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An animated presentation on preventive health. Animations do not seem to work in this environmnet,

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  1. 1. STORMS
  3. 3. THERE ARE FINANCIAL STORMS• The one that works from paycheck to paycheck knows that when a crisis or storm hits---it is over! So reason goes to show that putting something aside for a rainy day is key. Joseph put aside 1/5 or 20% of his increase during the times when there was not a problem
  4. 4. THERE ARE ACADEMIC STORMSThe one that goofed off thewhole semester or collegeyears knows that the blastof the storm in the manyvaried test and all the finalexaminations he barelypassed. But what is worse, is perhaps makingBut this goes with him the all the A’s and having all therest of his life testifying to knowledge, but yet lack the ability tohis unfaithfulness in his apply in the real world, throughstudies and maybe less indolence or lack of wisdom and skillelevated positions as a and is no better off for having studied.result.
  5. 5. THEN THERE ARE THE WEATHER STORMSThe tornado, hurricane, Tsunami—all these storms burst upon us in their angry fury.But many times, we are given a warning and it is how we decide to prepare to heed this warning is an individual thing.
  6. 6. JUST STOP THE STORM? No one can prevent them from coming— the only thing we can do is to prepare sufficiently for them. I have never seen anyone prevent a hurricane from coming—it is simply how we resolve to deal with it.
  7. 7. TARGETED WITH TERRIBLE EXACTNESS AND PRECISIONYears ago when the Tsunami hit, there was an unknownscientist who studied intensely the relation of the earthand moon and had now figured out with precision andexactness the time an earthquake will hit. And frantically tried to warn the officials of a coming Tsunami. Because he was unknown and despised, his pleadings fell on death ears. The officials failed to warn the people and we know the rest of the story. But an amazing thing happened right before the Tsunami—all the animals in all the nearby regions fled frantically. During Noah’s time, God got the animals to listen when man refused to heed the warning.
  8. 8. THERE IS ANOTHER STORM THAT IS GATHERINGThe storm of disease Many go on from day to day carelessly lessening their hold on life, through faulty diet, and lifestyle.
  9. 9. BUILDING A SOLID ROCK FOUNDATIONThe RECOVERY principles or eight laws to healthare your solid building blocks for a solid foundation inhealth.
  10. 10. THE SOLID ROCK PRINCIPLES• Rest (Resting or trusting in God)• Exercise (In the open air)• Careful in temperance (don’t over do it whatever it is)• Optimal Nutrition (no snacking)• Very generous amounts of water (at the right times)• Effective fresh air (where there are plenty of trees)• Rest 2 (a bodily rest) (every hour before midnight is like getting 2 extra hrs.)• Yes sufficient sunshine. (get enough avoid too much)• Adhering to these eight principles will help give you that solid foundation. Only Divine aid can assure success.
  11. 11. RESTING ON A SOLID FOUNDATIONWhen you build ona solid foundationyou are protectingyourself and lovedones from harm.
  12. 12. VITAL FORCEAll are given a certain amount of vital force not only by God-but by their parents. Depending how well your parents adhered to the RECOVERY principles determined the amount of vital force you received at birth.Vital force can only be preserved, we are not given more we have to use wisely and carefully that which we have—every violation of the eight laws of health depletes your account of vital force.
  13. 13. EXAMPLESParents that give their children Parents that give their kids lessmuch vital force. vital force. 1. Parents Grew up in the 1. Parents do not even know that fresh air of the country the 8 laws to health exist—but life. those that may know choose to 2. Adhered mostly -not ignore them. all to the 8 laws of 2. Parents were raised in the smog health. Encouraged of the city life—inhaling of tainted the child in keeping air continually now raising their the principles of kids here too. health
  14. 14. DIFFERENCES IN VITALITY AT BIRTH Of course when God created Adam his vital force was so great he lasted for over 900 years before he died. But since then things have been going down hill for the human race as they depart more and more from the laws of LIFE.
  15. 15. DIFFERENCES IN VITALITY AT BIRTH This is like a bank account of health you are given at birth. You see—if the parents were violating the eight laws when you came along and you followed in So now…. their footsteps knowingly or unknowingly you have depleted your account to almost nothing. But there is hope, if one now reforms and began implementing the 8 laws, the outcome for this one will be much better.
  16. 16. WHEN THE STORM OF DISEASE HITSWhat if you do not have a solid rock foundation?—or--you have no foundation ---or what thescriptures call a sandy foundation—and when thestorm of disease hit-your body will not have thefighting power to withstand its fury—so diseasewill conquer and the victim will fall in death ormay be sustained artificially by drugs and /ormachinery.
  17. 17. WHEN THE STORM OF DISEASE HITSMatthew 726 And every one that heareth these sayingsof mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened untoa foolish man, which built his house upon thesand:27 And the rain descended, and the floodscame, and the winds blew, and beat upon thathouse; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.
  18. 18. THE BEHAVIOR OF STORMSREMEMBER,We can never stop a storm from coming—it is just a part of our human experience. There are germs that simply float in the air—when inhaled can cause problems like tuberculosis. But your body can safely resist this effectively and many other diseases promptly if a good foundation has been established.
  21. 21. REMEMBER THE UNKNOWN SCIENTISTTake heed the warnings—the officials may not warn you. If they refuse the advice does not mean you have to blindly follow them.Lets not always let the dumb animals take the supreme privilege of obeying God in frantically fleeing from danger.
  22. 22. PROTECT YOUR SELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES.• Protect them from people who do not care about having a solid foundation.• Protect them from officials who fail to hear practice the eight principles of health and prevent others by not giving the warning..• Help them to preserve the precious vital force which may already have been depleted greatly at their birth—share the principles with them so that they can live a quality life without unnecessary sickness and premature death.
  23. 23. WILL THE TRUE HEALTHCARE PRACTICE STAND UPThe true art of health has been lost. The world has set aside the only simplemeans of gaining and retaining health—the Bible—The word of God. Its likepurchasing a new car and throwing away the manual and everybody justdecide on their own how to take care of their new car. One may decide thatputting orange Juice in the gas tank is a much better idea than gasoline andothers decide to do other things differently. Everybody claims to have the answer but there is only one true—would you like to know and practice the truth? Then this is for…
  24. 24. ..those who would like to take a closer look into the truth. Also include other healthful books with good information that 1st began with can help-- email us your BIBLE in below if you would like searching out the suggestions. principles of true health. Study and take action for yourself so….
  25. 25. WHEN THE STORM OF DISEASE HITS You do not have to worry because you have prepared a rock solid foundation to resist and conquer disease.This is not intended to take the medical advice of your physician or promise a cure. ©Copyright 2010 The Best Way To Wellness Media For You For Better Health