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Cleanse your body and lungs from toxins


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Find out how to rid your body and lungs of toxins that have accumulated in your body as a result of many years of smoking.

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Cleanse your body and lungs from toxins

  1. 1. Cleanse Your Body and Lungs fromCigarette Toxins after Quit Smoking By
  2. 2. Introduction• There is no doubt about the fact that smoking does a lot of damage to the body and some organs like the heart, lungs and liver. Smoking cigarettes exposes your body and lungs to toxins like tar, nicotine, arsenic, carbon monoxide, and a lot of other poisonous substances. And even though you may have kicked the smoking habit, these chemicals still inhabit your bloodstream.
  3. 3. Natural Ways to Cleanse the Body• They still call the shots in your life (anything that controls your blood, controls your life).• Cleansing them out is highly necessary for you to stay quit. Having them in your blood stream could trigger strong cravings that can cause a relapse. Below are some simple but natural ways to rid your body, lungs and liver of these toxins.
  4. 4. Water• The power of water is often underestimated but it flushes out nicotine from your body speedily. Drink plenty of clean water; 8-12 glasses a day is ideal. If you can do more than that, it’s still okay. For variety, you can add a bit of lemon or lemon juice. Lemon also cleanses your system of nicotine. Drinking lots of water daily boosts kidney activity and accelerates the elimination of toxins. Water also prevents you from getting constipation due to your increased fiber consumption.
  5. 5. Garlic• Despite its pungent smell, garlic is extremely useful in cleansing your body of nicotine and other poisonous substances. This is because garlic cloves are made up of allicin, a substance which helps in clearing the lungs. You can cook with ground garlic cloves, eat it raw and even add it to your vegetables and meat. I wouldn’t subscribe to garlic supplements, extracts or tablets, it’s better if you use the natural garlic, not the processed one.
  6. 6. Cranberry Juice• In my article on designing your stop smoking strategy, I mentioned cranberry juice. In this article on cleansing your body from the effects of nicotine and other harmful chemicals, cranberry juice is again coming into the picture; only that this time, you should mix it with orange juice and drink daily
  7. 7. Cranberry Juice(2)• . It will greatly assist your detox or cleansing process as both juices are laden with antioxidants that battle free radicals. Aside this, cranberry juice empowers the liver to digest fat with more efficiency and contains arbutin, an element which acts as a water pill and draws out toxins to be passed out.
  8. 8. Fruit and Vegetable Juices• Still talking about juicing and juices, I’d like to say juicing defends and protects you from all sorts of diseases connected to smoking. Without leaving your house, you can create fresh fruit and vegetable juices with your blender and juicer. Fresh citrus or apple juices are good choices alongside black currant juice. Carrot juice is suggested as a vegetable juice, as well as beet or asparagus juice. These should be freshly prepared juices so the body can get maximum nutrients from them. These juices assist to clear nicotine out of your body speedily.
  9. 9. Exercise• Exercise daily. In an earlier article, I mentioned why you should start exercise before you quit smoking and even after quit smoking, maintain your exercise regimen because exercise makes you sweat and sweat releases the toxins that have made your body home due to smoking. Exercise also burns up the nicotine in your system and boosts your body’s metabolism rate. It raises body temperature and supply of oxygen. It also keeps your immune system working perfectly.
  10. 10. Green Tea• Green tea is an inhibitor or antioxidant which fixes the harm caused by free radicals and prevents cancer from years of cigarette smoking. For best results, drink 3 or more cups of green tea daily. Other types of tea: white, lemon and peppermint tea are also effective in purifying your body system.
  11. 11. High Fiber Foods• High fiber foods can also get rid of all the toxins that have invaded your body as a result of years of cigarette smoking. Eating foods high in fiber will help you cleanse your colon and prevent colon cancer. High fiber foods include raw green leafy vegetables, beans, carrots, cabbage, brown rice, asparagus, kale and peas. Organic vegetables, fruits and whole grains are also good sources of fiber.
  12. 12. Healthy Diet• A healthy diet is also essential to cleanse your body and maintain good health. Make sure you consume a chunk of green leafy vegetables, berries, apples, nuts, sunflower seeds, fruits, and beans. Also, stop consuming refined and processed foods. Get fried foods out of the way. As much as possible, avoid soda, caffeine, sugar and alcohol.
  13. 13. Vitamin E and C• Smoking robs your body of essential vitamins like vitamin C, so drinking orange juice and eating fruits that contain vitamin C will help restore your body back to normal health and well-being. Smoking also depletes your body’s supply of vitamin E but eating a lot of dark leafy vegetables like spinach, collard greens and kale will help restore it. Essentially, vitamin E will help defend your cells and organs from the harm done by smoking and nicotine unwholesomeness.
  14. 14. Ginger• Ginger can assist the body to sweat. Perspiration in turn releases toxins from the body system. It also clears out the lungs after quit smoking. It can be used to make fresh natural ginger tea. It can also be added to your salads and foods. I don’t believe in ginger tablets or capsules. Ginger is better used in its natural form. Another ingredient that operates like ginger is cayenne pepper.
  15. 15. Juice Fasting• You can speed up the expulsion of toxins from your body by fasting on juice. Be sure to consult your doctor or dietitian before embarking on this. And even when you get the go-ahead to fast, don’t do it for more than 2 days.
  16. 16. Rest• Find time to rest. No matter how busy you are, make out time to rest your body and mind. This will make your body cleansing process holistic as it will complement the repair and cleansing work being done by the fruits, vegetables and water you are consuming as well as the exercise you are doing daily. Rest because it assists the body healing process.
  17. 17. 5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Body and Lung Cleansing Program• Beware of detox programs! If I had my way, I’d say you should not go for any detox program because a number of them are ineffective and even dangerous. Utilize the home-made cleansing ingredients mentioned above.• Strict cleansing diets are unnecessary! It amazes me when people want to lose weight and they are made to go through strict and unhealthy diet regimens. Due to the fact that the diets are not right, they lose the weight, only to gain it back in ten-fold!
  18. 18. 5 Things to Consider Before Starting aBody and Lung Cleansing Program(2)• What I’m saying in essence is: a complete body and lung toxin cleanse should be a bettering and gentle process. There is no need for detox diets that have no place for food or diets of one type of fruit or vegetable for a period of 5-7days! These diets are totally unhealthy as you are merely robbing your body of the nutrients it needs to get back to shape. Remember to give your body the essential nourishment it needs! Go for an enhancing, gentle and sustained detox diet. Never go for a crash diet. You don’t need it.
  19. 19. 5 Things to Consider Before Starting aBody and Lung Cleansing Program(3)• Drink water as if it’s going out of fashion! Or should I say, drink water like a fish because the entire detox or cleansing process depends on water to be successful.• Say a permanent bye-bye to foods containing poisonous substances and consume foods that will give your body the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to get back to good health.
  20. 20. 5 Things to Consider Before Starting aBody and Lung Cleansing Program(4)• A successful body cleanse begins and ends in the mind. In an earlier article, I had mentioned that stop smoking starts with a shift in your thinking. Interestingly, a body or lung cleanse also begins in the mind because you have to be mentally prepared for your detox. The greater your level of mental preparation, the greater your level of success.
  21. 21. 5 Things to Consider Before Starting aBody and Lung Cleansing Program(5)• Convert your cleansing time to meditation time; connect with your inner-self and appreciate the beauty of the moment. Aside meditation, practice deep breathing for at least 15 minutes a day during your detox. The fresh air you bring in will greatly assist the lung cleansing process.
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