Can exercise help me stop smoking


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Can exercise help me stop smoking

  1. 1. Can Exercise Help Me Stop Smoking? By
  2. 2. Introduction• This is probably one of the questions you are asking yourself right now, as a smoker who badly needs to quit this addictive habit. If you have tried several ways but none seems to be working, this might be the good news you have been waiting for; exercise can really help you quit smoking.
  3. 3. Exercise Helps Quit Smoking• A recent study carried out on teenagers proved this. A group of teenage boys were made to undertake a teenage cessation program with a major focus on exercising. A half of the group went through the program without exercising while the other half exercised. It was eventually found that the group that exercised found it easier to quit smoking more than those who only took a traditional anti-smoking advice.
  4. 4. Exercise Helps Quit Smoking(2)• Although exercise have not been proven to have absolute effect on teenage girls who want to quit smoking, there is still no doubt that it is going to be a great help to anyone. The research showed that a very good exercise plan for smokers can help them to a very great degree, to kick the habit of smoking since it is believed that inactivity plays a good part in the addiction to nicotine.
  5. 5. Exercise Helps Quit Smoking(3)• Can exercise help quit smoking? Yes it can! Apart from theories and scientific arguments, anyone could reason this out. Exercise has a way of helping you focus; it has a way of helping one to concentrate. If you are idle, doing nothing, chances are that your cravings for nicotine will be stronger than when you are busy exercising.
  6. 6. Exercise Helps Quit Smoking(4)• You will find it a whole lot easier to forget your cravings while you are running or taking a long walk than when you are sitting out there, doing nothing. The situation can even be made worse when every corner of your house is filled with packets of cigarette.
  7. 7. Exercise Helps Quit Smoking(5)• Exercise can help you a great deal. It is something you should really consider if you are not considering it before. Apart from the fact that it will help you get in shape and keep you healthy, it will also help you kick the cravings for nicotine. If you persist, it wont be long before nicotine will lose the battle over you. While this may look a little bit hard to practice, I can say it is possible. Determination is of the essence and persistence is important.
  8. 8. Conclusion• So if your question was, "Can exercise help me stop smoking?", I believe you have found the answer. Do not however let it sit there, determine to try this. Because exercise is really beneficial to quit smoking.
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