What are the aids to stop smoking


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Discover the various aids you can use to stop smoking.

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What are the aids to stop smoking

  1. 1. What Are the Aids to Stop Smoking? By http://2stopsmokingtips.com
  2. 2. Introduction• If you have tried several aids and have assumed there is really no good quit smoking aid, you might want to read along. Truly, things have gotten better now and of a truth, there are a couple of good quit smoking aids out there that can help you in your quest to quit smoking. The adverse effects have been reduced to a great degree and a couple more do not even have any side effects.
  3. 3. Latest Aids to Stop Smoking• If you have been following the trend in the quit smoking world, you probably would have been seeing some rave reviews and a lot of press coverage on aids such as Zyban, Chantix and Wellbutrin. These are basically stop smoking aids and are available only by prescription from an expert. They do not contain any nicotine at all and they have helped a ton of people out there to stop smoking.
  4. 4. Latest Aids to Stop Smoking(2)• You can also use Chantix to stop smoking. It will provide you with very mild effects which feel like you are taking nicotine. It also eases the symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine. Chantix also helps to douse the effect of nicotine if you use it while smoking. What it does is to reduce the high or rush effect which nicotine has and help to reduce the pleasure derived from it. This makes nicotine less inviting.
  5. 5. Latest Aids to Stop Smoking(3)• Zyban on the other hand and Wellbutrin operate in a much different dimension. These are more of anti-depressants which are known as bupropion. They help smokers lose interest in smoking cigarettes by removing the discomfort associated with withdrawal from nicotine.
  6. 6. Natural Aids to Stop Smoking• There are also natural stop smoking aids which can be used to overcome addiction to nicotine. These are a combination of herbs which create a similar effect on the brain, similar to what nicotine creates. These are non-addictive and this is the good part. These natural herbs also help to reduce the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine. Most of the ones around use lobelia which is a compound that mimics the effect of nicotine on the body. It is not addictive.
  7. 7. Conclusion• The above aids to stop smoking have been of help to many people out there. You might want to try them out too. You can visit a professional to take some advice on which of the above is best for you. You do not need a profession advice to know that smoking has adverse effects on the body and the earlier you quit the better
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