Control your thoughts and cease smoking


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Find out how a slight shift in your thinking can impact greatly on your stop smoking ability.

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Control your thoughts and cease smoking

  1. 1. Control Your Thoughts and Cease Smoking By
  2. 2. Introduction• This is so fundamental but many people still don’t get it. It’s the beginning of your stop smoking journey. Without it, there’s no quit attempt. This is what will make you finally decide not to touch a cigarette in your life again. Now, this is how it goes and I call it the ‘inside out’ approach. For you to see any growth or change on the outside of man, the growth or change must first take place within.
  3. 3. The Mind Is Powerful• Or let me just say the journey from smoker to ex- smoker is an INTERNAL TRIP. If you don’t see yourself as an ex-smoker in the inner recesses of your mind, it will not happen in real life.• The mind is where the issues of life emanate, like the aeroplane’s black box which is used to determine the reasons for a plane crash, by recording any hints in the flight crew’s conversation.
  4. 4. How Do I Convince My Mind to Stop Smoking?• How do I convince my mind to stop smoking? Reject any fantasizing or romanticizing about smoking. Also reject any thought that urges you to smoke. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Psychological addiction is tough to beat. Physical addiction can be overcome in a matter of days but recovery from psychological addiction will take many months and will involve the mind to become a reality.
  5. 5. Do You Have a Smoker’s Mind?• A smoker’s mind generally sees cigarettes in a good light but for you to effectively quit smoking, you must develop what I call a ‘stop smoking mind’. This kind of mind sees cigarettes as bad, it sees cigarettes as agents of death and doesn’t want to have any thing to do with it.• This is the first hurdle. Once that is crossed, you will now have to start seeing yourself as an ex- smoker. The image of you that your smoker’s mind has is that of a chain smoker who cannot do without cigarettes.
  6. 6. Do You Have a Smoker’s Mind?(2)• You have to substitute that image with that of a clean man who hates smoking and wouldn’t touch a cigarette with a long poll. It’s a mind thing and it’s going to be slightly challenging as the image you want to substitute with a new one has been in your mind for years. But, you can do it and Clement Stone says: “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.
  7. 7. A Fundamental Law of Success• If you can conceive and see in your mind that you are an ex-smoker, I believe it’s just a matter of time for what you have seen to come to reality. Your seeing it in the mind will convince your mind to go for it.• It’s a law of life and a law of nature. Whatever you want to happen in your life must first happen in your mind. If it doesn’t happen in your mind (the spiritual), it won’t happen in real life. This is because the spiritual controls the physical. “First within and then without”, that’s what the first law of success says.
  8. 8. A Fundamental Law of Success(2)• Those of us conversant with the scriptures would recall how God called Abraham out to count the stars, promising him his descendants will be as uncountable as the stars in the sky. And this was at a time Abraham desperately wanted a heir. This means, Abraham had to see his children spiritually before they will manifest in the physical.
  9. 9. A Fundamental Law of Success(3)• I’ve seen this same situation come to bear in my life. Several years ago,when I was learning to drive, I found it a bit difficult because I did not engage this concept early. Once I started seeing myself as a driver, I overcame and was able to drive. I had to change the mental picture I had of myself and substituted it with that of a lady who lived in the midst of plenty and could drive any car she wanted.
  10. 10. Are You Ready to Make this Shift?• Smoking cessation is no doubt a tough thing to do for most people but I ask, is it tougher than developing lung cancer or dropping dead from COPD? If it’s not tougher, I urge you to make this shift that will result in huge benefits for you, your family and the society at large.
  11. 11. Are You Ready to Make this Shift?(2)• It’s the shift of a lifetime and generally involves you rejecting any fantasizing about smoking. Stop any thought that continually tells you good things about smoking: it will relieve your stress, it will relax you, it will make you feel good, et cetera. Reject such thoughts, they will do you no good.
  12. 12. Are You Ready to Make this Shift?(3)• This mind shift would be required to kick start your quit smoking journey and keep the process going. There’s no slouching or relaxing at any point in time. Smoking cessation is like going to war and the war is generally fought on the battlefield called the mind of man. So, be prepared to go to war, be equipped to go on the offensive, train your mind to quell the attacks at a go.
  13. 13. Dealing with Attacks on Your Mind• The attacks will come in the form of subtle suggestions to smoke just one last cigarette after you have successfully abstained for 8 days. The gentle prodding or thought will tell you that 1 cigarette will not spoil your stop smoking resolve; rather, it will make u feel good. Yielding to the thought will scuttle your stop smoking ambition; quickly silence the voice and reject the suggestion by thinking of the reasons you decided to quit and the benefits attached.
  14. 14. Conclusion• You can also quell the attack by taking a brisk walk, playing the piano, or just fiddling with anything you can lay hands on. This will distract you till the craving goes away.• Even though it sounds too good to be true, this mind technique works. Engage it today, you sure will have testimonies!
  15. 15. Thanks for Reading!!!• For more incisive articles, please visit: •