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Aflind Kojri"",I', , ,,,ult on Indi'
AAP KE PAAP: Rs 60,000 bribe to the Delhi voter
on MARCH 7, 2014 in POLITICS
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Agrawal canary trap


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Arun Agrawal, an anti-corruption crusader and writer, wrote for Canary Trap a post called AAP Ke PAAP (The Sins of Aam Adami Party). In it he alleged that AAP promised to bribe Delhi Voter with Rs. 60,000/- in return for her vote. He said that AAP got spectacular results in the election because of this promise. However, he says it was a false promise because Arvind Kejriwal could not have fulfilled it based just on the parameters set out in the election manifesto of AAP. This document is extracted from his article on CanaryTrap.In website.

Published in: News & Politics
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Agrawal canary trap

  1. 1. Aflind Kojri"",I', , ,,,ult on Indi' AAP KE PAAP: Rs 60,000 bribe to the Delhi voter on MARCH 7, 2014 in POLITICS KOjri"",I: Indi'" biggest sc,m BYARUN AGRAWAL The purpose of these serialized articles is to do an expose on Arvind Kejriwal who is misleading the innocent people of this country on the issue of corruption for promoting his selfish agenda, He has never been serious on the issue of eradicating corruption, The Opening Quote of the manifesto of AAPwhich is a Letter of Pledge (Sankalp Patra), Wa Khokle Dave, Na )hote Wadey, Saach ki Rajneeti, Swaraj Ka Sankalp" (NO HOLLOW CLAIMS,NO FALSE PROMISE POLITICS OF THE TRUTH, PLEDGE OF SWARAJ) Arvind Kejriwal, who has built his campaign on truth, integrity and an anti-corruption movement, is himself guilty of lying and bribing the electorate by making a false promise of giving a benefit cf Rs 60,000 per household (in Delhi) for those paying electricity bill cf Rs 2000 per month, The first article of this series focuses on bribing the Delhi electorate with a false promise of enriching them by around Rs 60,000, It was the largest bribe that was ever offered to the electorate by any party, be it in cash or in kind, The bribe was notto be paid from corporate donations based on crony capitalism but from the public exchequer by increasing the debt of the future generations, Kejriwal, deliberately made a false promise to reduce the electricity bill by half when he knew that it was impossible to fulfill the promise, This false promise was laced with his usual rhetoric on corruption and profiteering by the corporetes. Hence people believed him and voted for him in Iarge numbers to create the electorate upset of post independent India, The false assurance on reducing the consumer's (voters) expenditure on electricity by half was in the manifesto, The manifesto also stated the manner in which the reduction of electricity expenditure of the consumers would be brought about. It was never stated that it would be done through subsidy, The promise made in the electoral manifesto (summary) taken from the website of AAP is reproduced: Delhi's consumers have been getting infiated bills due to malpractices by Dtscoms. AAP promises a reduction of consumers' electricity expenditure by 50%, This will be done by ordering • audit of discerns • rectifying infiated bills and • getting electricity bills checked by independent agencies, Licences would be cancelled of any discerns that refuse the audit The assurance was in the form of a promise and was not a casual assurance, It was not only in the nature of a contract but an actual contract. Kejriwal promised the electorate of Delhi that every consumer of electricity would incur 50% less expenditure in return for their vote, It was a set of promises, A unilateral offer was made by Kejriwal which could be accepted by performance by the voter by voting for him, The statement in the manifesto was not a bland statement but was a promise, This solemn promise was made by a man who swears by his own honesty, by a man who was an associate ofthe honest Anna Hazare (till he ditched him by means which many say were dishonest means), by the honesty of an income tax commissioner who could have earned crores (not that he is not a crore pati thrice over), It was a promise of a man who calls every politician of every other party as corrupt and has built his entire campaign on honesty, Honesty, he claims s the only asset he has! According to the promise, if the electricity bill of the household of the voter was a modest Rs 2000 per month, he would gain Rs 12000 every year, as his bill would be slashed by 50% (saving cf Rs 1000/pm for 12 months), The benefit cf Rs 12,000 per annum translates into a benefit of Rs 60,000 for the five years that he would be in office, If Kejrlwal's promise was an arithmetic impossibility (as will be shown later), then the promise was a false promise without any intention of performing it. It was a fraud, And the fraud was committed to bribe and cheat the voter, Kejriwal promise was false and an arithmetic impossibility but before the fact of his making the electricity issue the key election issue,