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Affiliate Management Cheat Sheet by 2Performant


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30 minutes a day for a succesful affiliate program.

We have put together for you, dear affiliate manager, a cheat sheet to give you a hand in your affiliate management activity.

Below, you have a list of tasks, grouped by their frequency (one time, daily, weekly, monthly, etc).

Since we want to be by your side all the way, we also included a small list of tips&tricks or best practices for each group of tasks.

You can very well print it out and set it on your desk or on the wall in front of you. Just make sure you have it before your eyes.

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Affiliate Management Cheat Sheet by 2Performant

  1. 1. Affiliate Management Cheat Sheet 30 minutes a day for a succesful affiliate program Set-up - one time (0.5- 2 hours): · Set commision value and cookie life. · Add tools (banners and feeds) · Define program description and TOS. · Set up tracking code. Daily (15-30 minutes): · Accept affiliate requests to work with you. · Accept or reject commissions based on order status. · Respond to messages. · Checks previous day’s stats. Weekly (2-4 hours): · Check last week’s results. · Communicate news and promotions. · Update tools. · Recruit new affiliates. Monthly (2-4 hours): · Check last month’s results. · Send affiliates useful promotion and sales info. · Reward high performing affiliates. · Take a look at the competition. Periodically 3-6 months (4-6 hours): · Check program settings. · Organize motivating affiliate challenges. · Arrange meetings with affiliates. · Check the latest affiliate trends. · A well managed affiliate program should bring in an additional 5%-30% in sales. · Set your commission considering your margin. Appealing values range from 2%-3% for small margin products (IT&C) and 15%-20% for high margin ones. · You can add the banners you are using already in Google AdWords. · You need a product feed to attract tech savvy affiliate. · Choose automated affiliate request approval. You might miss out if you misjudge an affiliate. · Use the API to automate commission processing. · Communicate proactively! Always reply quickly and to the point. · Daily figures to check: sales number and value, number of clicks and of active affiliates, conversion rate. · Figures to check and compare to previous week: sales number and value, number of clicks and of active affiliates, conversion rate. · Segment your affiliates depending on traffic source. Find a bonus scheme to reward based on results. · Send at least a weekly newsletter on new promotions, top selling products and categories. · Try recruiting by email at least 3 new affiliates from outside the network. · Add banners for new campaigns and check if the product feed is working. · Check out your competition (i.e. affiliate programs, not other competing online stores). Look at their commission. and cookie life and their ranking. · Grant special conditions to well performing affiliates (commission and cookie life) · Useful info for affiliates are: audience demographics, products info, sales stats (AOV, hourly sales) · Evaluate the affiliate marketing contribution in the promotion mix (traffic, sales, cost/conversion, attribution model) · Check for major changes that need the program’s revision. · Affiliate competitions are one of the best way to motivate and activate affiliates. · Host a webinar for all your affiliates. · Affiliate Marketing is a very dynamic field. Make sure you are up to date! We offer you all the usual affiliate marketing goodies, with a cherry on top. Let's talk: .