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Key on line elements for your festival or event


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When setting up a Festival or Event for the first time, it can seem daunting to work out where you will focus your social media efforts. Start simple, and build year on year. A basic starting point would be a core website of a few pages, using WordPress. Then create a Facebook Page and Twitter account, both of which can be used to encourage visits to your website, and to build an audience of interested parties in advance of the event.

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Key on line elements for your festival or event

  1. 1. Likely key elements for your Festival 16/07/2013 Susan McNaughton Social Media - 4festivals Printed material directs people to Website, Facebook, Twit ter Website content at core Content on Website linked to from Facebook, encouraging visits to site Content on Website linked to from Twitter, encouraging visits to site YouTube hosts Video content which can be Linked to from site or other media Flickr hosts photographs Which can be linked to from Website or other media