tag you’re monitoring - manage your Twitter relationships & focus on key ones - schedule Tweets & more – free and paid versions
  9. 9. GET BUSY, GET SOCIAL •Twitter!/SusanMcNaughton •Facebook: •Web: •LinkedIn: