Why should i quit smoking cold turkey


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Learn why and how to quit smoking cold turkey.

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Why should i quit smoking cold turkey

  1. 1. Why Should I Quit Smoking Cold Turkey? By http://2stopsmokingtips.com
  2. 2. Introduction• Smokers often ask "How can I quit smoking cold turkey?" I always tell them all they need is determination and persistence and they will be able to quit smoking cold turkey. The cold turkey method of quitting smoking is not for the weak, neither is it for those who are fickle and not determined. It is not for those who are not focused; it is really for the disciplined and the strong. Now this is not to discourage you.
  3. 3. Believe You Can Do It• It is not to make you feel cold turkey is not for you. It is rather to encourage you to let you know that you have to summon up strength and courage and yes, the truth is, you can if you believe you can quit smoking cold turkey.
  4. 4. Tips to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey• Understand the Law of Addiction: Addiction operates under a law which states "the administration of a drug to a drug addict who was trying to break free will cause a re- establishment of chemical dependence upon the addictive substance at the old level of use or at a greater level" This simply means you are to do away with cigarettes by all means. Cold turkey means "NO CIGARETTES!"
  5. 5. Tips to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey(2)• Just one puff is enough to knock you down by up to 72 hours in the deep abyss of smoking once again. If you are using this method, then stay true to it, no matter what. That is how to win.
  6. 6. Tips to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey(3)• Understand what you are dealing With: What you are dealing with is an addiction. Nicotine is the enemy. You are in a war that you must win. It is either you win or you get won. There is no such thing as "just one puff only". Do not treat this addiction as something that you can control. You know it is powerful. So if you get off some days without it, make sure you stick to it and never take another puff.
  7. 7. Tips to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey(4)• Whats Your Motivation? You need to be motivated. Your motivation is your propeller; it is also what will get you all the way. Make sure you are motivated by the right things. You will not go a long way if you want to quit just because someone said quit. You have to understand that your life depends on this. Take some time to hate smoking because of the things it is doing to your health and relationships. Then hate it! Let that hatred for it be your motivation.
  8. 8. Tips to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey(5)• Get Education: While you are trying to quit, get yourself educated about tips to quit smoking cold turkey. You will need them along the way.
  9. 9. Tips to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey(6)• Teamwork Wont Be Bad: If you can team up with other guys who want to quit, it wont be bad. However, make sure you choose rightly. You do not want to choose lazy people who are not gonna get anywhere. You do not want anyone dragging you down.
  10. 10. Tips to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey(7)• Keep Your Eye on the End: Finish before you start. Keep your eye on the kind of life you want to live. How good it will be when you have overcome cigarettes. How your health will improve, how your relationships will be made better. Keep your eye on that.
  11. 11. Conclusion• Celebrate each day you win. Mourn Each Day you lose and Refire!• How can I quit smoking cold turkey? The above are surefire tips that will help you. However, do not get limited to these alone. You can get more tips online.
  12. 12. Thanks For Reading!!!• For more incisive articles, please visit: • http://2stopsmokingtips.com