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Ideas for creating content for your social media channels for Festivals and Events. Susan McNaughton Social Media helps Festivals and Events in Scotland to set up their social media profiles, plan their strategy, connect with their audience, and create a community of sharing around Festivals and Events.

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Social media for festivals creating content

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR FESTIVALSCreating Content for your Festival or Event
  2. 2. CONTENT PLANNING TOOLS From previous sessions:  Social Media Canvas  Content Planning Calendar Set up timescales for your events and plan accordingly  May decide to focus in 2 months prior to event  May need all year round strategy  Partly determined by your resources Marketing your event may be responsibility of one person/group Social media for event is wider responsibility
  3. 3. MESSAGES ACROSS ALL YOURCOMMUNICATION NEEDS Don’t re-invent messages – think of what you want to say and the best mediums to use to say it Who else can help you spread the message? Breaking down news, to spread out spreading the news! Phrasing news for you to spread and for others to pass on Where does social media fit into your wider communication, PR and marketing plan? How can your partnerships help you spread the word?
  4. 4. STRATEGY PLANNING CANVASOverview Audience Voice Terms Channels Discovery Expansion Content Other People
  5. 5. CONTENT PLANNING CALENDAR You have a sample Excel spreadsheet with dates in a column & columns for significant events and media to be used If this doesn’t work for you, then create your own methods – but make sure everyone can share as this will be a group effort – think about Dropbox or Google Drive for sharing
  7. 7. FILLING THE CALENDAR Significant events in the year – seasons, festivals Dates for your event Milestones for your event Significant other events in your area Events of interest to your specialist group  E.g. Radio or TV programmes your audience might be interested in Similar events in other parts of the country
  8. 8. SOME EXAMPLES – 23 MARCH 2013 Wedding fair – look for dates of “big weddings” and write some content about that Musical event – check the calendars of your artistes and see where they are before/after your event Business fair – significant dates for signing up for the event Baby tights – different tights for different seasons Health workshops – significant types of allergy in different seasons Art exhibitions – interviews with artists, discussions of other events they’re attending
  9. 9. WHAT TYPE OF CONTENT? Different media will require different approaches  Written articles  Photography  Videos  Sound clips  Content already created by others – re-use by making comment and adding your voice
  10. 10. WE’RE A NEW EVENT! We have no history – where do we get content?  Use royalty free stock images to create an impression  to-get-free-stock-photos-online/  Take close up images of some of the products you’ll have on sale – just enough to create an impression  Search for video/photographs taken by others at previous similar events  Ask participants if you can use their photos
  11. 11. WHAT GOES WHERE? Website core place with (say) one update per week or month Facebook page – publish your latest web content and add some content to get people interacting – have discussions, share photographs Twitter – can be more frequent updates, more sharing of content from others YouTube – can collect videos from others in Playlists until you have content of your own Photo galleries – set up albums within Facebook, web pages within your site, groups on Flickr Pinterest - make collections of photographs others have shared to show your vision of your event
  12. 12. LIKELY KEY ELEMENTS FOR YOURFESTIVAL Website content at core Content on Website linked to from Twitter, encouraging visits to sitePrinted materialdirects people toWebsite, Facebook,Twitter Content on Website linked to from Facebook, encouraging visits to site YouTube hosts Video content which can be Linked to from site or other Photographs: Flickr, media Pinterest, Instagram
  13. 13. GET BUSY, GET SOCIAL •Twitter!/SusanMcNaughton •Facebook: •Web: •LinkedIn: