Conquer CADs Certification Training Day 2


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Conquer CADs Certification Training Day 2

  1. 1. C.A.D. Certification Training: Day 2
  2. 2. Navigating getConquer
  3. 3. getConquer Home Page
  4. 4. getConquer Home Page Features: •Conquer Logo  Home •Featured Artist –Song –Video –Merch Items –Recommended Products •Search Box •Find Artists SuperSearch •Music Player
  5. 5. Search Box:Search by:• Artist Name• Song Title• Genre• Event• Products• Videos
  6. 6. “Find Artist” Button•Quick Picks Section: –Conquer Hot 10 –New Songs –Artists near zip code•Genre (& # of artists per): –Pop –R&B/Soul –Alternative –Rap/Hip Hop –Rock/Metal –Christian/Gospel –Jazz/Blues –Folk
  7. 7. getConquer Music Player•Accumulates songs as they’re played/sampled•Playlist feature: –Song Title links to Song Profile Page –Artist Name links to Artist Profile Page –Genre links to all artists in “x” genre
  8. 8. Throughout The Site:•Play Button: –Plays song in player (top of page)•Add Button: –Adds song to playlist•Cart Button: –Adds song/item to cart•Share Button: –Share and bookmark song/page on over 318 sites
  9. 9. getConquer Artist Profile•Bio Excerpt•Songs/Albums•Photo Gallery•Video Gallery•Merchandise•ProductRecommendations•Social Site Links
  10. 10. Apply For: • Current Showcases • Service Providers • Merchandise (ULO) • Merchandise (Conquer) Goes away with 3.0 launch
  11. 11. Promoting & Marketing An ULO’s Career
  12. 12. ULO Brand AnalysisGoal StatementsSWOT Analysis ULOs strengths, weaknesses, opportunities created or creating, threats in society, culture, that would effect ULO successBuilding A ‘Brand Image’ Matching talent with a “look”Finding Your ‘Signature Style’ What makes ULO stand out
  13. 13. ULO Brand AnalysisDeveloping Your “Theme” Ways ULO can express “inner self” using adjectives/unique personality characteristicsLogo/Site Design and “Matching” VERY IMPORTANT to keep consistency throughout ULO career
  14. 14. ULO Brand Analysis - Examples•Lady GaGa:unpredictable, theatricalpop singer and performer•Brand Image:
  15. 15. ULO Brand Analysis - Examples•Justina: urban,dynamic hip hop &pop singer/rapper•Brand Image:
  16. 16. ULO Teamwork•Establishing A Team– Team Roles • ULO = creates the product • Manager = promotes and makes connections for ULO and matches BRAND with music opportunities • Producer = assists in creating product • Publicist = promotes ULO Brand and makes press and media connections/opportunities to match • CAD = assists ULO in creating Conquer opportunities for BRAND•Contracts/Agreements– Manager/Artist– Touring - Contracts & Riders– General Contracts
  17. 17. ULO Teamwork•Why It’s Important?– So YOU know WHO does WHAT • What relationships are already existing • Who is needed in the team? (i.e. Producer but no Engineer) • See who takes care of what for that artist • Communicate with everyone – work as a unit
  18. 18. ULO Mission StatementDetailed Marketing Plan•Your Mission Statement –Where does ULO want to go in music career? –CADs role: Identify Conquer integration for ULO goal statement: i.e. - If goal is national tour, identify Conquer showcases that ULO fits –If goal is photo shoot for press/media/promotion, identify right Conquer Service Provider to fit ULO brand/style best
  19. 19. Mission Statement - ExampleExample: Source – Shiragirl Marketing Plan –With terrestrial radio being saturated with nothing but auto tune and hip-hop songs, Shiragirl brings a fresh breath of punk- hop; a unique style that hasn’t graced the music scene since the days of Sublime. The recording industry is experiencing a tremendous paradigm shift and Shiragirl will be the first to ride the wave to the top of the charts and stay there without ever taking on the partnership of a major label. Taking on the task of battling the current industry giants, Shiragirl will be the first of many completely independent artist-entrepreneurs to be considered a mainstream phenomenon!
  20. 20. ULO HistoryBackground –Highlight: • Hometown •Originality of brand •Performance accomplishments •Press/media/blog/review/interviews/single mentions •Current plans for current year and future (3 to 5 years)
  21. 21. ULO Background - ExampleBackground –Example: Source – Shiragirl Marketing Plan• At first listen, Shiragirl comes off as in-your-face, fearless, true to her art. Shira is all those things…what do you expect from a protégé of Tim Armstrong, Joan Jett and other punk rock legends? Yet Shira is smart and her honest, hard-hitting brand of music is only one of the many layers to Shira. Shiragirl has shared a stage with Rancid, NOFX and Donita Sparks, among many others. When Shira sees something she wants, she doesn’t hesitate to go after it.• Shiragirl is perhaps best known for literally crashing the Warped Tour in ’04, which won her an MTV Warpie Award and a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Warped Tour Time Capsule). …..
  22. 22. ULO Purpose & Objectives –Short Term Goals ULO wants to accomplish –Plan of action (what is going to be done each week, month, day) –CADs Role: Identify how Conquer fits into each task for Plan Of Action
  23. 23. Mission Statement Example• The following objectives will serve to establish XYZ as a recognizable brand in the entertainment world defined as having a single which reaches Billboard’s top 40 and to generate enough residual income to sustain the recording, marketing, and promotional expenses for the maintaining brand image as well as to create a full time income sufficient to cover the expenses of the band and artist development independently.
  24. 24. Revenue & Radio Play Example• Generate an initial net revenue of income to the band of at least $1300 per week. –How? Selling band merchandise? MA Merchandise –A combination of both? –Playing shows for cash? –HOW will this be accomplished?
  25. 25. Revenue & Radio Play Example – Generate radio play for at least one single for a minimum of 10 weeks on at least one major terrestrial radio station in each of the following cities: New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston. –Who do they know already in the radio/DJ world? –What connections can be made? –Do they have a following/fans in those areas? –Has their music been played (on local stations) in those areas?
  26. 26. Promotion & Performance Example• Acquire a street promotion team of at least 10 active members each in at least 8 major markets• What following is already in those “major markets”?• Do they fit the artist’s demographic and brand image?• Does the artist have at least 5 fans in those markets?
  27. 27. Promotion & Performance Example• Sign XYZ with a booking agent for the purpose of booking nationwide tours and opening slots.• ONLY IF ARTIST IS READY!• Does the artist sell out every show they perform?• Do they get paid for those shows?• Is it in the hundreds or thousands?
  28. 28. Performances & Recording Example•Obtain an opening slot on a bill for a tour for nofewer than 5 of the tour dates, where each venuehas an anticipated audience of 5,000 or more•What major or big local act will they open for?•What other major acts are coming into town?•Is it the right audience for that artist’s brand?•Who do they have connections with already?
  29. 29. Performances & Recording Example•Book two tours in 20XX•Where will the tour be? –Local, Tri-State, National?•Where does the artist have the biggest following?•Will there be accompanying bands?•How many people per show can artist get?•Equipment needed? Rider? Merchandise?
  30. 30. Performances & Recording Example•Record at least 5 new songs in 20XX•Are demos recorded already?•Artist have studio etiquette?•Producer? Engineer? Conquer Services?•Before or after touring?
  31. 31. ULO Marketing MixMarketing Mix Strategies –What makes ULO brand special? –Current ULO discography & performance resume –Merchandise ULO offers –Where ULO plans to sell product (songs, merchandise, subscriptions) –Any services ULO has used to further establish brand and ULO career
  32. 32. ULO Marketing MixMarketing Mix Strategies–How ULO plans to promote and market brand •Online •One To One •At Events–Street Team and Fans •How they can help ULO career gain more CR and cash monthly and promote the artist
  33. 33. ULO Promotion Via C.T.S. & Services
  34. 34. Promoting Conquer Portal– ULO Handbook – read it!– Decide what social media outlet is BEST for ULO– Promote ANY updates to social media: • Song posts • Video posts • Photo posts– Get CREATIVE with different strategies to appeal to audience
  35. 35. Promoting Conquer PortalSocial Media– Promote site updates • Photos • Videos • Music • Merchandise– Promote favorite Products • Ones they believe in • Ones that fit their brand • Ones that fit their audience
  36. 36. Promoting Conquer PortalSocial Media – Artist Products– Examples: • Just uploaded a new song – exclusive at • Check out my new song at – give me your thoughts! • Playing a show at “Venue X” – come out and show your love – for more details
  37. 37. Promoting Conquer PortalSocial Media – MA Products– Examples: • Can’t live without my OPC-3 – check it out at • My Product of the week: Mochatonix – (WHY) Keeps me going all day with no caffeine crash! • People keep asking me what the purple stuff is – it’s OPC3 (my lifeline)
  38. 38. Promoting Conquer PortalLive Setting– Do “product samples” at merch table • Shots of: • Mochatonix • Aloe • Awake– Promote on stage between songs– Promote one to one to fans (at merch table)
  39. 39. Promoting Conquer PortalLive Setting– Promotion on stage:– SHORT AND SWEET– “Check out my favorite products and merch at my table”– “Get a taste of what I love at my merch table and visit my site –”– “Find me online at and on Twitter/Facebook at…”
  40. 40. Promoting Conquer PortalFlyers/Promo Material– Include portal address: either on top or bottom of flyer – MAKE VISIBLE– Include performance details: • Venue Name • Address • Door Time • Cover (if any) • Age limit
  41. 41. Promoting Conquer PortalPress Kits– Include portal in Contact Us section– Include Conquer Entertainment as a partner ULO is working with – “Label alternative”– Customize your message • WHY do you believe in Conquer? • WHAT benefits do you get from Conquer?
  42. 42. Promoting Conquer PortalPress Kits– Message Examples:– Conquer Entertainment allows me to earn an ongoing income, promotion to the masses, and quality services just like a label I can use to grow my career– Conquer gives me the opportunity to grow my career independently and have an actual mentor to help me through the process and achieve my goals– What’s your ULO’s WHY?
  43. 43. Promoting Conquer PortalInterviews & Other Press/Media– Promote fave MA products– “Just drank some Mocha(tonix) – can’t live without it”– “Love my vitamins – I take purple stuff called OPC”– “Can’t wake up without Mocha in my system”Make it NATURAL and ORGANIC!
  44. 44. Promoting Conquer PortalWHY DO THIS?– Builds share of customer– Gets products and ULO portal to the masses– Peak fan’s interest– Utilize “collective buying power”– Customers get “cashback” and referral “cashback”– Builds ULO’s brand – backed by credible company and quality products
  45. 45. Promoting & Marketing ULO BrandDeveloping A “Single”, “EP/LP/Album”– Using The Services– Record, mix, master song using CR points • Recording: Get song from “demo” to “downloadable” • Music Production: Choose a pre-existing beat to write lyrics to • Graphic Design: Create “single/album” cover to match ULO Brand
  46. 46. Promoting & Marketing ULO BrandDeveloping A “Single”, “EP/LP/Album”– Songwriting • Complete control as ULO • Choose arrangement, structure, who mixes, masters, records, and gets ULOs song and brand perfect!– Recording • CADs role: Help ULO pick closest matching song to their BRAND • Utilize “Themes” to pick “perfect match”
  47. 47. Promoting & Marketing ULO BrandDeveloping A “Single”, “EP/LP/Album”– Album Artwork • Use CR points to get Graphic Design service providers to create drafts and final copy • Make match overall BRAND
  48. 48. Promoting & Marketing ULO BrandPlanning An Album Release Party• Choose a genre-oriented venue that ULO can perform and guests can be comfortable• Make genre match ULO “theme/brand style”• i.e: If rock song, host at live club/venue – If hip hop song, host at dance club or DJ atmosphere – If country song, host at folk country venue/club• Invite friends, street team subscribers, business partners, press, local “taste makers” – people who decide what’s cool, music reviewers• Genre/Style appropriate magazines, e-zines, interviewers, etc.• Local music newspapers & magazines
  49. 49. Promoting & Marketing ULO BrandPlanning An Album Release Party • ULO performs – “Single” currently promoting – Two other choices (that match BRAND/STYLE) • Promote & market using CR points to design: – Promo Flyers – E-Flyers – EPK for EP/Album – Highlighting (where applicable): – Venue information – DJ/Host of event – Album cover design – Location/Time – RSVP
  50. 50. Promoting & Marketing ULO BrandPlanning A Conquer Showcase• Choose a genre-oriented venue that ULO can perform and guests can be comfortable• Make genre match ULO’s overall “theme/brand style”• Invite friends, press, fellow distributors, customers, and ULO fans• Consult with Elsi on setting up and following through with events – –
  51. 51. Performing & PromotionPromoting/Marketing/Networking New Material Make promo material (merchandise, flyers, accessories, promo tour) to match ULO BrandNetworking/Marketing Yourself/Your “Brand” What activities will your ULO do to promote their upcoming events and latest news?  Post pictures  Post “unique” status updates  Promote “Likes” and “Retweets” of posts
  52. 52. Performing & PromotionPress Kits– Traditional Press Kits • Hard copy of ULOs accomplishments, performance resume & current career goals– E-Kits (Electronic Press Kits or Video Press Kit) • Digital copy of traditional Press Kit • Same contents– One Sheet • Brief, digital copy of e-kit
  53. 53. Traditional Press Kit– Traditional Contents: • Cover & Cover Letter • Biography • One 8x10 sized head shot (standard size) • 3 song demo/sampler (MAX) • Performance resume • Contact Page
  54. 54. Traditional Press Kit Example
  55. 55. Electronic/E-Kit • Biography • One 8x10 sized head shot (standard size) • Photo Gallery (4 photos MAX) • 3 song samples • Performance resume • Social site links • Press/Media links • Contact Page
  56. 56. Electronic Press Kit Example
  57. 57. Marketing DeckThese are made for a “sponsor” type of opportunity –catering to the specific viewer Bullet pointed – Artist Information – Upcoming release/project info – Current Artist Campaign/Marketing Plan – Upcoming Artist Opportunities (Interviews, press, shows, etc.) – 2 photos of artist max (for BRAND IMAGE) – Links to learn more about Artist
  58. 58. One Sheet– Contents: • Biography (1-2 paragraphs MAX) • Album Release/Brand Image Picture (TOP of PAGE) • 3 song sampler/demo • Target markets and promotional efforts • Promotion/Marketing efforts to generate exposure • Social site links (most commonly used) • Press/Media links (most recent) • Contact Page
  59. 59. “One Sheet” Example
  60. 60. ULO Performances –Pick songs according to club/typical audience liking: •i.e. Hip hop club = ULO perform top energetic songs –Pop club = ULO performs top catchy songs) –Country Club = ULO performs top Folk/Love songs) –Cut intros to songs short (30 second max) –Interact with crowd –Promote merchandise table/Street Teams can help get more new fans at live events
  61. 61. Conquer Touring System (C.T.S.)What it is – A showcase and event database of official Conquer showsbeing held across the countryWhy use it – To sign up ULOs for shows, discover new music, gain newcustomers, promote ULO brand, music & merchandise to audienceand fanbases.
  62. 62. How C.T.S. WorksShowcase Bi-Weekly CADMid-Size Events Monthly CAD*Festivals Quarterly CAD*Large Arena/Stadium By Demand CADEvents Events with a “*” next to them are set to launch in PHASE 2 of CTS Development
  64. 64. C.T.S. Rules & Regulations 1. ULO provides own transportation and cost of performance 2. Artist will be notified (if approved) of the Conquer showcase/venue/equipment and what they will/will not allow to be brought in from outside 3. Artist and CAD will discuss accompanying artists, performance time, ticket price, and soundcheck (if any)
  65. 65. C.T.S. Rules & RegulationsShowcases 1. Any ULO can sign up for showcase • Approval or Not Selected notified via Admin 2. CAD determines available space in venue chosen & if artist is right fit for genre of venue 3. Same Genre showcases cannot be ran simultaneously while other showcases within the touring radius 4. Should have approx. 1 hour radius from each other
  66. 66. C.T.S. Sign Up Process 1. To Get To Shows In Admin:  ULO Admin =>Tour/Events Tab 2. CAD matches musical genre to particular showcase event night o i.e. - Jazz night (jazz, light soul, blues/folk, light funk) o Rock Night (Classic rock, modern rock, pop rock)
  67. 67. C.T.S. Sign Up Process 3. CAD contacts artist to let them know If they are approved or not selected • If approved = CAD will notify artist through admin/email and discuss venue details, soundcheck time, and ticket pricing information • If not selected = CAD will notify artist through admin/email and give reason as to why, and discuss other show options
  68. 68. Picking The Right EventPERFORMANCE HISTORY (how many showsso far?)AUDIENCE NUMBER(how many in attendance collectively?)PERFORMANCE TIME(How long was their performance? Setlist?)LOCAL CTS EVENT RIGHT FOR THIS ARTIST(what event judging from current eventslisted on conquer touring database is rightfor this artist?)
  69. 69. Choosing The Right Venue•Make sure artist’s music fits the venueFACTORS TO CONSIDER:•Season•Weather•Audience Capacity•Common Genre•Ticket Cost
  70. 70. Choosing The Right VenueAccommodations: – Food/Beverages? – Transportation for Guests? – Parking For Guests? – Seating or Standing Room?
  71. 71. Key Points To Setting Up Shows•Pick the right comfort level for ULO•Inform ULO & Manager (if applicable) of all details related toshow: –Performance Time –Setlist Review –Match Setlist to Crowd –Ticket Price –Merchandise Allowed –Genre of Show –Accompanying Acts on bill –Set up and Break down Time•If artist is not approved for a showcase: –Research upcoming showcases locally and inform ULO
  72. 72. Marketing At C.T.S. Events•What to do AT the showcase: –ULO: Greet fans, sign autographs, take pictures, perform & promote URL –CAD: Interact with fans, invite people to sign mailing list, give product samples –Street Team: Hand out stickers before/after ULO performs, promote ULO branded products, invite people to sign mailing list• Product Samples: –Music- MP3 Players –MA Products – Mochatonix, Aloe, Awake, etc.
  73. 73. Marketing At C.T.S. Events•Use the ULO Services available to you for: –Photography –Video –Flyers/Posters –EP’s/LP’s•Promote MyWorld ULO to audience and give 30 second commercial: –EX – “You can get my songs on, and check out my merch here and online”•Do autograph signings, pictures, and meet & greets after show to gainone-to-one interaction with fans
  74. 74. Utilizing Street Teams Street Teams are the core of an artist’s career. They promote the artist’s releases, shows, and latest news & happenings. If your ULO is their FAVORITE artist, they will promote it!•Let them promote your ULOs to other fans and music lovers•NO FANS = NO CAREER
  75. 75. Utilizing Street Teams How to Create a Traditional Street Team1. Find most devoted & dedicated fans (in a specific area or areas)2. Create a website/newsletter to communicate with them3. Give goals to accomplish (either an overall goal or specific tasks)4. Offer incentives for being a street team member: a. Special merchandise b. Special songs (unreleased/demos) c. Special “members only” events (online or offline)
  76. 76. Utilizing Street Teams How to Create your Sales Team/Street Team within MA•Get existing UFO’s interested in selling –Performing at MA events –Networking with Distributors at MA Events (performing or not – showing up!)• Say Hello  Give music  Send to portal  make aware they get .25 BV  Collect Contact Info!• Add to mailing list• Connect on social media, etc.
  77. 77. Utilizing Street Teams How to Create your Sales Team/Street Team within MA•Sponsor MUSIC LOVERS and your fans into the business as STREETTEAM!• MUSIC LOVERS = Fans who get PAID to share music with others• The ULTIMATE Street team – incentive is CASH – Typically incentive is merchandise and events exclusive to that street team
  78. 78. What’s A Music Lover?Someone who:• Shares/sells music and artist-merchandise• Shares/sells MA product• Promotes ULO’s showcases• Promotes ULO’s URL• Matches MUSIC to FAN• Networks and connects with other music lovers
  79. 79. How Do You “Sell Music”?ASK QUESTIONS!
  80. 80. Music is a part of everyday life!• Driving in cars• At the gym• At the supermarket
  81. 81. Potential Prospects:• MP3 player listeners/owners• Concert-goers• Anyone advertising music: • On their car • On their clothes • Accessories
  82. 82. 1. Find out their favorites: • Genres • Artists • Songs
  83. 83. 2. Get their top three choices: • Genres • Artists • Songs
  84. 84. 3. LISTEN TO THE MUSICEspecially if you’re not familiar!• You’re getting introduced to a new genre• You can better match MUSIC to Customer
  85. 85. Once you find out their favorites….
  86. 86. 1. Go to your getConquer music
  87. 87. 2. Click the “Find Artists” Button
  88. 88. 3. Browse Search By:Artist NameSong TitleGenreVideo TitleProducts
  89. 89. Use The Audio Player To preview songs
  90. 90. 5. Next time you meet, let them know what you’ve found!
  91. 91. Download a song or two and bring with you • Write down the artist’s URL • Get customer’s feedback
  92. 92. Every download = .25BV
  93. 93. Your customer gets: • Up to 2% CashBack• ½% Cashback for referrals
  94. 94. You can also match music based on “activities” or“hobbies”:• Exercise• Church• Meditation• Work – Driving/Walking
  95. 95. Music Lover Majors can:• Bring more PC’s to your ULO’s BDC• Bring more BV to your ULO’s BDC• Bring more ULO’s to you!
  96. 96. Creative Interaction With Fans• Fan contests• Unique Merchandise• QR Codes• Funding Campaigns• Online Concerts (Ustream)
  97. 97. Creative Interaction With Fans• Fan contestsGood way to build fan relationshipsAllows one to one interaction (fan-to-artist)Creates “devoted” fansFans get exclusive “prizes” from artist themselves
  98. 98. Creative Interaction With Fans• Fan contests examplesTag yourself in a picture-Taken by band at a concertSubmit a pic-Fans take pics wearing band merch-Pick a “theme” to go with itAlbum Art Contest-Fans draw the artist’s next release cover
  99. 99. Creative Interaction With Fans• Unique MerchandiseSolidifies “branding” of that artistGives fans more optionsCan be “limited” or “exclusive”
  100. 100. Creative Interaction With Fans• Unique Merchandise ExamplesCupsPicksButtonsCalendarCharms/Pendants
  101. 101. Creative Interaction With Fans• QR CodesWhat are they? Unique code used for promotionsCan be scanned by a cell phoneInstant advertising
  102. 102. Creative Interaction With Fans• QR CodesHow are they used?Connect code to a particular “link” or “promotion”:-Concert Posters-Event Flyers-Merchandise (shirts/stickers)-Album Releases
  103. 103. Creative Interaction With Fans• QR CodesPromo ideas:-Free downloads-Unreleased content-Discount on merchandiseConnect to:-Social sites-Conquer URL-Videos (YouTube/Ustream)-Current Location
  104. 104. Creative Interaction With Fans• QR CodesWhere can you get them?-Plenty of FREE QR code generators on
  105. 105. Creative Interaction With Fans• Funding OptionsWhat are they?Fan funded artist projectsSome sites
  106. 106. Creative Interaction With Fans• Funding OptionsHow they work?1. Artist creates a video promoting their project that needs funding2. Artist creates Donation “tiers” for fans to pitch in (Each tier offers something unique in exchange)3. Artist and fans can track progress live on the site
  107. 107. Creative Interaction With Fans• Online/Live ConcertsWhat are they?Live events – either in a living room or at a venue – wherefans can tune in and watch LIVESome sites
  108. 108. Creative Interaction With Fans• Online/Live ConcertsHow they work?Fans can watch an event LIVE using the custom artist URLFans can comment and share their webcam (on some sites)FREE (most cases) for fans to watchCan be done on a weekly basis if artist wants
  109. 109. Creative Interaction With Fans• Other creative ideas:Post “Pic of the day” – session, backstage, candid shotsPromote page LIKES with incentives – “LIKE” this page andget a free widget/free downloadSongwriting contest – whatever fan that has a great story,write a custom song
  110. 110. Cross Promotion with ConquerULO’s have relationships with:• Other artists• Other music personnel – Managers – Producers – Venues• SPONSOR THEM AS A C.A.D.• Place them underneath ULO so BV flows up
  111. 111. Cross Promotion with ConquerNetwork with other ULOs on the platform• Promote other ULO’s: – Songs – Videos – Social Sites – Performances/Showcases – MA Products (mutual liking) o Create SHARE OF CUSTOMER o Increase traffic to your ULO portal o ULOs recommend other ULOs o Create a COMMUNITY of musicians and extended customer base
  112. 112. Sustaining An ULO Career –CAD ToolsConquer Training Program– One-To-One Meetings– Webinars– Audios– Powerpoints
  113. 113. Sustaining An ULO Career –CAD Tools–– Under the “Conquer Entertainment Section”
  114. 114. Simple Six Steps For ULOs
  115. 115. Simple Six StepsMaintaining Your Successful UnLabel 1. Brand & Image 2. Create Your Product 3. Teamwork 4. Perform & Promote 5. Fan Interaction 6. Sustain & Support
  116. 116. 1. Brand & Image• Must have an established “brand image” to promote your unique style and talent in a captivating way
  117. 117. 2. Create Your Product  Must have a song style that matches ULO BRAND to keep consistency
  118. 118. 3. Teamwork Must have a team to help promote ULO BRAND and Product  ULO Manager  CAD  UFOs that support ULO & Brand  Street Team/Fanbase
  119. 119. 4. Perform & Promote  Must have a marketing plan to properly and effectively promote ULO BRAND and product  Touring is an essential piece to promoting ULO BRAND and generating income to promote further  Make each performance special for the fans
  120. 120. 5. Fan Interaction  Must have a relationship with your fans that allow them to:  Communicate through social sites, songs, live performances  Create Street teams for ULO BRAND to promote product and include  FANS in artist’s success  Design special merchandise to reward hard work and make feel exclusive & essential to building ULO BRAND
  121. 121. 6. Sustain & Support  Know your UnLabel owner  Make sure they know their ULO package and how to use it  Set up ongoing opportunities with Conquer based on ULO BRAND  Integrate MPCP into ULO career when ULO is ready  Monitor ULOs promotional and usage activity on ULO admin
  122. 122. Duplicating C.A.D. Efforts
  123. 123. Conquer EntertainmentBasic Education • Recruiting CADs – Requirements – Role Responsibilities – Benefits
  124. 124. What’s Your WHY?• Why do you want to become a CAD?• Do you have at least 5 artists you are thinking about prospecting?• Are they qualified to be CADs?• How much time will you commit to growing your Conquer ULO Artists’ career?
  125. 125. Approaching Potential CADs• Similar to approaching any prospecting distributor, but with music business experience.• GREAT CAD CANDIDATES: – Managers/Management teams – Music Producers/production teams – Live Music Venue/Club/Bar owners & associates – Potential Service Providers (who personally work with artists)
  126. 126. Approaching Potential CADs• People with a background in: Music Performance Music Management Music Business Music Sales Artist & Repretoire (A&R) Major Record Label experience Independent Record Label Experience Booking and Touring
  127. 127. Approaching Potential CADsMost music business people have: Motivation to succeed An understanding of residual income already (from artist label royalty splits & payment methods) Are entrepreneurial at heart Know artists that are trying to succeed (and potential superstars) An understanding of multiple streams of incomeTHEY’RE PRACTICALLY UFOs ALREADY!
  128. 128. Themes For Potential CADs• Ongoing/Residual Income• Multiple Streams of Income• Teamwork• One-To-One Marketing• MAs Mall Without Walls• Network Marketing
  129. 129. Approaching CADsTalking in Music Themes:• Music Professional Asks:Can I create a residual income doing this?• Response: Residual Income Theme and/or Multiple Streams Theme
  130. 130. Ongoing/Residual IncomeYes! The companies that I’m partnered and certified with offer a way to make more money on a monthly basis using the latest trends today and music! Is this something you would like to learn more about?
  131. 131. Multiple Streams Of IncomeYes! With my partner companies I’m certified to help music industry professionals build an extra stream of income using Market America, which is an internet and one to one network marketing company, and Conquer Entertainment, a company focused on helping and building artist careers and fan income. Is this something you would like to learn more about?
  132. 132. Approaching CADsTalking in Music Themes:• Music Professional Asks:Can I still manage any artists I have through this system?• Response: Teamwork Theme
  133. 133. TeamworkYes! I help music professionals like yourself do that as a team (myself and your artist), and teach you how to make an extra income, plan, and control your success using my partner companies, Market America and Conquer Entertainment. Is this something you would like to learn more about?
  134. 134. Approaching CADsTalking in Music Themes:• Music Professional Asks:How do you promote and market the artists I bring on board?• Response: One To One Marketing Theme
  135. 135. One-To-One MarketingWell, the company I’m certified with, Conquer Entertainment, uses one-to-one marketing as an engine for promotion of all of their artists on Conquer’s music platform. Our partner marketing company, Market America, provides the power of people, distribution, and diversity artists need to promote themselves. Is this something you would like to learn more about?
  136. 136. Approaching CADsTalking in Music Themes:• Music Professional Asks:How can I get fans of my artists involved in your company?• Response: Mall Without Walls and/or Network Marketing Theme
  137. 137. MA’s Mall Without WallsThe company I have a business with, Market America, provides artists with the opportunity to use collective buying power and have their fans purchase more than just their music and the artists gets credit for it. MA has a ton of exclusive products that artists could use to boost before performances, recover from a late night, or just be healthy. Is this something you would like to learn more about?
  138. 138. Network MarketingMarket America, the company I have a business with, uses network marketing to sell exclusive products within their online mall to their preferred customers or prospecting customers. Conquer Entertainment, who I’m certified with, is the music store within Market America’s Mall Without Walls, where artists are the exclusive products that independent distributors can help become success stories by promoting them to their preferred customers and prospecting customers. Is this something you would like to learn more about?
  139. 139. Musician Resources
  140. 140. Free E-Kits••
  141. 141. Money Management• – online accounting and money management for musicians
  142. 142. Online Tickets/Events• – host online concerts/sell tickets• – sell tickets online
  143. 143. Find Band Members•
  144. 144. C.A.D. Sites To Know
  145. 145. Official Conquer Sites – (Handle: @conquerent) Instagram - @Conquerent
  146. 146. Conquer C.A.D. Focus Group• Invite only• Send an email to or to be added to the group
  147. 147. Conquer C.A.D. Sites• URL:• Username: ConquerCAD• Password: CADS4Conquer1For Events, Merchandise, and Services:• URL:• Username: CADS• Password: gonow
  148. 148. Conquer C.A.D. Sites• CAD Dropbox: – All the latest CAD tools and documents – Sign Up Tutorials – Day 1 & 2 PPTs – Official ULO powerpoint – Will email link to you – MAKE SURE I HAVE YOUR EMAIL!
  149. 149. Conquer Corporate Emails• General Info:• Training Inquiries:• Event Inquiries:• Service Provider Inquiries:• Field Development Inquiries:
  150. 150. @conquerent /conquermusic