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Food from Fife


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Getting more from your photographs with Social Media

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Food from Fife

  1. 1. FOOD FROM FIFE Getting more from your photographs with Social Media Susan McNaughton
  2. 2. FOOD FROM FIFE  Membership Organisation  Cross-promote food & tourism  Curate great content  Create great content
  3. 3. TODAY’S PARTICIPANTS  Puddledub – Joanna Mitchell and Tom Mitchell  Fairmont – Liz Schols  Balgove – Carlos Martinez-Diaz  Courses for Cooks –Jenny Thomson  Cairnie – Cameron Laird  East Neuk Cooks – Stacey Marshall  Dawnfresh Seafood (own RR Spink) - Alisha Goodwin  Jannettas – Owen Hazel  9016 Creative – Robin Johnson  The Ardgowan – Rachel McLachlan
  4. 4. WHICH SOCIAL NETWORKS?  Website/blog  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Pinterest  Google+  YouTube
  5. 5. STRATEGY  Think about WHY you want to use social networks  WHO are you trying to attract?  WHAT is your message?  WHERE will you be?  WHEN will you post?  HOW will you manage?
  6. 6. GET THE BASICS RIGHT  Every network, everywhere  Printed material  Website  Completed profiles  Make it easy for people to find you on the network THEY like best
  7. 7. #FOODFROMFIFE  #tagging  Connecting content together  Encourage people to use  Helps you find mentions  Twitter  Instagram  Google+  Facebook (works, but not widely used)
  8. 8. HOW CAN WE USE OTHERS’ CONTENT?  Fantastic pictures on Talor Gilchrist’s blog from her visit to the Steak Barn at Balgove
  9. 9. #LOVEFIFEFOOD AND #FEASTOFFIFE  Recent blog/press trip to Fife hosted by Welcome to Fife  Bloggers encouraged to use #tags  Can’t enforce, just encourage  Useful to search out posts
  10. 10. USING CONTENT: IDEAS 1  Create a collection on Google+ and add a link to the content on your collection ( yf)  Pin the photographs to a Pinterest Board ( )  Storify: (  Write a blog post and use the image in your post (crediting the blogger, with a link to their content) – ask permission first
  11. 11. USING CONTENT: IDEAS 2  Use your Instagram account to find content on a #tag and comment  Ask people to add their content to your #tag (e.g. #foodfromfife)  Use an app within Facebook to display Instagram posts on a #tag or simply your own content (Iconosquare App See it in action: /app/267091300008193/
  12. 12. USING CONTENT: IDEAS 3  Collaborate with others on Pinterest – create a “Food from Fife” board and invite Pinners to join and pin their own content  Ask your customers to #tag photographs of themselves enjoying your food/restaurant etc  Add quotes about your business over photos which people have shared (with permission)  Use the Repost app to share content shared on a tag which you use – or screen shot but be sure you attribute to the original creator
  13. 13. CREATING CONTENT: IDEAS 1  Ask someone to take over your social media for a day – guest host or staff member (e.g. your Instagram account)  Take photographs at events you attend  Seasonal content library – photographs for the season  Get 3 for 1 when you use IFTTT to post from Instagram to Twitter and Pinterest (for example)
  14. 14. CREATING CONTENT: IDEAS 2  ENCOURAGE photography – put up a notice in your premises/on your stall etc with a #tag  Ask questions – e.g. on Facebook, Twitter – ask people what they want you to post and then respond to their replies  Create themes for each month and work together to post content on #foodfromfife + #[themeformonth] – e.g. seasonal specialities, recipes for popular ingredients
  15. 15. CREATING CONTENT: IDEAS 3  Create a calendar of ‘food days’ e.g. October 14: World Egg Day – schedule content and join in  Find regular food chats on Twitter and join in- e.g.#scotfood 9 – 10 pm on first Monday of the month [Tip: use to join in]
  16. 16. CREATING CONTENT: TOOLS  – requires Google Chrome Browser – free 7-day trial  – great for creating collages and simple photo edits – low cost annual fee  – uploaded photographs remain so that you can re-use in different ways – free with paid assets $1 each  – use your photographs to create simple videos and posts  Use to create short animations for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (mobile only)
  17. 17. CREATING CONTENT: TOOLS 1  Tool:  Allows you to create a variety of images in different layouts once you’ve uploaded some images and chosen text
  20. 20. EYE-CATCHING GRAPHICS  Created with
  21. 21. CREATING CONTENT: TOOLS 2   Simple way to create images for social media sites and add coloured backgrounds, text, etc  Set of standard layouts for collages sized for social media
  22. 22. CREATING CONTENT: TOOLS 3   Lots of pre-set layouts and text boxes  Simple $1 charge if you want to use stock photos  Easy to create downloadable pdf files for leaflets/instructions
  23. 23. CREATING CONTENT: TOOLS 4   Free tool to create short videos or simple social media posts  m/video/SgGNhNnGtA Ccj - embedded in blog post
  24. 24. CREATING CONTENT: TOOLS 5  – mobile app for iOS to create short animations for Twitter and Instagram- example: https://www.instagram. com/p/BLo3LqbBYCm/ ?taken-by=2edinburgh
  25. 25. FOOD FROM FIFE - RESOURCES  Copy of this presentation: http://www.slideshare.n et/2susanmcnaughton  Canva – summary of points  List of attendees: Twitter List  Inspiration: Arnprior Pumpkins
  26. 26. FOOD FROM FIFE Presentation created by: Susan McNaughton 3 November 2016